Tuesday, October 26, 2021

2020 and 2021 update

Been working at USPS since April 2020, the pay is good, the work is physically demanding which helps with at least maintaining my weight. HA HA. Management sucks but you can't have everything.

Spent a week at the beach (Lincoln City, Oregon) in April 2020. Will never stay at the Lincoln City Motel 6 again, it was cold, noisy (across the hallway from the ice machine) and dirty as well as being at least 6 blocks from the beach. Next time I will pay a pet fee at a CAT FRIENDLY place (and BTW, PET FRIENDLY does not equal CAT FRIENDLY)

July 2021, broke my big toe on my left foot at work and it's been a total shitshow trying to get medical costs covered. Took my manager a month to fill out the form I needed, and then the postmaster lost the form. Filled out another form and faxed it about a week ago, heard nothing so far. Also, had a possible migraine complete with tossing my cookies all over my bathroom floor. But the piece de resistance was a blood clot in my lung, my first ambulance ride ever (that was NOT on my bucket list!!), serious surgery to place a catheter and sheaths in my neck to drip heparin on the clot, 4 days total in the hospital, missed 10 days of work.

Been working on home improvements, my next door neighbor laid down new flooring (spiced oak) in kitchen and office area, replaced 3 light fixtures (over the kitchen sink, in the guest bathroom, and outside the back door), and rebuilt my eyesore of a front porch (the old front porch had holes in the steps, bowed siding, termite damage, and peeling paint). My earnings from USPS paid for the supplies and for his time.