Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yes More PTC Sites

Enchanting Clicks
another site owned by Texaspepper. Great design, reasonably fast earner. Lots of ads to click daily (points and cash) Haven't reached payout yet which is $2.00 (Alert Pay or PayPal)

Purple Passion
another site owned by Texaspepper. Great design, reasonably fast earner. Lots of ads to click daily (points and cash) Haven't reached payout yet which is $2.00 (Alert Pay or PayPal)

Seasons Cash
another site owned by Texaspepper. Great design, somewhat slow earner. Not very many ads to click (points and cash) Haven't reached payout yet which is $2.00 (Alert Pay or PayPal)

Americana PTC
Great design for the USA market. Decent earner. Not a lot of ads to click daily but they are all cash. Cannot determine what the payout is for a free member, but its 25 cents for upgraded members. Pays via PayPal

Some Other PTC Sites

Monster Clickin:
slow earner. scary design, LOL. haven't reached payout yet

Cash Camel 
slow earner, but lots of ads to click with 4-8 second timers. Decent design, haven't reached payout yet

Clix Sense 
Oldie but a goodie. approximately 20 ads per day for upgraded members, ranging from 1/10 cent to 2 cents per click. Pay via check , Alert Pay, and PayPal; $10.00 minimum payout. Toolbar that tells you when you have ads to click (didn't work well with Google Chrome browser for me, so I just login to Clix Sense often) Have been paid $193.70 and working on my next payout. Upgrades $14.95 per year and as soon as you upgrade you will have literally hundreds of ads to click

Black Sheep PTC
Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool

owned by Texaspepper who owns several other ptc sites and ptr sites. decent earner, good design, haven't reached payout yet, lots of ads to click (points and cash). PO has a history of paying on all her sites. $2.00 payout via Alert Pay or PayPal

Sand Castle Cash

Sand Castle Cash is a great PTC site.  I recently (July 2011 and August 2011) joined numerous--well over 30 and counting-- PTC sites (mostly Aurora scripts with a few bux sites thrown in).

Sand Castle Cash is the only PTC site that I have recently joined where I have reached payout (oh yeah I reached payout at Da Boss PTC and within a week the domain was expired with no payment to yours truly!).

Not only have I reached payout once, I have reached payout twice! And the PO Pat (progers) paid me within hours of my request both times.

almost forgot: if you want to signup for this great site, go here:

See you at Sand Castle Cash and happy earnings!

HMMMM---Amazing how the English Improved

This PTC site I belong to (which I don't really care if I get deleted from, since he changed the terms to pay upgraded only and his upgrades are outrageously expensive!) first sends ranting emails that are chock full of misspellings, bad grammar, bad punctuation, etc.

Either he ran the last email by somebody else before sending it out OR he's just pretending to write poorly OR somebody told him that the misspelled rants were barely readable.

Anyway the last email was spelled correctly, punctuated properly, grammatically correct, and really not so much of a rant.  Makes a person go HMMMM. LOL

ALL accounts will be reviewed BEFORE payout is processed. You must be an ACTIVE MEMBER to receive payout or your payout will be cancelled. Active means you must have CLICKED 250 LINKS A MONTH WHEN USING THE PTP. If you request payout without having the required clicks your payout will be cancelled. Payouts are normally taken care of within 24-72 hours. But please allow up to 30-45 days for payments to be processed. 60 days is the longest time frame, intended to allow for personal or health issues or even computer or server issues. Your payout request will be denied if your account on this site has a different country and/or name listed than your paypal account. If you have failed 3 or more cheat checks you will not be paid. FOR UP GRADED MEMBERSHIPS ONLY GET PAID

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lots of Good News

For those of you that follow this blog, there has been a lot of good news lately. Some of this good news has kept me too damn busy to blog as often as I used to!

1) I found a job in May. Originally only 10 hours per week but in August I got anywhere from 25-35 hours per week, and its online so no commute (oh yeah I walk from the bedroom to the living room, that really kills me NOT!!). The best part is that I love it; there was great training and there is a lot of support from co-workers and supervisors.

If you would like to work online, try Odesk, Clickworker, or Elance.

Odesk pays via PayPal, Payoneer Debit Mastercard (Payoneer fees apply as well as $2.00 charge from Odesk for a Payoneer withdrawal),  Moneybookers ($2.00 fee from Odesk), ACH (direct deposit to USA banks only, no fee), and wire transfers ($30.00 fee to USA banks only).

If you refer a contractor to Odesk you will get $50.00 when that contractor earns $1000.00 (refer an employer, you get the same $50.00 when that employer spends $1000.00) These are one time bonuses, you don't get $50.00 for every $1000.00 the contractor makes or employer spends.

Odesk Employers!
Odesk Contractors

Clickworker -- the page is in German but they welcome those of us who are fluent in other languages too. Most browsers will offer to translate the page for you, but if your browser  doesn't just go to (or a similar translation service) enter the page and it will translate it for you.  I am fluent only in English and had NO trouble at all signing up or navigating their pages.

Clickworker pays via PayPal -- weekly. 

Elance.....check this space later for more details. I just now signed up with them for the purposes of making this post, ROFL!

2) The first of August my new roommate moved in. He is very quiet and very nice (although I do have to nag him a bit).  He works a 10 minute walk or less than 5 minute bike ride from my house so he's happy. I can pay my space rent every month so I am happy (not to mention how happy the park manager is LOL!)

I sold my problematical truck.

I sold it for a lot less than I wanted but then again it died 3 times while we were negotiating.  I still managed to pay one month's space rent (July) out of the proceeds and the roommate's rent paid all but $22.00 of August space rent.

I have nearly all of the supplies for my beading business. I have money in the bank. My health insurance and food benefits were recertified for 2011-2012. I will need to pay $18.00 per month for my health insurance (that's minimal in my opinion, and it covers ALL of my medicines and ALL of my co-pays which given my health is a damn good thing!)

Life is going well (knock on wood) and I see it getting better every day!