Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to Milk a Cash Cow Without Getting Kicked in the Head

Title stolen from Rob Fore (

Now that's an attention getting subject line. And all of us in PTR, PTC, surveys, MLM, social networking can relate to that getting kicked in the head aspect.

Whether or not your personal cash cow(s) have kicked you in the head I encourage you to check out Rob's site, and perhaps download his free information using Facebook.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I was just amused by the subject line.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Praise For A Lot of PO's


I'd left Dynamic Mails under a cloud caused by this very blog. Summerday had the class to welcome me back to her sites in writing when I rejoined them

Summerday owns Dynamic Mails, Area 51, and Joint Venture Emails where she offers a free 3 month upgrade to new members.

First off, she even gave me the upgrade at Dynamic although I wasn't a new member.

Secondly, when I submitted upgraded and redemption ads recently (end of March and beginning of April) at all 3 sites, she processed all my ads so fast it made my head spin.

I had submitted over 100 upgraded and redemption ads at various sites including Dynamic, Area 51 and Joint Venture on April 1st and April 2nd. Not only was Summerday the first to process my ads she processed them within less than 2 hours after I submitted them. I am still waiting on some sites to process ads that I submitted in the same time frame!


For some reason I couldn't request payout at Money Box Mails even though I was over the payout amount. I used the contact us function to contact Marcyaz, and when I woke up the next day my requested payout was in my Alert Pay account.


Mumsof6 contacted me on Facebook and at my personal email address to ask me about my payout request at her site Best Days. She'd marked it paid but couldn't find it in her Alert Pay account. There are a lot of program owners who would have left it up to me to figure out that I hadn't really been paid.

Tony B

TonyB and GeorgieB own Bournemouth Breeze, Anything Goes, Clicks Mania, Guardian Mails, and Mad Money Clickers. Tony had me upgraded at Guardian Mails within half an hour of my paying him, and when I requested payout at Anything Goes and Clicks Mania he combined my payouts into one amount.

These program owners went above and beyond IMO.

Who's Paid Me in April 2012

3 Bears PTR: $ 5.58
Aqua Mails: $ 3.00
Clix Sense: $ 7.21
Coffee House Clicks $ 2.27
JJ Clix: $ 3.16
Matrix Mails: $ 2.15
Paid Viewpoint: $15.15
PineCone Research: $ 6.00
Raining Cash Emails $12.73
Sea Turtles PTR: $ 5.45
Sweet Clickers: $ 3.61
Total for April (as of April 30 2012): $66.31

Who Paid Me in March 2012

Best Days $ 2.22
Cathouse Emails: $ 2.00
Clix Sense: $15.87
Heather Conzett: $ 7.67 Combined payout from Dream Mails, Old Amsterdam Post, and St Cash
Hot Rods PTR: $ 2.50
Money Box Mails: $ 4.00
Monkey Bizs: $ 4.87
Pinecone Research:$ 6.00
Sand Castle Cash: $ 2.78
Showcase PTR: $ 2.22
Tony Bishop: $ 5.02 Combined payout from Clicks Mania and Anything Goes
Vale PTR: $12.26

Total for March: $67.41

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (April 2012)

Sweet Clickers
There are 23 requests in front of you.
Your request for 3.48 USD Paypal is 7 day(s) old.

3 Bears
There are 33 requests in front of you.
Your request for 5.79 USD PayPal is 19 day(s) old.

Kool Klickins
There are 19 requests in front of you.
Your request for 4.95 USD PayPal is 19 day(s) old.

Sea Turtles PTR
There are 7 requests in front of you.
Your request for 5.24 USD PayPal is 18 day(s) old

Scoobys Clicks (domain expired) $4.13 (since October 2011)

Coffee House Clicks $2.27 13 days (March 21 2012)

Lady of the Links
There are 7 requests in front of you. Your request for 12.79 USD AlertPay ) is 695 day(s) old.