Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Games People Play.......

My mother is a total piece of work.

I realize she learned how to play mind games from her mother (my grandmother) but that doesn't mean that being on receiving end is any more pleasant than it was when it came from my grandmother.

Yesterday I asked her to pay one month's space rent and my electricity bill.

She agreed to do so and asked me to call Neighbor Impact today to find out what type of eviction notice they would need (30 day or 72 hour). I was supposed to call her at 3:00 pm today to give her the information.

She calls me at 1:00 pm today with numbers to call here in Bend to get help and informs me that she will not be sending the check she promised me yesterday. She just 'can't afford it' and 'you will be in the same hole next month so why should I bother pouring my money down a rathole'

She whines all the time about how broke she is.  She has investments, she has money coming in every single month, and even if she has to dip into her investments every month to pay her medication bills she has those resources.

Its offensive and insensitive for her to whine about being broke to someone who is nearly 6 months behind on her space rent and facing an eviction notice.

Its offensive and insensitive for her to whine about being broke to someone who is 2 years behind on her property taxes and has a lien against her house.

Its offensive and insensitive for her to whine about being broke to someone who has been selling her belongings since October 2009 to pay her monthly bills.

She's also mad at me because she can't get me to freak out about this situation.

My opinion about freaking out is that it uses a lot of energy and doesn't change the situation at all; after the freak out is over the situation is just the same and all the energy expended on the freak out could have been used to change the situation.

This is not the first time that my mother has gotten mad at me for not showing the level of emotional upset she expects.

Todays lovely situation was just improved immeasurably by my mother being really condescending....telling me how many days are left in February....and when I got angry (I said I do know how to count) she said I spent my morning and my money making these phone calls (turns out she made ONE phone call--to the sheriffs office)....the least you could do is be polite in return.

Excuse me???????? You throw me on a emotional roller coaster and get all condescending and expect me to be POLITE?  Give it a rest!

I suppose I should be happy she didn't give the sheriff's department my phone numbers like she did here:

But right now I am just thinking my mother is sadistic and manipulative and the queen of the mind game players!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Am Very Angry...........

Back in January I sold a few pieces of glassware on Craigs List to someone.

After the actual sale this person emailed me offering to buy me food or to pay someone to clean my house.

He said he was a Christian and "felt called to help me."

I said no to the food but said yes to the housecleaning--which has not happened.  I doubt that it will either.

I guess he also felt 'called' to call Senior and Disabled Services about me.

He thought he was being smart I guess by calling anonymously, but given the fact that my friends, family, and the people I know in the mobile home park I live in would not do this.............I know who did it.

A man from the Adult Protective Service department of Seniors and People with Disabilities showed up at my door with no warning.

I am neither senior nor disabled, but for me that is not the point.

The point is that this person had no right to assume anything about my life and he had no right whatsoever to call anyone about how I may or may not be living.

My feeling is that this man assumed that I am a hoarder (in my opinion all the television programs about hoarding are making it very difficult for those of us who are just slobs).

I grew up in a house that was clean only when my grandmother came to visit. Both sets of grandparents, my father, and my stepmother were packrats. I am an only child, and an only grandchild on one side, so I inherited a lot of stuff.

Then there's the fact that in the last six years I have had more losses in my life than I care to think about.

In October 2005 I lost my car, my apartment, and my job within a week of each other.

In November 2005 I lost my uncle.

In December 2005 I lost my grandmother and a cousin that I was very close to.

In November 2006 I lost my 12 year old cat

In December 2007 I lost my father. I lived with him -- I found him dead on his bed -- I had to deal with almost all of the aspects of his death by myself.

In January 2008 I lost another cousin who was also my godmother.  I didn't find out about her death until November 2008

People who haven't lost family members probably think that grief is a short-term thing that you just "get over" in a real short time........thats so much bullshit!!

I still miss my stepmother-who I wasn't even that close to--and she's been gone 8 years.

I live in the same house that my father and I shared for 2 years before his death.

Many of the things I have been trying to sell belonged to my maternal grandmother, stepmother, father, and paternal grandparents.

In addition, I was in the hospital for 3 days last summer.  I had told mr-interfere-in-my-life that I had been in the hospital but I didn't tell him why.

I had pulmonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs) and was damn lucky to be alive.

Cleaning was pretty much NOT on the priority list for 2-3 months after I got out of the hospital, and that is MY business not his.

I cannot believe the nerve of this man, I won't even call him an acquaintance.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Priorities: (PTR is NOT Important!!@@@@@!!!!)

I just received a personal administrative message about a site where my upgrade expired; the special ptp at this site is only available to upgraded members which is fine.

What is NOT fine with me was the tone of this personal administrative message.

And furthermore, at this point in my life I could really give a you-know-what less about changing out ads for any site, for any reason, even if I lose accounts over it.  PTR IS NOT IMPORTANT!!

1) I am unemployed. The unemployment ran out in April 2010 and I have not been eligible for ANY of the extensions since that point.

2) I have no money coming in other than the tiny bit I earn online or by trying to sell nearly everything I own on Craigs List or by selling stuff to local antique/secondhand stores.

The money from PTR/surveys/offer sites/craigs list/ebay/antique dealers/secondhand stores/etc goes for 'unimportant' 'luxury' items like food, toilet paper, cat food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, gas for my truck, cell phone bill, landline bill, dish network bill (still have 7 months left on that 2 year contract), heating bill.  I have nearly 200 active listings on Craigs List.

3) Currently I have less than 0 money as my checking account is around $2.00 overdrawn

4) My computer monitor died a month ago, it will cost at least $75.00 to fix or $150.00 to replace.  Currently I am using an old small monitor from another computer

5) I had to replace the glass door on the woodstove last month--this was not optional, it had three cracks and a hole in it; that repair was $90.00

6) I am two years behind on property taxes, thats $1200.00+ that I do not have

7) I am nearly 5 months behind on space rent, that is another $1850.00 that I do not have. In another month I will get a 30 day eviction notice unless I can pay at least one month space rent or get some sort of help paying it.

8) Because I was supposed to start a job nearly a month ago that was an hour commute each way, I let the firewood run out and turned on the furnace. How I am going to pay the electricity bill is beyond me but I can't let the water pipes freeze either.  The place that helped me with wood last year now says it will be WEEKS before they even send out an application.

9) The clothes dryer died a few months ago. So I have to hang everything to dry.  That really adds to the ambiance around here

4) The alternator on my truck went south for the winter 2 days ago.

Today I get to walk to WalMart to pick up my prescription for blood thinners (Warfarin). It is nearly 3 miles each way from my house to WalMart and the high temperature today is supposed to be 55 degrees with a 30% chance of rain, and wind at 9 MPH. Does that sound like fun to you???????

Monday I get to walk to Lazer Quik to get an application for rental assistance printed out. They are 1 1/2 miles each way. But its cheaper to go there than to buy ink for my printer even if I had the money.

Changing out ads for any site is so low on my priority list that I think it fell off the priority list completely. And I bet if the person who wrote that admin message was in the same boat I am she wouldn't give a rats ass about PTR either!!

Who's Paid Me In February 2011

02/01/2011 $2.86 Showcase PTR
02/03/2011 $25.00 Life Fun and Everything (Amazon Gift Card)
02/01/2011 $1.92 Matrix Mails

Total for February 2011: Surveys/Offer Sites $25.00
Total for February 2011: PTR Sites $4.78

Total for February 2011: $29.78 (as of February 6, 2011)

Who's Paid Me In January 2011

01/05/2011 $4.32 Dream Mails
01/05/2011 $3.27 Cathouse Mails
01/06/2011 $3.17 Donkey Mail
01/06/2011 $3.29 Matrix Mails
01/11/2011 $4.90 Polar Bear Clicks
01/18/2011 $3.00 Pinecone Research
01/19/2011 $5.60 1 Cent Mail

Total for January: Surveys/Offer Sites $3.00
Total for January: PTR sites: $24.55

Total for January 2011: $27.55

However, My Address IS Correct
Dear Household:
We noticed that we don't have a valid US Postal address for you. This means that a portion of your mailing address is incorrect or incomplete, such as a missing apartment, building or unit number. Why do we need your postal address when we send your surveys via email? So we can promptly send you notification of any prizes you win from our sweepstakes and giveaways and any products that you might agree to test.
We appreciate you updating your address information by doing the following:
  • Go to edited
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click on the Update Your Info menu item (at top of screen)
  • Fill in your correct street address, city, state and zipcode
It will take less than 5 minutes.
Thanks for your help.
Carol Adams
Director of Member Services

My address is correct.  Its the very same address I've been receiving mail at since October 2005.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've About Had It With Macy's and Taleo Both

There's a reason I don't use Internet Explorer, it has security holes you could drive a Mack truck through.

There's a reason I don't use Firefox any longer, it crashes nearly every time I open it.

One would think that sites such as Taleo and Macys/Bloomingdales would be technically savvy enough to allow a major browser such as Google Chrome to be used.

When I tried to apply for a job with Macy's tonight (via Taleo) it allowed me to get all the way through the application until it was time to complete the questionnaire. Then I get this:

So I tried Firefox and got this, less than 2 minutes after completing the application on Google Chrome
Service UnavailableUnfortunately, the service you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. It may be under maintenance. Please try again later.
I just submitted an incomplete application via Google Chrome.

I can estimate pretty accurately my chances of getting this job: somewhere between slim and none.  And it is Macy's/Taleo's fault, not mine!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Office Max Redux

4 browsers later I finally got to apply for the job mentioned here:

Chrome wouldn't work, Firefox crashed repeatedly, Opera wouldn't work, so I finally ended up using Crazy Browser. I had to download and install both Opera and Crazy Browser

Filling out the application took nearly an hour after I got a browser that would actually allow me to search for jobs and apply for them, partially because I couldn't copy/paste job descriptions nor was Roboform available for Crazy Browser.

Oh well, at least I finally got the application completed and submitted.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craigs List Scammers: Fake Job Postings

Mike William (

      I will like to inform you that i am the personal manager of the Barracuda Networks, Inc. and i do received your message regarding the job and we believe you're capable for this job and you will be having an interview via email and you will fill every question`s in the next message i will be sending to you and send back to me so kindly email me if you are still interested and ready so i can send you the interview question`s for you to fill.

 Position Details
Job Title: Data Entry Operator
Primary Skills: Data Entry
Job Industry: Finance
Job Location: Online/Home
Salary: $50/HOURLY
Salary: $1000 to $1500/Monthly
Start Date: ASAP
Degree Type: HS

Degree Area: NA We cater to a wide variety of clients from partnerships to mid-sized corporations." Our staff specializes in establishing full and automated accounting departments essential to our clients running emerging businesses. Our focus is on practical administrative and accounting support services. We are a third party Bookkeeping and payment unit. we handle accounts checks and balances of companies and clients that hire our services.Working hrs are between 8am to 2pm. and the hours are flexible. Part time is 4HRS a day this is an online job so all your assignments would be forwarded to you and submitted back by either fax, regular mail, email, phone .All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. That`s how we access your work and process your pay there is no payment required for getting started. All expenses are handled by Barracuda Networks, Inc.You are to take out taxes. The Barracuda Networks, Inc. pays you and it's on you whether or not you want to claim. Let me know if you are satisfied with the above working conditions. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


What's wrong with this male bovine fecal material?

1) The Barracuda Networks is NOT a third party bookkeeping and payment unit. They provide email and web security

2) The fool used a Yahoo email address.  Hmmmm, if you were really 'Barracuda Networks' you'd use a Barracuda Networks email address.

3) Nobody pays 50.00 per hour for data entry.

And the information he wishes you to send will not lead to getting a job.  It will lead to identity theft,hacking your email accounts, possibly even real theft as I am sure one of the pieces of information would be your physical address.

Craigs List has flagged the job posting for removal.

Roboform: If You Use Version 7, Beware

Today I kept getting this popup that my trial version had expired.

Trial version, my arse!!  I paid in full for not one but TWO downloads of Roboform, since they wouldn't let me run the full version on 3 computer (2 desktops and 1 laptop).  I now have one working computer since the laptop died over a year ago and I had to cannibalize one of the desktops for a monitor after my big 22" monitor went south for the winter.

I went to their site and retrieved my information.  Lo and behold, I have a Version 6 license and Version 7 doesn't accept the information.  Did I deliberately install Version 7?  Did I even know what version I was using? NO and NO!

When Roboform tells me a new version is available I download and install it.  If Siber Systems wished for their customers to pay for Version 7 perhaps they shouldn't have released it as an upgrade.  It stinks IMO that they are forcing sales by confusing their users.

I actually think that when I installed the adapter for Google Chrome (since Firefox has become so unstable for me) that Siber Systems automatically installed Version 7 on my computer and then tried to buffalo me into paying for their screwup!

So don't be surprised if you use Version 7 and get a popup that your 'trial period' has ended (you know, that trial period that wasn't even mentioned until the popup started happening)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Office Max is Driving Me Clean Around the Bend!!

First off I am forced to use Firefox to access their careers page, because when I use Chrome I get a forced logon popup and since I don't have any logon credentials to get past that popup it stops me dead in my tracks.

So I open up Firefox and go to Office Max site, click on careers, fill out their search form.  No matter how few or how many search fields I fill each time I try to search jobs I get "unfortunately this function is not available; please try again later."

So I give up for a bit.  Now I am finally allowed to look at the job, but their popup windows (one for the job description and another for registering which I have to do BEFORE I can apply) are both blank, as blank as George W. Bush's mind!!

I try again to access the registration form and  Firefox proceeds to crash. What is most frustrating is that I was referred to the job from the Oregon Employment Department and I only have 48 hours (from yesterday at around 12:30 pm) to apply for the job.

The employment department can't DO anything to me for not meeting that deadline since my unemployment benefits expired in April 2010--but I am sure I am not the only person that is having fun with Office Max's lousy website and some of those people might be still getting unemployment benefits.

The Oregon Employment Department will cut off unemployment benefits in a heartbeat or a New York minute if you are receiving benefits and fail to respond to a referral within 48 hours, and they don't give a rat's ass about the reason why!