Friday, May 28, 2010

Suvey Sites I Belong To

Lightspeed Consumer Panel

GreenField/Toluna/Your 2 Cents

Survey Spot

Harris Rewards

My Survey

Survey Savvy

Pinecone Research

American Consumer Opinion

Viewpoint Forum

Data Telligence

Synovate Global Opinion Panels

Clear Voice Surveys

Global Test Market

Life Fun And Everything

My Shopping POV

My View


Opinion Outpost


Zoom Panel

There are also surveys offered through Send Earnings, Inbox Dollars, Ad Paid, Quiz Points, and Freeride

Who's Paid Me in May 2010 (Updated)

$5.06 Your Email Now
$1.56 My PTR
$1.47 Dream Mails
$3.00 You've Got Ads
$2.50 Dance Mails
$6.35 Moo Over Mail
$3.25 Old Amsterdam Post
$20.00 Lightspeed Research
$6.59 1 Cent Mail
$9.00 Polar Bear Clicks
$3.19 Cash Delight
$7.64 Joint Venture
$10.00 Mystics Kingdom
$6.90 Anything Goes
$3.06 Clicks Mania
$3.15 Wallaby Mail
$4.90 Hogs Hollow PTR
$2.19 White Tiger Emails
$3.00 Pinecone Research
$5.37 Firecracker Email

Total: $108.18 as of May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Yes Even MORE Cool Sites

And Even More Cool Sites

More Cool Sites

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Affiliate Page Addiction

Yes, I admit it.  I am an affiliate page addict, and there is no twelve step program for the likes of me. ROFL.

I currently have 25 affiliate pages and I just bought 2 more.  And yes I am going to list all of the sites, not the actual links though since again Blogger/Blogspot is being impossible with links.

1) All My Money For You
2) Anything Goes
3) Brat Mails****
4) Butterflies N Roses **&
5) Cashin Clicks
6) Castles Gold
7) Clicks Mania
8) Deep C Links*
9) Dream Mails*
10) Lady of The Links *
11) My PTR*
12) Moo Over Mail
13) Mystics Kingdom
14) Offshore Mails*
15) Penny Mails*
16) Poker PTR**&
17 Polar Bear Clicks*
18) Precious Poms  PTR**&
19) Rare Mails
20) Scarlett Mails
21) St Cash Unlimited
22) Vale PTR
23) Wallaby Mail**+
24) X Mails*
25) You've Got Ads

* lifetime pages
**expiring soon
+ will be renewed
& will not be renewed
**** expired but PO is not around to take the page down

I've had as many as 35 affiliate pages but as some pages expire I've not renewed them.

JJ Clix is the most recent to expire and not be renewed, mostly due to poor customer service from the former owner Jane Drayton (combined with the fact that the page was a poor earner in addition to the fact that I couldn't afford to renew it, letting it go and leaving the site was a no-brainer)

I also had lifetime affiliate pages at Search Mailer (I left the site although I am still being spammed by Search Mailer and its sister site Click Addicts nearly 3 months later), Raining Cash Emails (account and affiliate page deleted by program owner), Ocean Mails (program owner did a runner), Paying Cents (program owner did a runner) and Motor Mails (program owner did a runner).

I had yearly affiliate pages that would have expired during the summer of 2010 at Joint Venture Emails (August 2010), Country Folks PTR (June 2010), Dynamic Mails (June 2010), and Princess Mails (June 2010).

My account was deleted at one of the aforementioned sites and I left the other 3 sites for various reasons.

I bought 3 month affiliate pages today at White Tiger Emails and Panda Bear Emails.

The best affiliate page earners I have are Scarlett Mails, You've Got Ads, and Vale.  I like the lifetime pages too as there is no pressure to *hurry up, promote like heck to make back what you spent on the page* as there is with the other time periods (3 months, 6 months)

Amazon (Store and Otherwise)

I love my Amazon store, its an easy and painless way to make a little extra money.

I particularly like that if you don't make payout in any given period, it just rolls over to the next period (unlike so many other affiliate programs where they chip away at what little you've earned with monthly fees)

I'd love it even more if I could get commission on my own purchases, but that is something Amazon doesn't allow. I bought my elliptical trainer from someone else's link because they would get credit for the purchase and I would not.

I also really like that Amazon keeps its affiliates updated on all the special promotions that they run throughout the year.

So far this year they've had sales on baby stuff (diapers, wipes, and formula), magazine subscriptions for Mothers Day, Mothers Day Gifts, Fathers Day Gifts, dvds, and many other product lines.

Now that I've gotten you all excited about Amazon here a link to the store.

Blogger is being a butt today about the individual links, running them all together, spacing them incorrectly, and otherwise being impossible.

So if you are interested in magazine subscriptions, Apple magic mouse(s), dvds, gifts for fathers day, easy ways to go green with  help from Amazon, Amazon gift cards, kitchen and dining supplies or you have an idea for something I could add to the store please contact me via this very blog to ask for the links

Yeah I know....thats a pain in the butt, however, with Blogger being wierd about the other links its the best solution I have at the moment.

Monday, May 24, 2010

So When Will Summer Weather Start?

It's been in the 40's here the last few days, while one of my friends in Canada is whining about 86 degrees. 

He had to set up a fan in his computer room while I am wearing sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt (plus socks, I usually go barefoot in the house) just to stay warm.

Another friend in Illinois is saying its 91 degrees and humid where he lives. 

I alternate between telling them that I hate them (LOL) and telling them to ship some of that warm weather on over to central Oregon where its unseasonably cold.

In July and August though it will be 100+ degrees here with little to no humidity.  They don't call this region "The High Desert" for nothing.

I sure hope I have a job by then so I can afford to turn on the air conditioning. I do have a ceiling fan and several large portable fans so if worst comes to worst I won't melt.

I would just open the windows except that the cats have pushed out the screens over the last 2 summers, and we aren't allowed to have animals running loose in the park. 

The cats also have their evil eyes on the screen doors (front door, back door) and the sliding screen door (side porch) and I keep telling them, you break the screen doors you die (just kidding)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Other Blogs of Note (NO GPT!!)


Philaahzophy is a cool little blog that covers just about everything.  The most recent topic is about being forced away from the comfort zone of fast food or sit down restaurants into actual cooking

Great information about cats, set up a page for your cat(s), post in their forums, follow their blog.

Catster also has a sister (brother??) site called

a word of warning about caster/dogster .... if you post on their sites you need to uncheck that box about 'notify me of replies to this topic'  unless you want notified every single time someone replies to that topic after you've done so (voice of experience here)


Check out the Sisters (Oregon) quilt show blog ( and their main site

And if you are near Sisters, Oregon on Saturday July 10 2010 check out the quilt show itself.


Dave Carroll is my hero.  When United Airlines broke his prized guitar he didn't take it quietly. 3 videos and a blog later Dave Carroll and his band are in demand everywhere.

General: mostly of interest to women

A bit of cool stuff for the ladies out there, besides I just love the name 'unicorn dreams'


Last but not least is a great site called Daily Worth

The site has a lot of great financial information for women.

Budgeting, retirement, savings, shopping addictions......all and more are covered by this insightful and well-put together website.  Sign up for their email newsletter (one per day) or peruse the main site or post at the blog or do all three.


On or about the first business day of each new month we will convert your CLINKS to "CASH". Once your "Cash" account balance reaches the $10.00 minimum check amount, a button saying "Get Your Check" will appear. Click on this button to request your check. You must click on the "Get Your Check" button within 30 days of reaching your $10.00 minimum check amount in order to have your check sent to you. After clicking on this button you will be able to view your check details.
I reached the $10.00 minimum at the end of January.

I requested my check for $10.40 on February 3, 2010.

It is now May 19, 2010 and my check status still shows "requested" and I certainly haven't received it.

I just found a contact link on their site so I contacted them about my check.  I will edit this post with the results of said contact (when/if results received).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (Updated)

Precious Poms PTR
There are 6 requests in front of you. Your request for 7.58 is 28 day(s) old.

Butterflies N Roses
There are 12 requests in front of you. Your request for 8.71  is 28 day(s) old.

Anything Goes
There are 8 requests in front of you. Your request for 6.80  is 16 day(s) old.

Clicks Mania 
There are 5 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.03  is 17 day(s) old. 

Freebies N More
There are 8 requests in front of you. Your request for 6.99  is 68 day(s) old 

Lady of The Links
There are 33 requests in front of you. Your request for 7.78  is 10 day(s) old. 

Mystics Kingdom
There are 11 requests in front of you. Your request for 10.44 is 18 day(s) old. 

Western Clicks
There are 158 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.58  is 102 day(s) old. (site suspended)

Kerclink: requested $10.40 on February 23, 2010 and have not received check yet

And still the king of all waits, 22 months at where they owe me $166.56 (have asked them to reverse payout request so I can use earnings for advertising, request is being processed)

Who's Paid Me in May 2010

$5.06 Your Email Now
$1.56 My PTR
$1.47 Dream Mails
$3.00 You've Got Ads
$2.50 Dance Mails
$6.35 Moo Over Mail
$3.25 Old Amsterdam Post
$20.00 Lightspeed Research
$6.59 1 Cent Mail
$9.00 Polar Bear Clicks
$3.19 Cash Delight
$7.64 Joint Venture
$10.00 Mystics Kingdom

Total: $79.61 as of May 22, 2010

Connie Harrison

I submitted Midnight Clicking crater for the ptp rotator at one of Connie's sites.  When she went to approve it, she noticed that the site was down for 'programming maintenance' and notified me via a personal administrative message.

Most program owners would not have bothered to let me know that there was an issue with the link. This is just another example of the extremely nice and 'over and above' things Connie has done for me at ALL of her sites, and I am very impressed.

Connie Harrison ROCKS!

Magistream, Dragon Cave, and Unicreatures

just for fun.....I was really active with Dragon Cave and Unicreatures for a while but have let that slide.  They are a nice break from job hunting (56 resumes/applications in 48 days) and it doesn't cost anything to help my friends animals grow or evolve

most of my dragons are fully grown but I do have a new egg that would like clicks/views.....magistream I am not too sure how to work it......

and unicreatures I need clicks on my eggs and some of my evolving or grown animals need feeding or played with or tended to.

All clicks and other actions (and suggestions on what the heck I do with magistream) are more than welcome.

This is FUNNY!

So I am job hunting (still) and go to check out the online classified ads in the Bend Bulletin (my local newspaper). I see an opening for an administrative assistant at Powell Butte Community Charter School complete with url so I go check it out.

The website I landed on was for Parkway Baptist Church in College Station, Texas. ( As far as I can tell, Parkway Baptist Church in College Station, Texas does not run a school other than vacation bible school
After a bit of googling I found the correct url for the Powell Butte Community Charter School in Powell Butte, Oregon ( There’s a rather large and rather obvious difference between the two urls, not to mention that College Station, Texas and Powell Butte, Oregon are nearly 1700 miles distant from one another.

I imagine that the staff of Parkway Baptist Church is totally bewildered by emails, phone calls, voice mails, and other contacts regarding all the job openings listed in the ad in the Bend Bulletin (teachers, janitors, administrative assistants, secretaries, part time principal with teaching option) and that the staff of Powell Butte Community Charter School is wondering why they haven’t got any applications or resumes or phone calls about their job openings (especially in this bad economy, one would think even a small school in a small town–population 2,413 as of July 2007–would be inundated with applications/resumes/phone calls)

I notified the Bend Bulletin of their error both on the site and via email. I notified Powell Butte Community Charter School of the error via email and took advantage of the opportunity to submit a resume for the administrative assistant position.

Did anyone in the classified department of the Bend Bulletin take the time to check where the url went BEFORE the ad went live?

I wonder if the Bend Bulletin will give the Powell Butte Community Charter School a price break for the mistake?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

With Apologies to Queen: "You Got Egg on Your Face"

"big disgrace, kicking your can all over the place"

Carole Stacy  in her infinite wisdom decided that a link that I submitted for the ptp rotator at Joint Venture Emails was a ptp link which is not allowed in the ptp rotators.

First off, the link is NOT a ptp link and is allowed to be promoted in ptp rotators. It has been allowed to be promoted in ptp rotators for close to four years now.

Instead of just deleting said link and/or asking for a replacement link, Carole deleted my account, refused to pay me--ETA I was paid $7.64 only after proving to her in public  that she did NOT give me either the upgrade or the affiliate page in question as she had publicly stated-- and has publicly called me a cheater repeatedly.

Carole has egg all over her face, and instead of trying to make things right she is now trying to deflect massive criticism by blaming the owner of the site in question as well as myself for even submitting the ad.

I paraphrased and quoted the rest of Queen's lyrics (from the song We Will Rock You) as I personally feel that Carole's behavior throughout the last 6 days (and counting) is a "BIG DISGRACE" not only to her but to the PTR industry as a whole.

And for those of you who think this can't happen to you, how do you KNOW for a fact that Carole has a clue about the links that ARE allowed to be run in ptp rotators?

Would you like your account deleted for submitting one of these links solely because this '*experienced and knowledgeable* program owner simply does not have a clue?

Would you like to not be paid --nearly $8.00 in my case--as a result of submitting one of these links solely because this '*experienced and knowledgeable* program owner simply does not have a clue?

Would you like to be publicly called a cheater as a result of submitting one of these links solely because this '*experienced and knowledgeable* program owner simply does not have a clue?

*experienced and knowledgeable* her words not mine.

She is always reminding everyone that she had the very first Cash Crusader scripted site and has owned/run sites for eight years.

However, she stopped learning anything new about the scripts after the first 6 months so for 7 1/2 years she's been making the same mistakes over and over and over again.
Well thought out intelligent comments (in English only please) are more than welcome as long as you don't hide behind anonymous.

And for those of you who are not clear on what well thought intelligent comments are: cursing is not acceptable, abusing the author of this blog with no other content is not acceptable. 

Telling the author of the blog to get a life or get a job is also defined as abusive 

Comments from people that clearly don't have the time or the interest to read anything on this blog rather than the first topic will be rejected. Duplicate comments with no new content will be rejected

And if you don't know me from a hole in the ground referring to me as SUZY in your comments is  disrespectful and rude. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks For The Free Advertising Carole

Dear Carole (since I know you read even though you hate the blog)

I was a bit mad at first that you chose to advertise my blog in a admin message, but now I just have to say thank you for the free advertising

Send 5-10 admins a day, link to my blog all you like, I can use the traffic.

So thanks again Carole.  And I mean that sincerely, thanks for the free advertising


Administrative Message #252 - I want you all to be aware of something

I think it's time i let all Jointventure members know my side of something that has plagued me for 9 years.

There is a member here bearseverywhere, AKA Iamannoyed at globalfriendsonline, Catsruledogsdrool at beenpaid and about 50 other usernames, soon to be an ex-member as after 9 years of her verbal abuse in public forums, i've had enough.

I have informed her that on June 1st i will be paying her the balance in her account after she converts her ptp credits, and refunding 5 months upgrade x 83c and 3 months affiliate page x 83c as she paid $10 each for both.

I won't go into detail here in this admin, since Suzy has chosen to post my private e-mails and private admins to her on her blog.

For 9 years i have tried every way possible to get through to this gal, but rather than e-mail me privately if she feels i've said or done something offensive or wrong, she has immediately run to forums.

I have never reported her in the forums, yet quite a few of threads that she has started have been stopped by the mods, because they've gotten out of hand, or the forum could be held liable for the content in them.

So she's gotten herself a blog to sprout off on, and boy does she rip into quite a few good po's on it.

I have no doubt that she will continue to harass and belittle me as that's her style, not mine. But i think since she promotes this blog all over the place, you members will be hearing just one side of it and since she posts so frequently sometimes 2-3 posts per day about various po's lately a lot about me, that you need to read it and can see for yourselves how this woman is for yourselves.

Please make sure you read what she says about herself as to why she's so negative. It will give you a lot of insight.

After reading the above, please do go and read anything else you like.  There is some interesting reading here about privacy issues, about programs I'm having problems with, about programs and owners that have gone over and above repeatedly.

You could also buy from my Amazon store (see the link on the top or the box to the upper right) or you could follow me on Twitter (scroll down to the bottom). Or you can check out the links at the top -- a non-PTR blog and my search engine page.  Wow, Carole gave me free advertising for 5 income opportunities, how very generous of her!

As to Carole's snide comments about why I'm so negative, perhaps some of you were raised in abusive families too and choose to stay as far away from them as possible for your own sanity.

As for Carole Stacy: why would anyone who is in their right mind even want to stay in any program that is owned by this clearly delusional woman who had messed up and abused and scammed her members in every program she has owned for the past 8 years (7 and counting)

Well thought out intelligent comments (in English only please) are more than welcome as long as you don't hide behind anonymous.

And for those of you who are not clear on what well thought intelligent comments are: cursing is not acceptable, abusing the author of this blog with no other content is not acceptable.  

Comments from people that clearly don't have the time or the interest to read anything on this blog rather than the first topic will be rejected. 

Duplicate comments with no new content will also be rejected. 

And if you don't know me from a hole in the ground referring to me as SUZY in your comments is  disrespectful and rude.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praise and Respect Need to Be EARNED!!

The original email that started this battle I did not even read in its entirety because the first few lines simply upset me to the point I knew I'd probably have a stroke if I read the remainder.

Tonight I made the mistake of reading the email in its entirety.  I obviously didn't have a stroke, but I'm still not pleased.

I won't quote the email in this post because its extremely long.  Carole always repeats herself at least 5 times, and also uses 20 words when 2 would do.

The gist of the email is that I never say anything nice.

The truth of the matter--and what really really gets Carole's goat--is that I rarely if ever say anything nice about HER.

That is what sticks in Carole's craw.

She is angry and hurt that  I repeatedly praise Connie Harrison, Heather Conzett, Renee Vorbach, Thom Pearson, Suzanne Nee, Beth Dunn, and Susan Curry both here and at Global Friends Online but never say a nice word about HER.

Well if she read the posts about the other program owners, she would see that I did not praise them for simply paying me or setting up my ads or doing requested ad changes.

I praised them for:
1) researching issues with my account (Connie, Renee)
2) asking why I'd hit two bot catcher links instead of just deleting my account (Connie again)
3) helping me with another site I admin at (Heather)
4) giving me a free upgrade when I'd already had a paid upgrade for a year (Heather again)
5) telling me nicely what the problem was with my site (Thom Pearson)
6) helping me with Thunderbird issues (Susan)
7) giving me my desired click contest prize (10,000 manual surfer credits) when the prize I'd actually won was 5000 ptp rotator views (Susan again)
8) extending my upgrade a few extra months to make up for inconvenience caused by site downtime (Beth)
9) answering my questions and processing my ads at 8:00 pm on a Tuesday night when most programs owners would have left them until the next day (Suzanne).

All Carole has ever done for me (in between her bouts of rage and extreme verbal abuse) over the last 10 months is pay me, run my ads, and do requested ad changes.

She deleted my first Joint Venture account in another fit of rage nearly 12 months ago. Do we start to see a pattern here?

As I've said numerous times I do NOT praise when all the program owner does is the minimum. Praise for just doing their job is nothing but cheap ass kissing up and I don't kiss up to ANY program owner

Instead of ever going over and above like the program owners listed above, Carole has instead chosen to do the bare minimum that any minimally adequate program owner would do.

And to expect praise from someone you have publicly and repeatedly abused for years -- and to expect that praise for doing no more than the bare minimum -- is a bit much.

Maybe if Carole hadn't called me every name in the book over the last 9 years I might have been more inclined to praise her, but I doubt it since again I don't feel she's ever done anything praiseworthy.

Unprofessional, Vindictive, Nasty Piece of Work

Quoted from the last (and it had better be the very LAST) email I received from Ms Legend in Her Own Mind, Carole Stacy:
When your own family chooses to avoid you, it should tell you something.

Guess you don't treat any of them any better than you do me...LOL

Like i said, I've had enough after 10 years or so.

You take offense to anything and everything.

Guess you're not happy unless you're miserable.

I've got better things to do and a family and tons of friends that love me to death.

I think you need to take a good look in the mirror .

But you'll never see yourself for what you are.

As i said, convert ptp credits before june 1st, and we're done after that.

A professional program owner doesn't make nasty personal comments about a person's family (particularly when she wouldn't know any of the information except for reading here at this very blog that she hates so much).

If I hated the contents of a blog so much that I deleted a person from my site for said contents, I sure wouldn't come back over and over and over again.

A professional program owner doesn't send nasty emails to her members, no matter how angry they make her.

A professional program owner doesn't vindictively and with malice aforethought attempt to get someone's ptp privileges at another site suspended simply because they are angry at the person.

If Carole Stacy really had better things to do she wouldn't be reading this blog (repeatedly, not just once) and sending nasty emails to me, now would she?

Carole Stacy is afraid to look in the mirror as she knows what she will see:  a vindictive malicious woman with very few skills other than abusing and demeaning other people.

She will also see a vindictive and malicious woman who has tried to run 7 PTR sites and failed miserably with all of them.

And here's a newsflash for you Carole.....any further abuse from you will be reported to Go-Mama AND your ISP.

Its Been Real Nice Knowing You.......NOT!!

Copied and pasted from the personal admin message set up by Ms Legend in Her Own Mind, Carole Stacy:
Personal Administrative Message #57 - I have had enough!
After reading your comments on my private e-mail to you with food for thought, It's obvious to me that you will never change your ways.
You expect to be treated nicely, yet you continue to belittle me and harrass me in forums, and now you've got a blog to sprout your nonsense about tons of webmasters who you feel are doing you wrong. Have you ever thought it might be something you do to create such behavior from others.

After 10 years, i feel it's time to have a real parting of the ways.

You have an upgrade which has 5 more months x 83c which will be refunded to you on or about June 1st..

You have 3 months left on your affiliate page x 83c which will also be refunded.

June 1st gives you enough notice to stop any ads running for JV.

As owner of this site, and the one who pays you, i consider your payouts as non-employee compensation, therefore I have the right to decide who i wish to pay, and who i wish to have as a member, and you no longer fit that bill.

Please convert your ptp credits so they can be included in what i pay you on June 1st and we can have a clean break.

Just one last comment from me, guess you never learned it.
It's the golden rule... "Treat others as you would have them treat you".

Something you have obviously never learned.

You will be paid all that's due you on June 1st and this is more than enough notice for you to stop any ads you have running.

The ads you have running here, will continue to run till they expire.
After which, i wish to have no further dealings with you.

First off, after 10 what alternative universe does Carole Stacy live??  I never even knew the woman until late 2001 when I joined the first version of MyEcom.

I never even was involved in GPT at all until the summer of 2001 so how could we have known each other for 10 years?

She expects praise for doing her job, simply doing her job, nothing more and nothing less.

If she ever did more than her job, went above and beyond the way Connie Harrison, Renee Vorbach, Suzanne Nee, Susan Curry, Thom Pearson, Beth Dunn, and Heather Conzett repeatedly do....I would be more than happy to praise her.

I do NOT praise for paying or processing ad changes or processing ads, that to me is the minimum that a program owner should do.

Praising for paying or processing ads/ad changes is to me nothing more than cheap-ass kissing up

She criticizes me for 'sprouting nonsense' and running to forums to bash/belittle her.

She's more than happy however to run to those same forums to  bash/belittle one of my dearest friends in all this world, who I also happen to work for.

In addition, over the last 9 years she has repeatedly called me --in those very same forums--every disparaging name in the book.

I guess when she calls me names, publicly questions my identity, tells me to shut up, and makes nasty personal comments about my life that isn't bashing or belittling me?

As for my behavior or attitude creating the problems I've been having with some PTR owners--- I've got some questions for Carole Stacy

Explain to me how my behavior or attitude made Terry Rouse go on a two month (and counting) vacation..

Explain to me how my behavior or attitude made Carla Birds spam me for 67 (yes, sixty-seven) days (and counting) at programs I have already left (on March 6, 2010)

Explain to me how my behavior or attitude made Eston Swaby institute a 20% personal earnings rule for affiliate page owners when he doesn't have the ads to support more than a 5% personal earnings rule.

Explain to me how my behavior made the upgrade expiration page at Princess Mails be a 404 page.

Explain to me how my behavior made Kitten Mails take down the information on the upgrade expiration page within a very few days of expiration

Explain to me how my behavior or attitude made Jane Drayton end my upgrade 2 days early and then lie about it as well as make very nasty personal remarks (something she is known to do to other people too).

Explain to me how my behavior or attitude made Adela Smith take down a paid for personal page 3 months early (at a minimum) and refuse to address the issue.

I've known Adela even longer than I've known Carole and we have always gotten along; its not my attitude but Adela's current inability to run her site that caused that the problems.

If it were my behavior or attitude that was causing the problems I would have problems with the owners of all 71 programs I belong to (and uncounted ones that I've already left)

I have minor problems with 3 program owners (at programs I still belong to).....Virginia Danielle Reatte, Eston Swaby, and Corry Brouwer.

I have major problems with 2 program owners (at programs I still belong to)....Terry Rouse and Adela Smith

I have major problems with 2 program owners (at programs I have already left)....Jane Drayton and Carla Birds

I have severe problems with ONE program owner.......Carole Stacy.

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she was deleting all her tier 3/tier 4 members with no warning and no payment?

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she was publicly and repeatedly bashing Afke Krikke?

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she publicly told Jason Coles and Tammy White to grow up?

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she publicly told Rod Baker that it was "none of his business?"

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she publicly told MOI to shut up?

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she took away upgrades from a member in retaliation for that member--not me--having the nerve to respond to forum posts   and oh my god even starting some of her own?

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she deleted rotator view ads that had been paid for?

RE: that condescending golden rule comment, did Carole Stacy remember that rule when she publicly pretended to be her own 10 year old handicapped grandson?

I could go on for several more sentences but I think the lines above (all of which live in perpetuity, either being quoted at a forum or in a locked topic at a forum) are enough to show what a mealy-mouthed self-serving hypocrite Carole Stacy really is.

I don't think she would like that golden rule very well when its applied to HER actions.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Now I'll admit I'm not the most positive, cheerful, little miss mary sunshine crayon in the box.

However, I've got damn good reasons for being negative.

Personal issues:
1) I applied for 30 jobs in April, I had 6 interviews, and still have no job
2) I have applied for another 12 jobs in May, and the only interview I have on the horizon is a second interview for a job that I applied for in April.
3) I have less than $300.00 in my checking account--money I had to borrow from a friend--and that my friends is all the money I have in this world, except for maybe 50 cents in pennies in my truck.
4) I am two months behind on my space rent.
5) I am being threatened with legal action on a small ($235.60) debt.
6) My mother is delusional and verbally abusive, and I am forced to call her twice a week (or she'll call the cops on me again)
7) I have no friends in this town and am estranged from most of my extended family (their choice not mine).
8) I am behind on the taxes on my home and the insurance on my home comes due next month.  Unless that money tree miraculously appears in my yard (or I get a job) that will be another bill I cannot pay

GPT Issues
1) I have been screwed out of at least 3 months on a personal page at Emails For Ads, and the program owner hasn't responded to 4 blog posts, 2 attempts to contact her at the site, a post at Global Friends Online (GFO), a post at Been Paid, and an offline message  via Yahoo instant messenger. After deciding that Adela will never resolve this situation I redeemed all my earnings for ads; however, one of the ads was rejected with no reason given and the site admin has ignored 2 personal message at GFO asking for a reason.

2) Carla Birds at Search Mailer and Click Addicts (among others) has been spamming me for 65 days now and doesn't seem willing or able to fix the issues. Her latest line of bovine fecal material is that it must be 'a glitch in the Cash Crusader Scripts'.  Funny how that glitch affects only three sites out of literally hundreds that I've left in the last 9 years

3) Susanne Gratto at Country Folks PTR, I guess it would have just killed her to let me submit my last upgraded ad (a lousy 10 point ad) before ending my upgrade.

4) Carole Stacy at Joint Venture feels that an appropriate response to submitting an upgraded ad (that wasn't even for this blog) is to read this blog and send me a novella criticizing me for  my negativity and criticizing me for not praising her for doing her job as a program owner.  In my opinion, she has NOT done anything praiseworthy, as paying and doing ad changes are the minimum that a program owner SHOULD do. Praise is reserved for those going over and above the minimum.

5) Jane Drayton at JJ Clix not only ended my upgrade 2 days early--in the middle of the day--she lied about it and abused me verbally in several emails regarding the issue.

6) Princess Mails and Kitten Mails: no way to tell when your upgrade actually expired (and of course at Princess, no extensions were given for the month or so of 'hosting suspended' when the site was owned by Sherise Fetterman) because either the page is 404 or your information is removed in less than a week from expiration date.

7) Eston Swaby of Silvester Mails instituted a 20% personal earnings requirement for affiliate page owners. This is on a site where there have been 15 emails since 4/25/2010 (average of one email per day) and there is a total of 107 ptc (12 of which are actually my own).  It will be impossible to reach this 20% personal earnings requirement even if members clicked everything on the site every single day.

This is just another act in the farce called Silvester Mails, where in December 2009 he sold affiliate pages paying 30 cents per 1000 and in January 2010 he decided to lower the rate to 20 cents per 1000.

After a firestorm of criticism he agreed to not lower the rate until March 1 2010, but now its a moot point anyway since affiliate page owners won't be able to cash out.  I find it ironic that someone who started his own site because he was tired of being screwed by other sites is now turning around and screwing his own members.

8) Terry Rouse at Brat Mails took down the advertising page, the redemption page, and the payout request page on March 10 2010, stating that the pages would be back up on April 1 2010.  It is now May 10, 2010 and none of the pages are back up.

I am currently owed over $15.00 (a small fortune in GPT land) that I will probably never see.

The only bright spot is that she doesn't have the affiliate pages on site so now that I have pulled all my ads for the page I can't earn even more money that I probably won't get paid.  Of course, I have to click to stay active on the off chance that I'll actually get paid sometime in this millenium but she isn't sending hardly any email and most of the ptc are contest ptc with 0 values.

Even if all the personal issues get resolved I will probably never be the most optimistic little miss mary sunshine crayon in the box, but being screwed over and over and over again for 9 years (and counting) would make even Pollyanna say enough is enough.

I do not suffer fools gladly (online or offline). I never have and I doubt that I ever will.

I do not have to tolerate being repeatedly screwed over by program owners for nine years.

I will continue to post my opinions and experiences here and at the Word Press blog no matter who gets unhappy or pissed off.

DEAL WITH IT......because I am not going away and I am not going to shut up!

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts

Polar Bear Clicks:
There are 1 requests in front of you. Your request for 9.54 USD AlertPay is 39 day(s) old.

Precious Poms PTR
There are 16 requests in front of you. Your request for 8.07 USD AlertPay  is 20 day(s) old.

Butterflies N Roses
There are 15 requests in front of you. Your request for 8.04 USD AlertPay) is 20 day(s) old.

Anything Goes
There are 8 requests in front of you. Your request for 6.63 USD AlertPay  is 8 day(s) old.

Clicks Mania 
There are 5 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.93 USD AlertPay is 8 day(s) old. 

1 Cent Mail
There are 2 requests in front of you.Your request for 6.46 USD AlertPay is 10 day(s) old

Freebies N More
There are 8 requests in front of you. Your request for 6.84 USD PayPal is 60 day(s) old 

Lady of The Links
There are 33 requests in front of you. Your request for 7.13 USD AlertPay is 1 day(s) old. 

Mystics Kingdom
There are 27 requests in front of you. Your request for 8.61 USD Alert Pay is 9 day(s) old. 

Western Clicks
There are 158 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.58 USD AlertPay is 102 day(s) old.

Kerclink: requested $10.40 on February 23, 2010 and have not received check yet

And still the king of all waits, 22 months at where they owe me $166.56

Payments In May 2010

$5.06 Your Email Now
$1.56 My PTR
$1.47 Dream Mails
$3.00 You've Got Ads
$2.50 Dance Mails
$6.35 Moo Over Mail
$3.25 Old Amsterdam Post
$20.00 Lightspeed Research
$6.59 1 Cent Mail
$9.00 Polar Bear Clicks

Total: $58.78 as of May 16, 2010

What Part of the Disclaimer/Title Don't You Understand??

Brutally honest comments and thoughts (plus the occasional bit of praise, only when deserved) from a slowly recovering PTR addict
Now I'm being criticized by one of the people I sometimes (4 posts out of 48 total) discuss/critique/criticize for being 'negative' and for never saying anything good about her.

This program owner seems to think that performing the minimum tasks of a PO (doing ad changes and making payouts) is deserving of praise.

I beg to differ.

As for being negative here's some positive posts and praise for other program owners who do go above and beyond on a consistent basis.""

I've only been posting on this blog for about 2 months, and there are 6 positive posts.  I think what sticks in this program owner's craw is that NONE of them are about her.

Stop Spamming Me Carla Birds

This is not SPAM ~ you opted-in for this, lol.
You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive paid and unpaid emails from
This IS indeed spam because I left Search Mailer 65 days ago.

This is not SPAM ~ you opted-in for this, lol.
You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive paid and unpaid emails from
Again this IS spam because I also left Click Addicts  65 days ago.

Although I originally just deleted these emails I've started keeping them as proof of continued spamming.

I have emails from Search Mailer dating back to April 23 2010, a full  48 days after I unsubbed from the program.

I have emails from Click Addicts dating back to May 4, 2010--a full 59 days after I unsubbed from the program.

On April 18, 2010 I told Carla Birds the owner of both of these programs to fix the issue or I'd report her to her host for spamming me.

She told me that my accounts had been permanently deleted from the database and I should no longer receive emails.

She must be the last 24 hours alone I have received 4 emails from Search Mailer and another 3 from Click Addicts.

Now she's saying that there must be some glitch in the Cash Crusader scripts. 

That's a convenient excuse, and a very convenient glitch if you ask me since I've only ever been spammed  by 3 sites after I left the sites---2 of which are hers.

Also if its a script issue, the scripts can't be edited by the program owners (they are encrypted) which conveniently lets her off the hook for fixing this or taking any responsibility for it.

Every email I receive from either of these programs is forwarded to her host, with his permission.

I do not care how this gets fixed.

If all the  programs in the CRB PTR network get shut down for spamming, I won't shed a tear. I might even do the happy dance all around the house.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bad Customer Service

Well, at Emails for Ads, my banner impression ad was rejected -- no reason given, not even told what site it was for (although I have my suspicions), just a generic rejection form signed by the program owner who has been MIA for literally weeks now.  At least my points were refunded.

At Country Folks PTR, my upgrade was ended yesterday or today with one whole ad still remaining to be submitted.

Although its stated on the site that said upgrade ended on May 5th, I am very frustrated here.  I guess it would have killed this program owner to allow me to have the last 10 point email from the package, as I'd already submitted everything else in the package and I haven't actively promoted this site in a LONG time.

Princess Mails...upgrade ended supposedly last month *April* although I can't tell since the upgrade expiry page at the site leads to a 404 page.  That is nice and convenient for the program owner isn't it now? She can end the upgrades any time she pleases and the member(s) affected can't prove a darn thing.

Kitten Mails removes your upgrade expiration date from the page almost immediately once your upgrade has expired (for example, mine apparently expired the end of April, and is no longer on the page at all).  This again is very convenient for the program owner as she can end the upgrade(s) whenever she feels like it.

The soon to be former owner of JJ Clix (Jane Drayton) ended my upgrade early and then had the balls to lie about it too--not to mention making rude unwarranted personal comments throughout our email conversations.

The thing about LOUSY customer service (and I consider all 5 of these sites to be providing lousy customer service) is that it affects how I feel not only about the sites (and at least 2 of these sites I am stuck at for another month) but how I feel about this so-called industry as a whole.

These program owners want to be treated as business owners.  They should act like business owners then and provide a minimum level of customer service.

Removing an upgrade early, having the expiry page lead to a 404 page, removing information much too quickly from the expiry page, making rude personal comments, and depriving members of ads (even if its 'only' one 10 point ad) is not good customer service nor is it something that a true business owner (such as Andrea Kenney or Aileen Tan or Afke Krikke, just to name a few) would ever even THINK of doing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'd Prefer The Points I Earned Over The Apology, Thanks Anyway

I apologize for the problem you experienced with our survey. Believe me, we know how frustrating technical problems can be.
From the feedback we receive from our panelists, we know most of their survey experiences are enjoyable. We are sorry that this survey experience was not enjoyable for you. Hopefully, the problem you had will not happen during the next survey you participate. Unfortunately,this survey cannot be accessed a second time or reset.If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me.
So the point of contacting her was exactly what?

The apology is somewhat appreciated, but I would much prefer to have received the points I was supposed to have earned for completing this survey (the technical issue was right at the end of the survey, I had completed all questions, and the survey screen went bonkers when I tried to submit the survey).

I'm really starting to wonder why I even bother remaining a member of this particular survey site.  I rarely qualify for their surveys and in 5 years I've earned $75.00 -- to get any more money I have to qualify for and complete at least one more large point value survey (there are NO surveys available for me right now).

I have 350 points and the requirement for $5.00 into my PayPal account is 575 points.  Most of the surveys are worth 75 points IF you qualify for and complete the entire survey, with the rare 150 or 300 point surveys (or even rarer 500 or 1000 point surveys)

Just Redeemed Almost Everything at Emails For Ads

Adela, the owner of Emails For Ads, has totally and completely ignored 2 contact requests, 2 blog posts, a post at Global Friends Online (GFO) in the 'moments that make you go arrgggh in GPT' topic, and an offline message sent via Yahoo messenger.

Supposedly her assistant at the site also told her what was going on, and that has been ignored too.

The contact requests via the site itself were sent on April 18, 2010.  The first blog post here was also on April 18, 2010; the second blog post was on April 23, 2010.  The post at GFO was on April 18, 2010. The offline message via Yahoo messenger was on April 24, 2010 (archiving your messages is a wonderful thing).

A few days ago I placed the site on site inbox only.  Most of what is being sent is site support links and for some strange reason I do not feel like making money for Adela by clicking her affiliate/ptp links or by otherwise supporting the site in any way shape or form.

Today I decided that Adela is not going to resolve this issue no matter how many blog posts I make.  She is going to continue to flat out ignore contact requests, posts at forums, and Yahoo instant messages.

So I redeemed all earnings (points and cash) for ads (ptc, email ads, banner impressions).

I intend to leave the site once my ads expire (normally I would ask for an outside advertiser link or assume that the ads would NOT be deleted once I left the site--but I trusted Adela one too many times already).

I am long past caring about any personal problems that Adela may be having.

In my honest opinion the site has been going downhill for a long time and I am sure the next act in the farce that is Emails For Ads will be a 'hosting suspended' notice.  Will anybody even notice OR care?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding (Revisited)

The violation of privacy if you choose to do surveys at Ad Paid gets even better (or worse, depending on your point of view).

The form now asks for a zip code as well as your first name, last name, and street address. This requirement for the zip code was not disclosed in the admin email from Ad Paid either (read my first post on the subject, that email is quoted pretty much in its entirety as the beginning of my post).

So its not enough for them to get your income, your age, your gender, your race, your ethnicity, your date of birth, your education, and your email address.

No they have to have your full name, your street address, and your zip code too....and this information is passed on to a unnamed third party for 'verification.'

You have to give out all of this information to an unnamed third party for a survey and  IF you qualify for the survey you will get anywhere from fifty cents to one dollar.

Ad Paid sends around 4 surveys per day, lets say the average incentive is 80 cents per survey.

If you qualify for ALL of them (highly unlikely) you will make $3.60 per day.

Lets say you get really lucky and can qualify for all the surveys every single day of the year (again highly unlikely). That would be  $1314.00 per year or $109.50 per month.

In addition, if  a USA resident earned this much money from Ad Paid or any other GPT, technically they would be required to report that as taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service.

MY privacy is worth much more than $1314.00 a year.

$1314.00 (maximum) per year may be a fortune in GPT terms, but its small potatoes compared to the emotional and financial cost of dealing with identity theft or a stalker.

Fair is Fair......

Hi Suellen,  Sorry I never saw your redemption,  but I noticed it was right about the same time the site fell over bandwidth (for no apparent reason), which shuts everything down, including mailing redemption notices.
Anyway I've put it yours back in (system auto expires them) and given you an extra 2 months for your wait.
So since I criticized the owner of Honey Mail right here on this very blog, its only fair that I praise her for a quick resolution to the problem.

The extra 2 months added on to my upgrade was totally unexpected but it is a very nice gesture, and goes a long way towards improving my feelings towards this site.

I'm also pretty impressed that she took the time to answer me at 9:00 am on a Sunday.  Many program owners take weekends off.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Must Have a Sign on My Forehead Saying.........

Oh please do screw me again????

As of April 18, 2010:  Honey Mail: There are 32 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.04 USD Masspay PayPal-Business/Premier Account is 71 day(s) old.  

So sometime between April 18 and a few days ago when the site got suspended for exceeding bandwidth, I redeemed for an upgrade ($4.50 for a 6 month Worker Bee membership)

The site was down until this morning; once it finally came back up I logged into to check on my account.  I am not upgraded. 

Since this person obviously is having problems paying, the least she could do is honor redemptions in a timely manner.   

I had to open an Alert Pay complaint to get my first (paid for) upgrade processed 6 months ago, so this not paying attention to details is not a new thing for this program owner