Saturday, August 27, 2011

HMMMM---Amazing how the English Improved

This PTC site I belong to (which I don't really care if I get deleted from, since he changed the terms to pay upgraded only and his upgrades are outrageously expensive!) first sends ranting emails that are chock full of misspellings, bad grammar, bad punctuation, etc.

Either he ran the last email by somebody else before sending it out OR he's just pretending to write poorly OR somebody told him that the misspelled rants were barely readable.

Anyway the last email was spelled correctly, punctuated properly, grammatically correct, and really not so much of a rant.  Makes a person go HMMMM. LOL

ALL accounts will be reviewed BEFORE payout is processed. You must be an ACTIVE MEMBER to receive payout or your payout will be cancelled. Active means you must have CLICKED 250 LINKS A MONTH WHEN USING THE PTP. If you request payout without having the required clicks your payout will be cancelled. Payouts are normally taken care of within 24-72 hours. But please allow up to 30-45 days for payments to be processed. 60 days is the longest time frame, intended to allow for personal or health issues or even computer or server issues. Your payout request will be denied if your account on this site has a different country and/or name listed than your paypal account. If you have failed 3 or more cheat checks you will not be paid. FOR UP GRADED MEMBERSHIPS ONLY GET PAID

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