Friday, October 14, 2011

Avoid Saskia Clicks

I received this email from the PO of Saskia Clicks earlier today

Hello Suellen Roley

Thank you for being a member of
Your username is stargazerschild
Your balance is $ 0.02262

Hello all or what is left of members;

 This site has been almost terminated by all the changeovers and non-interest in it. I have got a new design and have changed this site to shared revenue.

As it has no-profits. Hopefully it will start to come back to at least half of its old standings.

I am sending this email to all members hoping that they will become active as 90% of members have died I think. Anyway you will see a large drop in members, hopefully not but time will tell.

 Also if you have more than 1 account you will be deleted. I fond members with 9 accounts.

 For those of you who do remain , I will be starting A Halloween  Purchase contest with lots of great prizes, credits feat. links with marque and color and a Complete PTC site with Domain good until 2013 A value or about 50 US dollars.

 Okay I have finished my little short story. Thank you for your time and have a nice day or night.

Admin Saskiaclicksptc

 Do you see anything in that email about inflated link values? I am sure you don't and I am also sure that you are wondering why I am even asking the question. Read on for an answer :)

I was clicking at Saskia Clicks after receiving (and READING) this admin email. I noticed that my earned in one day balance jumped from under 3 cents to over 4 dollars (less than .03 to over $4.00) after ONE click in the middle of the 13 clicks that were available.

Now, the email had not included any reference to link values changing and/or being inflated, so I thought this was an error.  I notified the owner.
On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:56 PM, donald harrison <edited> wrote:

Site has turned Shard revenue and sent admin email out earlier

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 11:43 PM, Suellen Roley <edited> wrote:
Username: stargazerschild
Ip Address:
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0) AppleWebKit/535.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/14.0.835.202 Safari/535.1

Earned Today: $4.00250, I don't think so.

 You can see his reply above (Site has turned Shard [sic] revenue and sent admin email out earlier).

1) IMO, that's a totally unprofessional --and somewhat rude-- reply. No 'thanks for pointing this out, but it's not an error' not even a thank you for contacting us

2) What does the change to a shared revenue site and admin email have to do with anything? The admin email did NOT mention inflated link values or changes in link values at all.

So I sent this reply and deleted my account.  As stated in my reply, I can earn more REAL MONEY (as opposed to Monopoly money) picking pennies up off the street or returning soda bottles/cans for the deposit refund than I can at this site.

Suellen Roley to donald
show details 2:15 PM (18 minutes ago)
Yes I read your admin email. I didn't see anything anywhere in that email about inflated link values. In fact I just reread it twice (for a total of 3 times reading it) and there is NOTHING there about inflated link values.

Next time I won't bother sending in a contact about what I thought was an error. You obviously didn't appreciate it

OOOOPS, I forgot there won't be a next time anyway, since I am leaving the site.  4.00 in monopoly money every day-- shared profit equals probably less than 1/10 cent each day? 

in this economy......I could earn more picking pennies up off the street when I go for a walk or returning pop cans/bottles for the deposit than I can earn from this site

I've been in this industry for 10 years, owned 6 ptr sites and 3 search engines. There are no profits to share anymore
And for the future, I would recommend NOT assuming that your members haven't read the admin email when they contact you, particularly when (again) you did not mention the inflated link values at any point.
So unless you like a site where you don't earn real money, and the PO expects you to read his mind....avoid Saskia Clicks like the plague.

ETA: just received this reply from him

am sorry about tone as was not intended, I run 25 PTC sites and 1 TE I got this site before it was to be deleted as old owner took the money what he got and ran. If you decide to leave, i am very sorry to hear that but as site was losing money only thing to do was go shared. If it makes money members will get, if not will be used as a traffic exchange. Of the 3200 members 2900 are inactive and 200 are multi I.P.  So that leaves maybe 150 members active in last 90 day. Also Paypal is killing the PTCinustry as PTC sites will no longer be able to receive or pay members. Will have to turn to AlertPay and fees there are very high. So if you have any good ideas it would be greaty appreciated. And yes many contact and you are the first that read email so far. Thank you for your time.
I have left already but am impressed with him taking the time to further explain the situation. I am also impressed that he really is trying to run the site professionally unlike so many site owners.


Hi folks!
Edited seems to be having a problem with the mailing system so I just popped in to try and sort it.

I hope you are all doing well in your endeavours and are doing plenty of surfing!
If you receive this e-mail, please send in a ticket at the site and I will add 50 credits to your account.
Send a ticket with "I received the e-mail"
Happy surfing,
So I go to the site because its pretty bloody obvious that I did indeed receive the email. I go to the support ticket section and there is no possible way to submit a support ticket.

I wonder what this person will think, as I see it there are two possible conclusions he will come to

1) The mailer is screwing up and nobody got the mail
2) We all got the emails and nobody read them, or cared enough to send in a ticket

Oopsie. I just hovered my mouse over the form, and lo and behold there are links to submit a ticket and to view closed tickets.

I think the links are yellow or white on a yellow background until you hover the mouse over them, and then they are red. The only reason I thought to hover my mouse over the form is that there was a stray | on the form that made no sense.