Monday, May 27, 2013

Reward Port: Good Or Bad?

Originally, I would have said that Reward Port was an excellent site, since I'd redeemed for 2 Starbucks gift cards and received them within less than 3 weeks. However, my last redemption (30,000 points for another Starbucks gift card) has been pending since October 2012 (for those of us that can count, that is 7 1/2 months) and I've received nothing.

At first I thought the delay was because 330 points should have been deducted from my account after I had to return my bicycle to Walmart (I received the 330 points as 'cash back' for buying the bike using a Reward Port link) BUT I have earned another 2722 points since that redemption was placed...additionally they could have simply refunded the 30,000 points minus the 330 points and let me redeem again (by this point I want an Amazon gift card anyway rather than a Starbucks gift card)

I have contacted them via email four times, starting in February 2013 and continuing until today, about the missing Starbucks gift card and I have heard nothing at all.....not even a drop dead email in reply much less an explanation of what is going on.

Edited to add that I did some research on Reward Port. They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau because of 215 complaints filed against them, with 179 of those complaints not responded to by the company. In addition, there are numerous complaints with the Ripoff Report regarding non-delivery of even electronic gift cards much less physical gift cards.

I've copied and pasted the latest email (sent on May 27, 2012) into this blog post (see below).

I redeemed 30,000 points in October 2012 for a $50.00 Starbucks card which is still pending.

Now, I am FULLY aware that the WalMart purchase in September 2012 was returned; that bike completely fell apart after only 4 days of riding (a total of less than 5 miles ridden altogether)

However that purchase was only 330 points and I don't see why that return would or should screw up 30,000 points. Why can you not just return 29670 points to my account? I'd rather have an Amazon gift card anyway instead of the Starbucks card, and I've earned over 2700 points since I redeemed the 30000 points which more than covers the 330 points for the WalMart purchase.

In addition, this is the FOURTH time that I have contacted you regarding this redemption, and I've heard absolutely nothing from you (nor have I received my card).

This is not good customer service-- the redemption was 7 1/2 months ago, the first email was sent in February 2013--6 weeks ago, two emails were sent in April, and its now the end of May.

Please tell me what is going on with my redemption. As I said, 330 points should not hold up a 30,000 point redemption and I would be perfectly happy if you returned 29670 points to my account so I could redeem for a $100.00 Amazon gift certificate.

And please don't think that if you ignore me, I will shut up and go away. I will do neither, until I receive either a refund into my Reward Port account of 29670 points OR my Starbucks gift card.

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Anonymous said...

This morning I started sending the following letter to each of the companies who advertise through them making sure to cc ea mailing to them as well :

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to inform you of the unethical actions of a company which you are affiliated with by use of their advertising services, The purpose of this company is to connect consumers like myself with companies such as yours to buy goods, and services. In return for using their website to visit and make purchases from you.. it's advertisers, users build points which are redeemable for cash out towards various gift cards or services once the points have reached a certain amount.

Myself and many other users of have been waiting almost a year for them to honor the rewards we have redeemed. Many of us have attempted to write and or call them, however they remain unreachable. Reward port does not reply to emails sent or answer phone calls. Having no other recourse, we've filed complaints with the BBB, to which on the only accession they were reachable for my case, they replied that it is the fault of advertisers such as yourself for not paying them, thus this is the reason for them not paying it's users. After this, futher attempts by the BBB to contact were ignored.

It is painfully obvious that is being paid by companies such as yourself and are pocketing the money instead of fulfilling their obligation and promise to fund the cash out requests of it's users while trying to shift the blame to you. This not only affects how users and consumers view them, but also presents companies such as yourself who advertise through them in a negative way.

In closing I thank you for allowing me to bring this issue to your attention and trust that you will take the steps necessary to confer with on it's gross negligence in the representation of your company.



Boy didn't I get quick results!!!!. I sent the first email at 11:46 am. At 11:49 am I got an email from them saying how sorry they were it's taken so long, that they were understaffed, and blahhh... blahhh redemption was on the way. At 11:55 am, my gift card was in my inbox. You have to hit them where it hurts people, in the pocket. I suggest that you guys all do the same. In fact, I ask you please to do this because a company like this deserves to be called out on their actions and the advertisers who use them deserve to know what type of company they are doing business w/ and what that company is saying about them. As well as what that company is doing to their customers.