Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good News (FINALLY)

On November 1, 2013 a friend came to me and told me that she felt “called by God” to pay my space rent. ALL OF MY SPACE RENT……a total of nearly $4000.00 (not joking). She also bought us (me and my roommate) a cord of wood, and paid Decembers' space rent.

My park manager didn’t want to accept the check, because he said I would just get behind again, but the owner of the park overruled him and I am remaining in my house (space rent paid through the end of November). There are some conditions to being “allowed” to stay in my own home (fully paid for, owned by me) and those are: 1) clean out the carport (already done, and boy does that sucker look nice now LOL), 2) find someone else to do my yard work (the park manager has been doing it since summer of 2012)--as of November 2103, my roommate does the yard work--, and 3) I am not allowed to get even one month behind on space rent.

On November 11, 2013 I received a call from the person who has since become my roommate. I had told the community health worker at my medical clinic (Mosaic Medical) that I was looking for a roommate, and this lady had told him she needed a place to live. I am charging $425.00 a month which covers monthly space rent leaving me $36.00 to spare. So now I am going to be able to abide by #3 in the paragraph above.

I have a line on a part time work from home job; in fact I am going later today to take some testing for this job. There would be 4-6 weeks of paid training at their offices, and then 20-25 hours a week working from home. I am hoping to get this job.

My cell phone service is currently suspended, but I am waiting to get a plain old cell phone from Assurance Wireless which will be free with 250 minutes a month to use. I also need to figure out how to pay the electricity bill as well as get internet access and a landline phone (these things are all necessary for the job if I get it).

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have helped me get to this point. I am not going to name names, that might cause jealousy, and the people who helped know who they are. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Update RE Financial Situation (as of Friday October 18 2013)

I am being evicted sooner or later. I was unable to come up with the $389.00 x 3 by the deadline set by my park manager (September 30 or October 10).

I am still in the house because the park manager and the park owner don’t seem to realize that they need to have me served (after a judgment is levied against me by the court). My park manager threatened to turn off the electricity to force me out, and I very calmly informed him that Legal Aid told me that the judgment needs to be placed against and that I need to be served. Also, if he does that not only is he legally in the soup but he’s putting my health at risk (I use nocturnal oxygen and a CPAP machine for SEVERE sleep apnea) as well as putting the house at risk from frozen pipes (it’s been in the low to mid 20′s every night here for the last week or so).

Currently I am packing nearly everything I own in boxes from the local liquor store and putting it in storage lockers which I rented with my last paycheck from the late great (and totally unlamented) job as a housekeeper. My park manager is taking the stuff to the storage lockers for me as the only transportation I have is a bike (I can’t see hauling boxes on that ROFL). Re the job: I simply couldn’t physically do the work and I only lasted a week (am looking for other work though).

The ‘eviction sale’ was mostly a bust with only about $150.00 total being sold, but that was better than nothing.

Am trying to round up cash for a new apartment (studio or one bedroom). I do own my house and it is for sale right now, if it sells I will be okay financially for a while.

I currently have an electricity bill of $65.00 due on November 5 2013 and a cell phone bill (for two months ) of $230.00 (my cell phone is my only phone these days, and I am probably going to be getting a free cell phone with 250 free minutes from the state of Oregon to replace the phone I have now).

Any donations will–as usual–be gratefully accepted.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Updates: Mostly Good News

The electric bill has been dealt with due to assistance from two online friends ($60.00) and a local charity (Neighbor Impact, who pledged $171.00). I am very grateful to Dani (danni) at Central Oregon Electric Cooperative who refused to give up on trying to help me with the electric bill; she extended my due date not only once but twice, and then she called Neighbor Impact and told them what was going on as well.

Other monies have been received from online friends, $5.00 was used for a packet of 6 day bus passes (the bus is my only form of transportation other than my bicycle). $3.30 from a PTR site was used for human food, as was $5.11 from another site. My most recent payout from Clix Sense (as well as $15.88 from Paid Viewpoint) also went for food. Food seems to be the most common expense for me, but at least I am not starving to death ROFLMBO--if you saw me you would know why that is funny, as my late father would I have said, I could live off the fat of the land for quite a while--I weigh about 280 pounds but am losing weight fairly fast due to literally bicycling my arse off!!

Thanks to a good friend in Rockturd (Rockford), Illinois my cats have both food and litter that will last for a month or more (they are very happy cats). They also got free food from the local Pet Express (available the first Saturday of every month) and from a local food bank (The Giving Plate).

I returned the computer (laptop) to Aaron's Lease to Own because I couldn't justify $130.00 a month when I am unemployed and have no money coming in. I am using computers at the county library and the employment office nearly every day, but I am looking for a cheap--or free--used laptop or tablet that I can use for my online jobs. The employment office computers use Internet Explorer and are quite slow, and the library computers are only available for an hour at time (unless extended, and you never know if you will get an extension because it's based on how many people need to use a computer at the same time you are using one.)

My mother bought me a microwave so that makes it easier to cook, and will be really handy once I start working.

While I am still thisclose to being evicted from my home, I have possibly landed a job doing housekeeping at the local Doubletree by Hilton. I also have a few online jobs in the works and may have a line on a part-time job as a freight team associate at the local Home Depot.

I am still looking for a roommate but so far they have been too young, trying to scam me, or really wanted to live in Redmond not Bend.

After nearly two months I am still slowly recovering from the great pill inhalation episode of July 27, 2013. So far, two rounds of prednisone (pill form), an inhaled form of prednisone, a round of antibiotics, and daily use of a inhaler (albuterol) has still not completely cleared up the raspiness and roughness in my lungs. I'm a slow healer, but this is ridiculous.

I also finally realized that if I do have to sell my house, I will have a decent amount of money left over after the sale (even after paying the back taxes and back space rent off from the proceeds).

My mother kept insisting that I would have no money left and would have to live in the homeless shelter (as well as take my cats to the Humane Society shelter).

My mother is 1) crazy as a loon and 2) loves to stress me out particularly because I don't openly show (EVER) that I am freaking out. Yes I did cry for two nights (about 2 hours total) about all this, but it was partially PMS (oh joy), a disagreement with a friend who thought I was selling my house because of the hassle of upkeep not because of financial pressure, and an argument with my mother!

In fact I try not to freak out because all it does is use up energy that could be used--maybe--to solve the problem. After a freakout is over nothing has been solved and all the energy spent on the freakout is just plain wasted. This attitude drives my mother stark raving mad crazy (one of the side benefits for me, since she loves to drive ME stark raving mad crazy on a regular basis)

I've also decided that if I do have to leave my house on September 30, 2013, that I will sell most of my furniture and other belongings to get enough money to stay in a cheap motel until the house sells. The main reason for this plan is that the homeless shelter does not allow pets, and I will live on the street (FUR REALS, to quote Luna the Fashion Cat) before I give up my furbabies!

So all in all, I am calmer, I have made plans, and things seem to be looking up (although I could still use some money for the space rent)

Prayers are still more than welcome, I know that they have worked before (thank you, Lynda! and the Wings Retreat Group as well!!)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Needing Financial Help in the Worst Way

Things have totally fallen apart since my last post....and now I need $104.00 for the electric bill (by September 10, 2013), I am losing my computer today or tomorrow (it is going back to Aaron's (Lease to Own) unless I can pull some rabbit out of some hat and come up with $135.00 to make the monthly payment on it, and I am 8-9 months behind on space rent -- my mobile home park manager will work with me if I can come up with 3 months of space rent (approximately $1200.00) by the end of September.

I have contacted 2 of 3 charities here in town for help with the electric bill, one can't help me because they helped me in June, the other one doesn't have any funding for anything other than food boxes, and the third one took the summer off (they were supposed to be back yesterday, but didn't answer their phone yesterday morning or afternoon).

My ex-roommate gave notice on June 9, she had actually moved out at that time but much of her belongings remained in my house, and I discovered after she was arrested on July 7 that she had totally trashed the room including clothes, bird seed, bird feathers, and bird poop all over the floor. There are also holes in the wall and a lot of other damage to the room. Cleaning the room and house has been problematic because I have been ill after choking on a pill on July 27 that went into my lungs.

I have lost 3 jobs this summer, 2 online jobs where the work just ran out, and one offline job where I didn't pass the second week of training (due to the great pill inhalation episode, I had to leave training often because I was coughing my head off and disturbing the other trainees). The offline jobs were not covered by unemployment benefits, and I made too little from the two weeks of training to be eligible for unemployment.

PayPal or Alert Pay (Payza) or Serve donations in any amount would be gratefully accepted. The email address for all of those accounts is

Suggestions on how to come up with the cash I need (other than selling my body, LOL) would also be welcomed. Please understand that I have no money right now so any suggestions involving membership fees will not work for me.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where I'm Waiting For Payout (July Edition)

Majestic Mails
There are 0 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 15 day(s) old

Babbling Brook PTR
There are 11 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 17 day(s) old.

There are 28 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.63 USD PayPal is 118 day(s) old.

Fusion Mails
Your cashout request of 5.87874 (PayPal) from 03/27/2013 21:20 is in the queue position 227. 101 days

Reward Port: redeemed 30,000 points for $50.00 Starbucks gift card on October 13, 2012 (8 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days)

Who's Paid Me (July Edition)

Clix Sense: $6.22
Paying Emails 4 U: $4.31
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Quick Rewards: $3.31
Raining Cash: $3.58
Heather Conzett: $22.18
Renee Vorbach: $13.93

Amazon Gift Cards: $22.18
Payza: $0.00
PayPal: $23.42
Serve: $13.93

Total for July 2013: $59.53(as of July 22, 2013)

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Request For Donations

It never rains but it pours is a saying here in the USA.

First one of my online jobs has been on hold since May 17, 2013.

Second, my roommate gave 30 days notice on June 9, 2013 which coincidentally was also the same day my last online job went on hold--with no warning at all. I cannot rent the rooms (bathroom/bedroom) out until my old roommate moves completely out, and she is going to drag this out to the 9th of July even though she is living with someone else and has been for nearly a month now.

This means no money. No money means no bills get paid.

I managed to renew the domain for this blog with a loan from a friend. Food stamps and Oregon Health Plan (Standard) take care of food and medical needs. I got help paying the electric bill as well from a local charity.

All this brings me to the point of this post, which is 1) no charities offer any kind of help or assistance with ISP/cable/telephone bills and 2) due to a mistake regarding my debit card (my ISP said it was invalid which it was not, and there was money in the account) I now owe them over $309.00 and must pay in full by July 9 2013 (or face disconnection, a $20.00 reconnection fee, and a $5.00 late fee).

If I cannot come up with that $309.00 in the next 8 days, I will have no internet access at home (am looking into wi-fi in this town since I do have a laptop).

I have already paid my ISP $300.00 ($144.00 + $170.00) since this mess started. This money came from my last few paychecks from the remaining online job.

I have an excellent shot at a full time brick-and-mortar (outside of the home) job that would pay $10.00 per hour for 3 weeks of training and then $12.50 per hour full time plus benefits, but that job probably won't start until the end of July, which does nothing to pay my bills right now.

Also, one of the online jobs MAY come back to life in July, but even if it came back to life tomorrow, the earliest I would get paid is next Friday.....3 days after the shutoff date for my internet connection.

I have written my mother a letter asking for her help, but I am fairly sure her answer will be no because she feels she is broke.

IMO, she doesn't have a clue what broke is....broke is 85 cents in your checking account, $0.00 in your savings account, and 50 cents in your PayPal account. Oh yes, lets not forget the $8.00 in Serve and the 13 cents in Alert Pay. Rolling in dough I am ...... NOT!

A donation to the cause of keeping Suellen online would be gratefully accepted. If I do receive any donations, I intend to pay donors back as soon as I can.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Who's Paid Me (June Edition)

Amazon Gift Cards: $5.00
Calendar Days: $1.03
Clix Sense: $6.14
No Minimum: $2.09
Vice PTR: $1.01
Joe Tarkington: $4.52

Amazon Gift Cards: $5.00
PayPal: $9.24
Payza: $0.00
Serve: $5.55

Total: $19.79 (as of June 28, 2013)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where I'm Waiting for Payout (June Edition)

Majestic Mails

There are 15 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 7 day(s) old.


There are 29 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.57 USD PayPal is 110 day(s) old.

Fusion Mails

Your cashout request of 5.86274 (PayPal) from 03/27/2013 21:20 is in the queue position 227. (93 days old)

Babbling Brook PTR

There are 11 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 9 day(s) old.

Reward Port

Redeemed 30,000 points for a $50.00 Starbucks gift card on October 13, 2012. (8 months, 15 days)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Reward Port: Good Or Bad?

Originally, I would have said that Reward Port was an excellent site, since I'd redeemed for 2 Starbucks gift cards and received them within less than 3 weeks. However, my last redemption (30,000 points for another Starbucks gift card) has been pending since October 2012 (for those of us that can count, that is 7 1/2 months) and I've received nothing.

At first I thought the delay was because 330 points should have been deducted from my account after I had to return my bicycle to Walmart (I received the 330 points as 'cash back' for buying the bike using a Reward Port link) BUT I have earned another 2722 points since that redemption was placed...additionally they could have simply refunded the 30,000 points minus the 330 points and let me redeem again (by this point I want an Amazon gift card anyway rather than a Starbucks gift card)

I have contacted them via email four times, starting in February 2013 and continuing until today, about the missing Starbucks gift card and I have heard nothing at all.....not even a drop dead email in reply much less an explanation of what is going on.

Edited to add that I did some research on Reward Port. They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau because of 215 complaints filed against them, with 179 of those complaints not responded to by the company. In addition, there are numerous complaints with the Ripoff Report regarding non-delivery of even electronic gift cards much less physical gift cards.

I've copied and pasted the latest email (sent on May 27, 2012) into this blog post (see below).

I redeemed 30,000 points in October 2012 for a $50.00 Starbucks card which is still pending.

Now, I am FULLY aware that the WalMart purchase in September 2012 was returned; that bike completely fell apart after only 4 days of riding (a total of less than 5 miles ridden altogether)

However that purchase was only 330 points and I don't see why that return would or should screw up 30,000 points. Why can you not just return 29670 points to my account? I'd rather have an Amazon gift card anyway instead of the Starbucks card, and I've earned over 2700 points since I redeemed the 30000 points which more than covers the 330 points for the WalMart purchase.

In addition, this is the FOURTH time that I have contacted you regarding this redemption, and I've heard absolutely nothing from you (nor have I received my card).

This is not good customer service-- the redemption was 7 1/2 months ago, the first email was sent in February 2013--6 weeks ago, two emails were sent in April, and its now the end of May.

Please tell me what is going on with my redemption. As I said, 330 points should not hold up a 30,000 point redemption and I would be perfectly happy if you returned 29670 points to my account so I could redeem for a $100.00 Amazon gift certificate.

And please don't think that if you ignore me, I will shut up and go away. I will do neither, until I receive either a refund into my Reward Port account of 29670 points OR my Starbucks gift card.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where I'm Waiting For Payout (Edited)

Very short list of where I am waiting for payout:

Bird Crazy Mail
There are 31 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 2 day(s) old.
PAID 5/21/2013

Majestic Mails
There are 19 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 2 day(s) old
. PAID 5/16/2013

Babbling Brook
There are 16 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 2 day(s) old.

Wallaby Mail
There are 14 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.13 USD PayPal is 20 day(s) old. (trying to switch this one to Payza since I don't want to pay PayPal fees on a small payment amount)
PAID 5/15/2013

Fusion Mails
Your cashout request of 5.86274 (PayPal) from 03/27/2013 21:20 is in the queue position 232. (already know I probably won't get anything here, and if I do it will be MONTHS late).

October Mails
Requested $1.39 5/14/2013 because the site is closing as of 5/25/2013
PAID 5/16/2013

There are 30 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.43 USD PayPal is 65 day(s) old. (trying to switch this one to Payza since I don't want to pay PayPal fees on a small payment amount)

Shorter List of Where I am Waiting for Payout as of May 24, 2013:

Babbling Brook
There are 16 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 2 day(s) old.

Fusion Mails
Your cashout request of 5.86274 (PayPal) from 03/27/2013 21:20 is in the queue position 232. (already know I probably won't get anything here, and if I do it will be MONTHS late).

There are 30 requests in front of you. Your request for 3.43 USD PayPal is 65 day(s) old. (trying to switch this one to Payza since I don't want to pay PayPal fees on a small payment amount)

Sweet Clickers
There are 28 requests in front of you. Your request for 1.00 USD Serve is 2 day(s) old.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Changes in the PTR/PTC World This Year

Kandy Gronley sold Sweet Clickers, Sea Turtles PTR, 3 Bears PTR, and Kool Klickins to Misty Schoiber, Joe Tarkington, Sheila Tomkinson, and Heather Conzett (in that order).

Charlie Blaxill sold Bird Crazy Mail to Misty Schoiber.

Jan Boogaloo sold Our Safe Harbor and Email Money Maker to Joe Tarkington and Debra Smith (in that order).

Deep C Link and Lady of the Links are parked domains due to the death of the owner.

1 Cent Mail and Firecracker Mail are now suspended after a long slow death spiral.

Just recently Misty Schoiber sold her sites (Bird Crazy Mail, Sweet Clickers, Wallaby Mail, Downhome Folks, Babbling Brook PTR, and Majestic Mails) to Joe Tarkington and Anthony Bishop. Joe bought Bird Crazy, Sweet Clickers, Babbling Brook, and Majestic Mails while Wallaby Mail and Downhome Folks went to Tony.

. Also, Misty had several PTC sites that she sold to Constantinos, who seems to be doing a great job with ALL of his PTC sites. He's also purchased a few PTC sites from other owners.

Reba Flannery closed Jolly Clicks (ptr) and relaunched it as a great PTC site. She owns a few other PTC sites as well.

Poker PTR has come back to life with a new owner and PTP for all.

Of course new owners mean changes, but for the sites I am still at (all but Email Money Maker, which went ads only) the changes have been mostly positive at least for me.

Who Has Paid Me In May 2013

Amazon Gift Cards: $41.00
Anthony Bishop: $8.84
Aqua Mail: $4.39
Clix Sense: $6.15
Donkey Mails $4.99
Fast Ptr: $1.84
October Mails: $1.37
Precious Poms PTR: $4.55
Joe Tarkington: $2.68
Wallaby Mail: $3.13

Amazon Gift Cards: $41.00
Alert Pay aka Payza: $4.97
PayPal: $24.14
Serve: $2.68

Total for May 2013 (as of May 21 2013): $72.79

Who Paid Me In April 2013

Amazon Gift Cards: $14.73
Clix Sense: $7.33
Easy PTR: $1.69
Polar Bear Clicks: $4.55
Pinecone Research: $3.00
Sand Castle Cash: $1.15
World Wide Cash: $2.38
Joe Tarkington: $.60

Amazon Gift Cards: $14.73
Alert Pay aka Payza: $5.22
PayPal: $14.88
Serve: $.60

Total for April 2013: $35.43

Who Paid Me In March 2013

Amazon Gift Cards: $12.48
Anthony Bishop: $7.64
Clix Sense: $11.83
Jolly Clicks: $9.00
Paid Viewpoint: $15.01
Pinecone Research: $3.00
Joe Tarkington: $.42

Amazon Gift Cards: $12.48
Alert Pay aka Payza: $0.00
PayPal: $46.48
Serve: $.42

Total for March 2013: $59.38

Who Paid Me In February 2013

Amazon Gift Cards: $28.00
Clix Sense: $6.57
Deals N Cash: $30.24
Donkey Mails: $1.02
Penny Mails: $3.12
Pinecone Research: $3.00
Raining Cash Mail: $7.12
Vice PTR: $2.18
Joe Tarkington: $.36

Alert Pay aka Payza: 0.00
PayPal: $53.25
Serve: $.36

Total for February 2013: $81.61

Who Paid Me In January 2013

Amazon Gift Cards: $20.00
Butterflies N Rose: $3.58
Clix Sense: $7.83
Lucas Links: $2.02
Pinecone Research: $3.00
Showcase PTR: $2.00
Social Surf 4 U: $50.00
Joe Tarkington: $.42

Alert Pay aka Payza: $4.02
PayPal: $64.41
Serve: $.42

Total for January 2013: $88.85

Life in the VERY Busy Lane

It's been over 4 months since I posted here, and there's a whole lot of excellent (and not so excellent!) reasons for my absence from my blogs.

On Thanksgiving Day I got sick with a virulent case of bronchitis that lasted for 3 weeks (a not-so-excellent reason).

One of my Odesk jobs is now 30 hours a week (instead of 20) and I picked up a side job that is approximately another 30 hours per week. The money is nice (from both jobs) but the jobs don't leave a lot of time for anything else.

The two jobs (with a side one thrown in) are excellent reasons for my absence though, thanks to the two jobs I've been able to take my 2 cats to the vet for nail trims and curing two respiratory infections, paying down quite a bit of past due space rent, buying food during the month when the food stamps have run out, and stocking up on cat food and cat litter.

My older cat has had two upper respiratory infections since December, and the first one I had to take him to the vet on the bus. How fun, our buses don't run often (only every 40 minutes during the week--6 am to 6 pm-- every 80 minutes from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays). So it was 40 minutes or so to get to the vets office from my house (2 buses and 1/10 mile walk with a carrier that is big enough for a medium size dog), another 20-30 minutes wait after his exam and nail trim for the return trip, and another 40 minutes before I got home). Luckily for me, the cat, and my fellow bus riders, Mick the cat was very quiet and well-behaved.

I sill don't have a car, so everything takes FOREVER. Even a simple shopping trip is 2 hours because of the buses running every 40 minutes (see paragraph above). On the bright side, still walking and probably going to start riding my bike again soon now that the weather is improving. Have gained some of the weight I lost back, but still looking on the bright side because my feet and ankles no longer swell to the size of footballs!