Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craigs List Scammers: Fake Job Postings

Mike William (

      I will like to inform you that i am the personal manager of the Barracuda Networks, Inc. and i do received your message regarding the job and we believe you're capable for this job and you will be having an interview via email and you will fill every question`s in the next message i will be sending to you and send back to me so kindly email me if you are still interested and ready so i can send you the interview question`s for you to fill.

 Position Details
Job Title: Data Entry Operator
Primary Skills: Data Entry
Job Industry: Finance
Job Location: Online/Home
Salary: $50/HOURLY
Salary: $1000 to $1500/Monthly
Start Date: ASAP
Degree Type: HS

Degree Area: NA We cater to a wide variety of clients from partnerships to mid-sized corporations." Our staff specializes in establishing full and automated accounting departments essential to our clients running emerging businesses. Our focus is on practical administrative and accounting support services. We are a third party Bookkeeping and payment unit. we handle accounts checks and balances of companies and clients that hire our services.Working hrs are between 8am to 2pm. and the hours are flexible. Part time is 4HRS a day this is an online job so all your assignments would be forwarded to you and submitted back by either fax, regular mail, email, phone .All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. That`s how we access your work and process your pay there is no payment required for getting started. All expenses are handled by Barracuda Networks, Inc.You are to take out taxes. The Barracuda Networks, Inc. pays you and it's on you whether or not you want to claim. Let me know if you are satisfied with the above working conditions. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


What's wrong with this male bovine fecal material?

1) The Barracuda Networks is NOT a third party bookkeeping and payment unit. They provide email and web security

2) The fool used a Yahoo email address.  Hmmmm, if you were really 'Barracuda Networks' you'd use a Barracuda Networks email address.

3) Nobody pays 50.00 per hour for data entry.

And the information he wishes you to send will not lead to getting a job.  It will lead to identity theft,hacking your email accounts, possibly even real theft as I am sure one of the pieces of information would be your physical address.

Craigs List has flagged the job posting for removal.