Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Games People Play.......

My mother is a total piece of work.

I realize she learned how to play mind games from her mother (my grandmother) but that doesn't mean that being on receiving end is any more pleasant than it was when it came from my grandmother.

Yesterday I asked her to pay one month's space rent and my electricity bill.

She agreed to do so and asked me to call Neighbor Impact today to find out what type of eviction notice they would need (30 day or 72 hour). I was supposed to call her at 3:00 pm today to give her the information.

She calls me at 1:00 pm today with numbers to call here in Bend to get help and informs me that she will not be sending the check she promised me yesterday. She just 'can't afford it' and 'you will be in the same hole next month so why should I bother pouring my money down a rathole'

She whines all the time about how broke she is.  She has investments, she has money coming in every single month, and even if she has to dip into her investments every month to pay her medication bills she has those resources.

Its offensive and insensitive for her to whine about being broke to someone who is nearly 6 months behind on her space rent and facing an eviction notice.

Its offensive and insensitive for her to whine about being broke to someone who is 2 years behind on her property taxes and has a lien against her house.

Its offensive and insensitive for her to whine about being broke to someone who has been selling her belongings since October 2009 to pay her monthly bills.

She's also mad at me because she can't get me to freak out about this situation.

My opinion about freaking out is that it uses a lot of energy and doesn't change the situation at all; after the freak out is over the situation is just the same and all the energy expended on the freak out could have been used to change the situation.

This is not the first time that my mother has gotten mad at me for not showing the level of emotional upset she expects.

Todays lovely situation was just improved immeasurably by my mother being really condescending....telling me how many days are left in February....and when I got angry (I said I do know how to count) she said I spent my morning and my money making these phone calls (turns out she made ONE phone call--to the sheriffs office)....the least you could do is be polite in return.

Excuse me???????? You throw me on a emotional roller coaster and get all condescending and expect me to be POLITE?  Give it a rest!

I suppose I should be happy she didn't give the sheriff's department my phone numbers like she did here:

But right now I am just thinking my mother is sadistic and manipulative and the queen of the mind game players!

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