Monday, September 17, 2012

Lobby Hits Question

Anybody know of a way to contact the PO/webmaster of Lobby Hits? My account is suspended because the icons wouldn't load for me at least 1/2 the time so I clicked whatever.

There is no contact button anywhere on the front page or when I'm logged in to the site either.

this is the site I am talking about: and its owned by Ed Goettman.

Scammity SCAM SCAM (Craigs List Bushwa--Yes More!)

Gwen Peters
7:40 AM (59 minutes ago)

Thank you for applying to our job posting. You have been selected as a possible candidate for one of the open positions. The next step is to follow this link: Personality Survey Please fill out the form, confirm the link in your email, and take the short personality assessment. We will then be giving you a call to set up a time for the interview and to give you more information about our company. We are sure that you have questions and will be happy to answer them for you.

Have a great day!

Gwen Peters

Recruitment Manager

The Pinnacle Group

Oh I have some questions alright, like why the link in her email goes to "" and why if she really works for Pinnacle Group she's using a email address.

Do you think she'll give me any answers to THOSE questions? I doubt it. Geeze louise! LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Room For Rent (YES, Again, or is that Still?) this ad was flagged and deleted because OMFG I had the nerve to abide by the rules of MY mobile home park, which means FORTY AND OVER. PERIOD. Funny how the ad was up for 3 months this year and 3 months last year with its 'discriminatory preference' for all the world to see. corrected link with no discriminatory preference listed. GEEZE LOUISE!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Has Paid Me In September 2012

Clix Sense: $5.97
Hillbilly Clickers: $2.04
Kool Klickins: $3.04
My Points: $25.00
Paid The Fastest: $6.77
Paid Viewpoint: $5.00
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Polar Bear Clicks: $5.04
Quick Rewards: $4.41
Combined Payout From the Patriot Group: $.64
Combined Payout From Misty Schoiber: $22.96
Combined Payout From Anthony Bishop: $9.03
Combined Payout From Heather Conzett: $6.58

Total for September (as of 9/30/2012): $102.48