Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where I am Waiting For Payout (December Edition, Version One)

Easy PTR:

Your cashout request of 5.91 (Paypal) from 06/17/2015 22:37 is in the queue position 4.

Waiting almost SIX MONTHS for this payout, with no movement in the queue.

A friend of mine who is a webmaster contacted the webmaster of Easy PTR a few months ago and has heard nothing.

I also contacted the webmaster of Easy PTR and have also heard nothing.

I just checked the Been Paid list and other people are being paid WITHIN ONE DAY of their request.

However, they are being paid in Perfect Money and Payza; the last PayPal payment was in September and the payee requested in June.

I just contacted Easy PTR's webmaster again.

I will not cancel the PayPal request until I know that I can be paid in Payza.

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