Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi folks!
Edited seems to be having a problem with the mailing system so I just popped in to try and sort it.

I hope you are all doing well in your endeavours and are doing plenty of surfing!
If you receive this e-mail, please send in a ticket at the site and I will add 50 credits to your account.
Send a ticket with "I received the e-mail"
Happy surfing,
So I go to the site because its pretty bloody obvious that I did indeed receive the email. I go to the support ticket section and there is no possible way to submit a support ticket.

I wonder what this person will think, as I see it there are two possible conclusions he will come to

1) The mailer is screwing up and nobody got the mail
2) We all got the emails and nobody read them, or cared enough to send in a ticket

Oopsie. I just hovered my mouse over the form, and lo and behold there are links to submit a ticket and to view closed tickets.

I think the links are yellow or white on a yellow background until you hover the mouse over them, and then they are red. The only reason I thought to hover my mouse over the form is that there was a stray | on the form that made no sense.

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