Monday, September 18, 2017

**Surgery Not Covered By Insurance**

Go Fund Me often breaks frames, so this blog post is my way of getting around the frame-breaking.

** possibly somewhat misleading as insurance may cover PART of the costs for removal of an anal cyst on September 1, 2017**

I had surgery to remove an anal cyst on 9/1/2017. The surgery was uneventful and healing was quick. However, because it took two months to get a referral (from my doctors office) for this surgery, my health insurance through Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield lapsed. My new insurance through my new job (which I started on July 2) was effective on 9/1/2017 BUT....and this is a big BUT...there is a $1000.00 deductible which I had no way of reaching considering the insurance kicked in the exact same day I had the surgery.

I have given my new insurance information to all three providers (anesthesia, surgeon, and hospital)

I got the bill today for the anesthesia. $963.00, and it doesn't say whether that is before or after submitting to my insurance company.

The cost from the surgeons' office is $700.00

I haven't received the hospital bill yet (and truthfully it's the least of my worries as St Charles Medical System is very good with working with financial problems--ie when I was admitted in 2006 with pulmonary emboli my entire hospital bill was waived).

There are two issues right now.

1) Will my insurance cover any of this? There was no pre-authorization from Providence (my new insurance provider) because at the time the surgery was scheduled I was still covered by Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield

2) Again, if my Providence plan does cover the surgery and related costs, there is a $1000.00 deductible which I had no hope of reaching since the surgery was on the same day that my Providence insurance became effective.

There are probably co-pays as well.

In short that means that I will have to pay at least $1000.00 out of pocket for a surgery that would have been partially covered (IF NOT FULLY COVERED) by my Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance up until 8/31/17.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and hindsight is always 20/20.

The reason that I am trying to raise $5000.00 instead of just the $1000.00 that I know for sure will be my responsibility is 1) the co-pays that may be required and 2) as stated above, my current insurance may not cover ANY of the costs incurred due to the surgery not being pre-authorized.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Update Update Read All About It (Giggle)

It's been almost 4 months since I updated this blog.

Part of the reason is that I just don't have much time for PTR these days -- or surveys, or apps, or traffic exchanges, or safelists, or paid to click, or or, LOL --so I am not clicking, surfing, etc nearly as much as I used to (no clickie, no surfie, no surveys, no submitting upgraded ads, no this, no that, no the other thing equals no money, or at least not as much as I was making online--which was still peanuts compared to what I make offline!)

Many of my posts are saying "this site has paid me this much" or "I am waiting at this site for this much for this long" or "this site hasn't paid me in forever" and when you aren't very active you aren't reaching payout very often so there's nothing to post.

I actually started to do one of those "who has paid me in blah blah blah" posts a few days ago and realized that it would take me literally hours to retrieve all the information since I haven't updated consistently since 2016. I literally said the hell with this I have better things to do LOL and shut down the page.

. I do still enjoy clicking/surfing, and I really LOVE taking surveys--but I work full time now and my job is very physically demanding. By the time I get home every night (anywhere from 9:45 pm to 10:30 pm) I have generally walked anywhere from 9600 to 12000 steps and all I want to do is have my dinner, pet my cats, and go to sleep.

I bought a Kindle recently with Amazon gift certificates that I earned doing PTR, surveys, etc and I do a bit of clicking on my breaks/lunch 1/2 hour at work but not enough to make payout very often anywhere.

July was yet another month of not submitting my upgraded ads--here's hoping that August will be different since I now have money to spend on upgrades and affiliate pages.

That's another change in my life -- I am finally making decent money (well, decent for this area) around $2000.00 per month before taxes. There's a trade-off though in that I don't have the time or energy to be on the computer all the time.

Once I evicted my roommate (more on that later) there was no internet access at home, and the three hours of computer access per day at the library didn't really give me much time to click (oh let's be honest here I'd rather play games on Facebook, LOL).

The potential roommate evaporated into thin air when we discovered that she was allergic to my cats, and I decided NO MORE ROOMMATES EVER unless and until I get a significant other.

I'm also trying really hard to get healthy -- walking a lot (used the rest of the Amazon gift certificates for a FitBit which I am actually using), taking the stairs instead of the elevator 9 times out of 10, eating 'better for me' food (have given up soda--it's been 33 days--and ice cream--22 days--completely, cut way down on chocolate), eating regular meals not waiting all day and then pigging out.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where I am Waiting For Payout (April 2017)--LINK GRAND

Only one site that hasn't paid me, and that's probably a first for this blog.

Link Grand. I requested $5.00 on 1/3/2017, it's now 4/23/2017, so almost 4 months. Yes I've contacted the owner twice and tried today (TWICE) to contact him again BUT a funny thing happened on the way to the contact (see below)

This site can’t be reached refused to connect. Search Google for support linkgrand ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

110 days and counting with no way to contact the owner. I also find it very odd that every time I close the page, I have to log back in, even if I've been gone from the page less than 30 seconds.

Being a lifetime premium member is all well and good, BUT if I can't get paid and can't contact the owner, the upgrade is pretty much worthless except for the fact that I earn twice what a free member does for each click. Earning 2x is all well and good, but if you can't get paid, and can't contact the program owner, and can't reverse the payout request, it's worth less than Monopoly money!!

Who has Paid Me in April 2017

Amazon Gift Cards:

Paid Viewpoint: $15.09
Expert Outpost: $5.00
Cross Media Panel: $10.00
You Gov: $15.00
Opinion Square: $5.00
Pinecone Research: $6.00

Total Amazon Gift Cards: $56.09


No PayPal payments in April


No Payza payments in April

Total received in April: $56.09
Total Offline Income in April (as of April 23, 2017): $694.14 (less than I usually make, because there's an active garnishment that has taken $248.63 so far this month, so total offline income would be $942.77)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thanks For Your Patience With Me, Gail

So I have a bad case of IDIOT today combined with severe RABBIT BRAIN.

What is RABBIT BRAIN, you ask? RABBIT BRAIN is when my mind hops from one thing to another without stopping for breath. It also doesn't understand half of what it is seeing, because it's too busy hopping all over the damn place like a RABBIT with a bad speed habit!

Yesterday, I was convinced that the multi-site memberships at the Polar Bear Family of sites were the same price for SIX sites that they were for FIVE sites, and I asked the program owner to give me an upgrade in the sixth site for FREE (since I had paid for the five site upgrade back in December 2016)

Only problem with that plan is that the ad I was referencing didn't include the sixth site. I paid for a FIVE SITE upgrade, and I got a FIVE SITE upgrade. The program owner didn't owe me even one little thing but it took TWO DAYS for that to percolate through RABBIT BRAIN.

I'm going to try to slow down the brain a little. Turtle Brain, maybe? Better to be a bit slower in reading and then actually comprehending what I am reading? So, thanks for being patient with an IDIOT, Gail.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Where I am Waiting For Payout (January 2017)

Dream Mails: There are 1 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.50 Payza is 36 day(s) old.

Showcase PTR: There are 5 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.99 Payza is 59 day(s) old.

(Showcase is actually almost 4 months old because I had to re-request after the first program owner lost her PayPal account--I had been waiting for 58 days on the PayPal request and have now been waiting 59 days on the Payza owner though so I am being patient for once in my life LOL).

Both paid

Who Paid Me in January 2017 (as of 1//9/2017)

Amazon Gift Cards:
Opinion Square: $25.00
Total Amazon Gift Cards: $25.00
Showcase PTR: $3.00
Dream Mails: $2.50
Survey Savvy: $65.00
Total Checks: $65.00
Total Online Income as of January 9 2017: $95.50
Total Offline Income as of January 5 2017: $432.07

Who Paid Me in September 2016

Amazon Gift Cards:
My Points: $10.00
Total Amazon Gift Cards $10.00

Anything Goes: $3.26
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Total PayPal: $9.26

Total Online Income: $19.26
Total Offline Income: $1087.15

Who Paid Me in October 2016

Amazon Gift Cards:
Tango Card via Expert Outpost: $5.00
Total Amazon Gift Cards: $5.00

Payza/Alert Pay:
Cathouse Mails: $2.18
Total Payza/AlertPay: $2.18

Clix Sense: $10.65
Pinecone Research: $9.00
Homestead Mails: $4.65
Total PayPal: $24.30

Total Online Income: $31.48
Total Offline Income: $844.06

Who Paid Me in November 2016

Amazon Gift Cards:

Cross Media Panel: $25.00
Total Amazon Gift Cards:$25.00

Payza/Alert Pay:

Dream Mails: $2.50
Total Payza/Alert Pay: $2.50


Clix Sense: $9.00
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Total PayPal: $15.00

Total Online Income: $42.50
Total Offline Income: $946.59

Who Paid Me in December 2016

Amazon Gift Cards:
Cross Media Panel (formerly Screenwise Meter): $20.00
Unknown: $5.00
Total Amazon Gift Cards: $25.00

Starbucks Gift Cards:
Unknown (possibly Life Fun and Everything Panel): $25.00
Total Starbucks Gift Cards: $25.00

Polar Bear Clicks: $2.25
Info Friend PTR: $1.70
Your PTR Club: $2.03
Total Payza/Alert Pay:$5.98

Raining Cash Emails: $4.82
Paid Viewpoint: $30.32
Pinecone Research: $18.00
Total PayPal: $53.14

Total Online Income for December: $109.12

Total Offline Income for December: $1806.15