Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thanks For Your Patience With Me, Gail

So I have a bad case of IDIOT today combined with severe RABBIT BRAIN.

What is RABBIT BRAIN, you ask? RABBIT BRAIN is when my mind hops from one thing to another without stopping for breath. It also doesn't understand half of what it is seeing, because it's too busy hopping all over the damn place like a RABBIT with a bad speed habit!

Yesterday, I was convinced that the multi-site memberships at the Polar Bear Family of sites were the same price for SIX sites that they were for FIVE sites, and I asked the program owner to give me an upgrade in the sixth site for FREE (since I had paid for the five site upgrade back in December 2016)

Only problem with that plan is that the ad I was referencing didn't include the sixth site. I paid for a FIVE SITE upgrade, and I got a FIVE SITE upgrade. The program owner didn't owe me even one little thing but it took TWO DAYS for that to percolate through RABBIT BRAIN.

I'm going to try to slow down the brain a little. Turtle Brain, maybe? Better to be a bit slower in reading and then actually comprehending what I am reading? So, thanks for being patient with an IDIOT, Gail.