Monday, May 13, 2013

Changes in the PTR/PTC World This Year

Kandy Gronley sold Sweet Clickers, Sea Turtles PTR, 3 Bears PTR, and Kool Klickins to Misty Schoiber, Joe Tarkington, Sheila Tomkinson, and Heather Conzett (in that order).

Charlie Blaxill sold Bird Crazy Mail to Misty Schoiber.

Jan Boogaloo sold Our Safe Harbor and Email Money Maker to Joe Tarkington and Debra Smith (in that order).

Deep C Link and Lady of the Links are parked domains due to the death of the owner.

1 Cent Mail and Firecracker Mail are now suspended after a long slow death spiral.

Just recently Misty Schoiber sold her sites (Bird Crazy Mail, Sweet Clickers, Wallaby Mail, Downhome Folks, Babbling Brook PTR, and Majestic Mails) to Joe Tarkington and Anthony Bishop. Joe bought Bird Crazy, Sweet Clickers, Babbling Brook, and Majestic Mails while Wallaby Mail and Downhome Folks went to Tony.

. Also, Misty had several PTC sites that she sold to Constantinos, who seems to be doing a great job with ALL of his PTC sites. He's also purchased a few PTC sites from other owners.

Reba Flannery closed Jolly Clicks (ptr) and relaunched it as a great PTC site. She owns a few other PTC sites as well.

Poker PTR has come back to life with a new owner and PTP for all.

Of course new owners mean changes, but for the sites I am still at (all but Email Money Maker, which went ads only) the changes have been mostly positive at least for me.

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