Saturday, July 28, 2012

Craigs List (More of What the Bull Left Behind)!!


I'm looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well with good understanding as my Personal Assistant.This position i am offering is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that i may come at you impromptu sometimes, so i need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings. As my Personal Assistant, your activities amongst other things will include;

Primary Responsibilities:

* Creating orders/pick slips/invoices/credit memos.
* Processing return authorizations for me as needed.
* Running personal errands.
* supervisions and monitoring.
* Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them.
* Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away and when needed as i am hard on hearing that is why computer works for me.Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities as the case maybe.

Basic wage is $400 Weekly

I'm sure you'll understand I tend to have a very busy schedule at this point. Please note that this position is not office based for now because of my frequent travels and tight schedules, it's a part-time work from home for now and the flexibility means that there will be busier weeks than others. I would like to give you an immediate trial, so if you are interested kindly get back to me. As I have been checking my files and schedules and would need someone urgently to run some errands for me this week/next week, while I am away. I will have some funds sent to you to complete the errands and would get back to you with more information on that, get back to me with your Personal/Contact Details such as:





Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely

Yadda, yadda, yadda. More of what the bull left behind, a rather large steaming pile of it at that. Why do I say that? The resume I sent him via email has full name, address, city, state, zip code, home phone, and two email addresses. Also, a resume by definition has a present job listed if you are working. SEX? You run into any guys named SUELLEN lately?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Here We Bloody Go AGAIN!!


My name is Alicia Morgan from Puerto Rico. I'm 24 years of age and quiet easy person to live with and extremely clean,quiet respectful, sensitive, intelligent, patient and caring person. I'm coming to the state for my master degree, I just graduated as a geologist, I will be in state by August 10th 2012.

I'm very faithful and committed person that is very considerate of other people's feelings. I don't drug and I don't smoke .. I enjoy going out with my friends to movies, plays,parks, hikes, anything to do with the ocean and horses but I'm cool living with people...I will like to make payment for the first month/deposit ahead of my arrival, then i will make subsequent payment thereafter because am planning to stay for 12 months.

Pls do get back to me more with the room description and photo of the room if any one available, I have a financier in the US that will be handling the rent deposit payment on my behalf and I will need the following information to get the payment to you.

(1) Full name to be on the check,
(2) Street contact Address
(3) Cell phone number,
(4)State, Zip Code.

Looking forward to read back from you with required information to proceed further. It would be a great pleasure seeing you soon.

Alicia Morgan
345 Font Martelo Street,
Humacao, Puerto Rico, PR 00791.

Okay, what part of must be 40 and over does this person not understand? And funnily enough Bend, Oregon currently has no masters' degree programs at all. We have a community college and an extension campus of a 4-year college that currently offers NO graduate programs in any field.

Then there's the fact that the ad fully describes not only the room but the whole house. There are also 4 pictures of the house in the ad

Once again, this is a large load of what the bull left behind

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who's Paid Me In June and July 2012


$11.27 (combined payout from Wallaby Mails, Downhome Folks, and Majestic Mails)
.44 (combined payout from several Patriot Group sites)

Alert Pay:

$2.39 (Showcase PTR)
$2.23 (Hot Rods PTR)
$1.71 (Donkey Mails>


$7.62 (Troll Mails)
$2.01 (Instant Cash Sweepstakes)
$15.43 (Vale PTR)
$13.61 (Clix Sense)
$7.18 (combined payout from Old Amsterdam Post, St Cash Unlimited, and Dream Mails)
$4.74 (Link Grand)
$9.81 (combined payout from Anything Goes, Guardian Mails, and Clicks Mania)
$11.05 (Kool Klickins)
$5.49 (Aligator Cash)
$3.00 (Pinecone Research)


$50.00 Global Test Market


$140.09 (as of July 24 2012)

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (July 2012)

Kool Klickins:

There are 9 requests in front of you. Your request for 11.00 USD PayPal is 63 day(s) old. (I'd waited 62 days, then it got canceled, so actually I've been waiting for 125 days--over 4 months) edited 7/24/2012 Paid in Full

Lady of the Links:

There are 7 requests in front of you. Your request for 11.45 USD AlertPay is 806 day(s) old. (don't really know what to say about this one)

Aligator Cash:

$5.69 requested 7/21/2012 edited 7/24/2012 paid in full

Cash Avenue:

Your cashout request of 3.0739977 USD from 06/18/2012 21:03 is in the queue position 6. (waiting 34 days, they have a problem getting Alert Pay and their PayPal was frozen)

Poker PTR:

There are 33 requests in front of you. Your request for 4.46 USD PayPal is 21 day(s) old.


There are 27 requests in front of you. Your request for 2.12 USD Payza is 4 day(s) old. edited 7/24/2012 paid in full

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life in the Crappy Lane

My cat was trying to escape this morning when I took the garbage out (Wednesday is garbage day). I was paying more attention to him than I was to where I was going, and that nasty door frame just hopped right up and bit my toe. I should not go outside without wearing shoes! It's possibly broken, possibly fractured, definitely seriously bruised. My feet are so swollen from water retention that I can't tell if the toe is swollen or not. It has ached with varying degrees of intensity from the time I did it until now, and I haven't even tried to put any weight on it (I walk using my heel and keep the toe from coming into contact with any surface).

Edited 7/18/2012: Toe is just severely bruised and I will probably lose the toenail sooner or later. Slept with a big puffy shark bedroom slipper protecting that foot for a few nights.

Then to add to the stress level I got a call from a nephrologist (yeah I had to google that one too, she's a kidney doctor). Apparently my primary care physician sent in a referral on June 28th (I don't even remember him discussing this referral with me, and the last time I saw him my kidneys WERE filtering better and my creatine level was lower). Be that as it may, I have an appointment on Tuesday with the nephrologist. So of course, I'm freaking out that my primary care doctor saw something in my bloodwork that he didn't tell me about. And I'm already mad at him because I still don't have the results of last week's bloodwork (Thursday) and echocardiogram (Friday).

I have diabetes (type 2) and that's a real concern with kidney issues. In addition, I retain water like there is no tomorrow, and I haven't been allowed to take my Lasix or my hydrachlorathiazide (diuretics) for at least 3 weeks. My feet usually look like footballs by the end of the day because I spent 90% of my time glued to the computer writing articles (I am seriously underemployed, and the only money I bring in every month is unemployment, PTR earnings, survey earning, other online earnings, and whatever I make from the writing gigs). Even when I wear my lovely compression stockings, my feet are still swollen by the end of day because I just don't get enough exercise.

Edited 7/18/2012: Saw the nephrologist yesterday afternoon. She thinks it was the lasix that stressed out my kidneys, but still thinks its a very good idea to limit my diet coke intake (down to 1-2 12 oz cans a day from 5 or more a day) and continue drinking lots of water. Somehow I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks so I'm happy. Walking helps the feet swelling too.

I was sick Saturday July 7, Sunday July 8, and Monday July 9 with the heat here (87-89) and swollen legs/feet plus extremely sore nipples (was thinking I might be getting my first period in 4 months but so far nothing, so I'm leaning towards thinking I was/am retaining water in my breasts too). So yesterday I finally started feeling better and wrote a whole lot of articles for my Odesk and private clients. Today of course that all went to hell with my toe aching for nearly 12 hours and my stress level over the kidney issues.

Plus I'm having serious problems with a friend (ex-business partner) who has made it clear in every way possible that she does NOT trust me, and when I took offense to this she called me names and said that I didn't do any work on the website anyway. I only created a Facebook page for the business at her insistence(she said she didn't know how to do it), provided customer support both via my personal instant messengers and through the website itself, and added nearly all of the sites for PTP (paid to promote) approval before the site was launched. She thinks that the $12.00 I got from the few sales we made is adequate compensation for probably 12 hours of work altogether. All of this blew up just seconds after I'd hung up with the nephrologist's office and probably 2-3 hours after the toe incident.