Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Patriot Group Sites

Now, I've considered not writing this post, and I've considering writing it.

I've considered being a jerk about it as well, but that doesn't help matters in the long run.

I have obviously decided to write it and let the chips fall where they may.

Let me start off by saying that I have no problem with the owner of the Patriot Group Sites and most of the time we get along well.

But after I contacted him regarding not being paid at Mars Mail things started slowly going sideways.

See this post: http://suellenjillroley.blogspot.com/2015/08/not-paid-in-july-or-august.html

I never received a response to the first request so a few weeks later I sent a second request asking why I had not been paid.

This request was answered, but

.... 1)I was told that I had requested after the cut-off date which was the 14th of July

and 2) I was told that I had been paid often at sites where I had not done the required number of clicks.

I responded to the reply with the facts as I saw them: I stated that I track when I request payouts--from any site--by means of this very blog.

I go to the site I request at and copy/paste something similar to this "There are 0 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.57 USD Paypal is 21 day(s) old."

and by copy/paste I mean I copy straight from the site and paste straight into the blog post. The only thing I edit out is my email address and I do not add any text.

I can even prove that this was done at least for one month, since for some reason the copy took the background of the site as well as the text which was what I was trying to post.

see this post: http://suellenjillroley.blogspot.com/2015/08/where-i-am-waiting-for-payout-august_24.html.

In my reply I asked Joe how I could possibly have copied a date on July 7 (one day after I actually requested) if I hadn't requested the payout until after July 14 (the date he states was the cutoff date that I 'obviously' requested after).

I never got any response to that question.

I also said that I only remembered being paid at one site where I had not done the required number of clicks (Americana Mails) and that I was under the impression that random payouts which I'd received from his other sites don't require a minimum number of clicks.

And I said that I did not see what being paid at one site (Americana) when I hadn't reached the number of clicks had to do with being paid or not paid at another site (Mars Mails) where I always do the required number of clicks

I never got any responses to those issues either.

I did notice later that same day that I 'MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT' have had the required number of clicks at Mars Mail on July 6th when I originally requested, and I replied again to Joe telling him that I felt that might be the problem, rather than the date difference. Still no reply, but at that point I'd given up caring about the whole mess.

Of course, July was one of the few months where Joe didn't state so many cash out requests and how many were paid or not paid so I have no way of knowing WHY my request was deleted. And deleted it was, because I requested on JULY SIXTH (as opposed to 'sometime after July 14th')

. My 'normal' reaction to a site or owner that ticks me off is to drain their site and by that I mean, run their ptp to a fare-thee-well, click til my fingers drop off, and if I have an affiliate page, run that to a fare-thee-well as well. However, if I'm not getting paid anyway -- what's the point of this behavior? It's also putting negative energy out into my universe and I don't need any more of that, thank you very much.

So life goes on and I get paid by Mars in September and October ($2.00 and $1.00 respectively). I think all is well. I reach payout at Bird Crazy which is another of Joe's sites. This happened in November, I think; however the exact month is irrelevant. What is relevant is that for the months of September, October, and November I didn't do the required clicks (150 per month). In September I only had 80 clicks, in October I had only 115 clicks, and in November I only had 136 clicks (the 2 important months for Joe were September and October). So I didn't get paid which is fair enough since I didn't reach the required number of clicks.

The Bird Crazy situation combined with the Mars Mails situation --and the fact that I found a full time job--did light a fire under me in terms of leaving the Patriot Group sites

. 40 hours a week on my feet with no internet access at home means very little time to click.

I belong to nearly 100 PTR sites, numerous PTC sites, survey sites, etc. Of those close to 100 PTR sites, 17 of them belonged to Joe's. Each site has a 100-150 minimum monthly click requirement. All of the sites also only paid in increments of $1.00, $2.00, or $3.00 per month. I decided that I did not have the time, energy, or desire to click 1700 links per month for a maximum of $51.00 per month (and I wasn't reaching payout on a monthly basis with most of the sites anyway; it was usually only Mars where I got paid monthly).

Presto, change, redeemo: I redeemed nearly all of my earnings at 17 sites and put them on site inbox. I've slowly been finding the other sites that I was advertising the Patriot Group sites on and either deleting those ads outright or having the program owners change them. I've actually already left two sites, Wallaby and Downhome.

I plan on remaining at Mars as well as at the PTC sites that Joe owns (unless of course he takes exception to this blog post) but I don't plan on doing more than the minimum clicks at ANY site I belong to until I get internet access at home. Besides, I make $9.25 an hour at my job so I can certainly make more in one day at work than I can in one month doing PTR/PTC.

Where I am Waiting For Payout, December 2015 (Edition Two)

St Cash Unlimited:

There are 35 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.00 USD PayPal is 27 day(s) old.

Clicks Mania:

There are 0 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.57 USD Paypal is 21 day(s) old.

Anything Goes:

There are 1 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.34 USD PayPal is 21 day(s) old.

Where I am Waiting For Payout (December Edition, Version One)

Easy PTR:

Your cashout request of 5.91 (Paypal) from 06/17/2015 22:37 is in the queue position 4.

Waiting almost SIX MONTHS for this payout, with no movement in the queue.

A friend of mine who is a webmaster contacted the webmaster of Easy PTR a few months ago and has heard nothing.

I also contacted the webmaster of Easy PTR and have also heard nothing.

I just checked the Been Paid list and other people are being paid WITHIN ONE DAY of their request.

However, they are being paid in Perfect Money and Payza; the last PayPal payment was in September and the payee requested in June.

I just contacted Easy PTR's webmaster again.

I will not cancel the PayPal request until I know that I can be paid in Payza.