Monday, May 23, 2022

2022 Update

got "converted" at work which means I am a career employee with USPS (rather than just a PSE), better insurance coverage, able to use annual leave, can accrue sick leave, contribute to TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), and contribute to retirement. Also means I can retire in about 5 years which I was planning on anyway but this way I will have more money (Social Security, TSP, Wells Fargo tiny pension, and USPS retirement). Still working a crapload of hours though as we are short staffed but I need the money anyway, to replace the HVAC system that died in December.

Goals for the next 5 years are: 1) get as close to debt free as possible between now and February/March 2027 (current vehicle will be paid off in 3 months) 2) get my book "Roommate Land" edited and published 3) Get my book "Stagecoach Blues" finished, edited, and published 4) Start writing all my murder mysteries and/or cozies and get them edited/published. 4) Complete the work on my house (windows replaced, carpeting or flooring in all rooms except kitchen/office replaced (kitchen and office flooring was replaced last summer, replace insulation, replace fridge and oven/stove, replace heat pump with mini-split). 5) get the landscaping up to par, front yard is nothing but a dirt patch now with some irises and Oregon Grape, and side yard is a mess as well. 6) Lose weight because if I do I can probably stop taking most of my medications or at least cut back on them, this would also probably decrease number of doctor appointments, ER visits, Urgent Care visits. 7) Replace this POS Dell Inspiron laptop with something that doesn't crash every 15 minutes.

I'd like to start blogging more regularly as it's a good release for frustration.