Monday, November 28, 2011

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cash crate :)

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So It's A Banner Farm, So Shoot Me LOL

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Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (November 2011)

Scooby's Clicks:  $2.01

No Minimum: Your request for 2.18 USD alertpay  is 2 day(s) old.

Poker PTR:  Your request for 5.12 USD AlertPay  is 54 day(s) old. 

Lady of The Links: Your request for 11.69 USD AlertPay is 569 day(s) old 

Monkey Bizs:  somehow they lost my request. I have been waiting since October 29 2011 for payout--$2.03 (now up to $2.91, not requesting again until they tell me what happened to my first request)

Raining Cash Emails: switched from AlertPay (28 days) to PayPal. Your request for 10.35 USD is 11 days old.

St Cash Unlimited: switched from Alert Pay (28 days) to PayPal.  Your request for 4.14 USD is 11 days old

Old Amsterdam Post: the site lost the payout requests and the host hasn't been very helpful in finding out what happened or fixing it

Dream Mails: switched from Alert Pay (28 days) to PayPal. Your request for 3.89 USD is 11 days old

Who's Paid Me in November 2011

Black Sheep PTC:    $2.03
Cathouse Emails:       $2.55
Clix Sense:                $8.63
Dream Mails: $3.94
Easy PTR:                 $1.50
Fast PTR:                  $1.57
Fusion Mail:               $1.90
Hot Rods PTR:          $2.90
Jills Click Corner:       $1.04
Mad Money Clickers: $1.04
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.53
Pinecone Research:     $3.00
Showcase PTR:          $3.68
St Cash Unlimited: $4.16
Sweet Clickers:          $3.10
Wallaby Mail:             $2.87

Total For November (as of  11/30/2011):  $39.38

Who Paid Me In October 2011

Clix Sense:            $13.22
Mail Earns:            $ 2.61
Matrix Mails:         $ 2.30
Our PTR:              $   .23
Pinecone:              $ 3.00
Polar Bear Clicks: $ 5.00
Sand Castle Cash: $ 2.48

Total for October:  $28.84

Friday, October 14, 2011

Avoid Saskia Clicks

I received this email from the PO of Saskia Clicks earlier today

Hello Suellen Roley

Thank you for being a member of
Your username is stargazerschild
Your balance is $ 0.02262

Hello all or what is left of members;

 This site has been almost terminated by all the changeovers and non-interest in it. I have got a new design and have changed this site to shared revenue.

As it has no-profits. Hopefully it will start to come back to at least half of its old standings.

I am sending this email to all members hoping that they will become active as 90% of members have died I think. Anyway you will see a large drop in members, hopefully not but time will tell.

 Also if you have more than 1 account you will be deleted. I fond members with 9 accounts.

 For those of you who do remain , I will be starting A Halloween  Purchase contest with lots of great prizes, credits feat. links with marque and color and a Complete PTC site with Domain good until 2013 A value or about 50 US dollars.

 Okay I have finished my little short story. Thank you for your time and have a nice day or night.

Admin Saskiaclicksptc

 Do you see anything in that email about inflated link values? I am sure you don't and I am also sure that you are wondering why I am even asking the question. Read on for an answer :)

I was clicking at Saskia Clicks after receiving (and READING) this admin email. I noticed that my earned in one day balance jumped from under 3 cents to over 4 dollars (less than .03 to over $4.00) after ONE click in the middle of the 13 clicks that were available.

Now, the email had not included any reference to link values changing and/or being inflated, so I thought this was an error.  I notified the owner.
On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:56 PM, donald harrison <edited> wrote:

Site has turned Shard revenue and sent admin email out earlier

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 11:43 PM, Suellen Roley <edited> wrote:
Username: stargazerschild
Ip Address:
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0) AppleWebKit/535.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/14.0.835.202 Safari/535.1

Earned Today: $4.00250, I don't think so.

 You can see his reply above (Site has turned Shard [sic] revenue and sent admin email out earlier).

1) IMO, that's a totally unprofessional --and somewhat rude-- reply. No 'thanks for pointing this out, but it's not an error' not even a thank you for contacting us

2) What does the change to a shared revenue site and admin email have to do with anything? The admin email did NOT mention inflated link values or changes in link values at all.

So I sent this reply and deleted my account.  As stated in my reply, I can earn more REAL MONEY (as opposed to Monopoly money) picking pennies up off the street or returning soda bottles/cans for the deposit refund than I can at this site.

Suellen Roley to donald
show details 2:15 PM (18 minutes ago)
Yes I read your admin email. I didn't see anything anywhere in that email about inflated link values. In fact I just reread it twice (for a total of 3 times reading it) and there is NOTHING there about inflated link values.

Next time I won't bother sending in a contact about what I thought was an error. You obviously didn't appreciate it

OOOOPS, I forgot there won't be a next time anyway, since I am leaving the site.  4.00 in monopoly money every day-- shared profit equals probably less than 1/10 cent each day? 

in this economy......I could earn more picking pennies up off the street when I go for a walk or returning pop cans/bottles for the deposit than I can earn from this site

I've been in this industry for 10 years, owned 6 ptr sites and 3 search engines. There are no profits to share anymore
And for the future, I would recommend NOT assuming that your members haven't read the admin email when they contact you, particularly when (again) you did not mention the inflated link values at any point.
So unless you like a site where you don't earn real money, and the PO expects you to read his mind....avoid Saskia Clicks like the plague.

ETA: just received this reply from him

am sorry about tone as was not intended, I run 25 PTC sites and 1 TE I got this site before it was to be deleted as old owner took the money what he got and ran. If you decide to leave, i am very sorry to hear that but as site was losing money only thing to do was go shared. If it makes money members will get, if not will be used as a traffic exchange. Of the 3200 members 2900 are inactive and 200 are multi I.P.  So that leaves maybe 150 members active in last 90 day. Also Paypal is killing the PTCinustry as PTC sites will no longer be able to receive or pay members. Will have to turn to AlertPay and fees there are very high. So if you have any good ideas it would be greaty appreciated. And yes many contact and you are the first that read email so far. Thank you for your time.
I have left already but am impressed with him taking the time to further explain the situation. I am also impressed that he really is trying to run the site professionally unlike so many site owners.


Hi folks!
Edited seems to be having a problem with the mailing system so I just popped in to try and sort it.

I hope you are all doing well in your endeavours and are doing plenty of surfing!
If you receive this e-mail, please send in a ticket at the site and I will add 50 credits to your account.
Send a ticket with "I received the e-mail"
Happy surfing,
So I go to the site because its pretty bloody obvious that I did indeed receive the email. I go to the support ticket section and there is no possible way to submit a support ticket.

I wonder what this person will think, as I see it there are two possible conclusions he will come to

1) The mailer is screwing up and nobody got the mail
2) We all got the emails and nobody read them, or cared enough to send in a ticket

Oopsie. I just hovered my mouse over the form, and lo and behold there are links to submit a ticket and to view closed tickets.

I think the links are yellow or white on a yellow background until you hover the mouse over them, and then they are red. The only reason I thought to hover my mouse over the form is that there was a stray | on the form that made no sense.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (September 2011)

Lady of the Links: 491 days, $11.30

Paid Dragon: 2 days, $2.07

Who Has Paid Me in September 2011

Clix Sense: $10.74
Hot Rods PTR: $2.48
Myecom: $.03

Who Has Paid Me In July and August 2011

July 2011

Polar Bear Clicks: $5.39
Hot Rods PTR: $2.50
Showcase PTR: $2.32
Poker PTR:  $4.46
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Hogs Hollow PTR:  $1.07
Raining Cash Emails:  $1.77
Old Amsterdam Post:  $1.24
Donkey Mails:  $1.56
Dream Mails:  $1.73
Matrix Mails:  $1.20
Vale PTR:  $12.69
Jills Click Corner:  $1.00
Clix Sense:  $13.05
Monkey Bizs:  $2.29
Cathouse Mails: $2.17
St Cash Unlimited:   $1.06
No Minimum:  $2.54
Sand Castle Cash:  $2.03

Total for July 2011: $66.07

August 2011

Pinecone Research: $6.00
Raining Cash Emails: $2.00
Wallaby Mails: $5.45
Down Home Folks: $2.44
Fairground Clickers: $1.29
Hogs Hollow PTR: $.80
Sand Castle Cash: $2.00
Our PTR: $.32
Firecracker Mail: 8.95
1 Cent Mail: $6.49
Dream Mails: $1.96
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.27
Fusion Mails: $2.70

Total for August 2011: $41.67

Total for July and August: $107.74

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another PTC Site Rant

I never fail to be amazed by the number of 'intelligence challenged people' in the online world. But this one really takes the cake, the pie, and the huge bowl of Haagen Daazs ice cream with sprinkles!!

Every single one of the links at this site is being shortened and run through adfly, ( which is a known framebreaker.

What does this mean?  It means the program owner is making money each time we click the links (he/she gets paid for every person who clicks/visits the links he is shortening with adfly) -- and we get nothing.

When there is a framebraker at a PTR (paid to read) site you can at least click the link again because the PTR timer doesn't necessarily start over again from the beginning.

In PTC sites (Aurora scripted sites) when there is a framebreaker you could click the link 100 times and never ever get credit as the timer starts over each time.

I am not sure if this is creative debt control (increase the owners income while he/she doesn't have to pay out a penny!) or just plain stupidity!

I have just contacted the site in question to see what the PO has to say (if he/she is knowingly doing this, then I will name and shame)

ETA: as of September 18 2011 there has been no response to my email -- which was sent over a week ago -- and the links are still being run through Adfly.

Somehow they have a daily top 10 on their site?  I am sure its not a recent daily top 10 because nobody can get around the issue.

So it's time to name and shame:  Primavera PTC. They can go ahead and try to delete me, but I just deleted my own account ...... I belong to too many PTC sites to begin with and most of them at least allow their members to earn points if not cash. This one does NOT.

IMO, this site is doing this on purpose to prevent their members from earning anything.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiding Important Terms is Misleading

So I joined yet another PTC site (yes I would say that I am indeed addicted to PTC sites).

I always check the terms to see if they pay members who don't upgrade. I generally do NOT join sites that require upgrades in order to be paid

But this latest one had a new twist; they HIDE the fact that you must be upgraded in a second terms/faq/help section of the site. It is not mentioned on the front/home page nor on the normal terms page front page of the site -- I don't see anything about having to be upgraded to get paid  not a word there about having to be upgraded to get paid  is there?

Most people if they read the terms at all skim quickly to see if their country is allowed and if they have to be upgraded to be paid.  Who would think to scroll to the bottom of the terms to see this:

And the fact that you have to be upgraded to receive payments is halfway down the page on that last link above.

In fact, I didn't know that I had to be upgraded to receive any payouts until I received an email from the site that mentioned both the second set of terms and the fact that members must be upgraded to receive payouts.

The cheapest membership is 24.40 per year or 2.40 per month.

At this time there are 19 links to click per day for free members.  There are 22 links for upgraded members.

For informational purposes, I have clicked 32 links and delivered 214 hits to the ptp link for the site.

I have a balance of  .06514 (slightly over 6 1/2 cents). PTP hits account for .00214 of the total (less than 1/2 of a  cent). So I have clicked 32 links for a total of 0.063 (slightly over 6 cents). Doing the math (0.063 divided by 32 clicks) leaves me earning 0.00196875 per click.

So just for the sake of argument lets say that I spend the $24.40 for the upgrade and get an extra 3 clicks per day at 0.00196875 each.  22 clicks per day at 0.00196875 each is equal to .0433125 per day from clicking. I would need to click every day for 563 days (and my upgrade would expire 198 days before I broke even requiring another 6 months upgrade--another $15.33).

I hear you saying the ptp, the ptp. Oh yeah....1 cent per 1000 hits (must be 24 hour unique too, so buying 1000 hits at numerous sites means numerous invalids, usually you will get between 500-750 valid hits out of each 1000--unless you buy from only one site and hope they can deliver a huge amount of hits before your upgrade expires).

You can't buy hits cheap enough to make a profit even if you buy from other PTC sites (generally have cheaper hits than PTR sites or traffic exchanges).

I have joined about 30-40 PTC sites recently, been paid by one (twice in fact), and find reasons to stay at those where I haven't reached payout (signup bonuses, inexpensive advertising, points to use for ads, etc).  Those reasons don't apply at this site as I can't even earn enough to redeem for advertising.

Quick Review of Totally Tweetable

Well I broke down, jumped on the bandwagon, and joined Totally Tweetable a few days ago.

I must say that I am disappointed, I expected much more from the team behind this concept (Walt Bayliss and Mark Evans of Instant Blog Subscribers)

1) At least half the time the links in the credit emails don't load.

2) Another problem is that the ones that do load are often loading incredibly slowly (I am on cable internet so it is NOT my connection that is the problem).

3) And 30 second timers are great if they are actually 30 second timers, not 90 seconds (a minute and a half) due to (again) the slow loading problem

The slow loading problem happens at all times, and what I really do not understand is that there isn't the same problem with Instant Blog Subscribers which is owned by the same people (perhaps the programs aren't on the same servers??).

I also have concerns about alienating my followers on Twitter who aren't into network marketing. A reality check here is that some of us have friends and family as followers, or people we met online through venues outside of network marking.

I basically agree with this review for that very reason.

The remainder of the reviews I read (probably about 10-15 reviews) were totally positive --one could even say glowing--but they are also from network marketing heavy hitters such as Coach Gina, Carol Walczak (author of Build Your List with East and part owner of PromoLotto Traffic Exchange),  Jane Mark of Sokule etc.  Google "Totally Tweetable" to read these reviews for yourself.

I wonder if they are actually USING the program or just letting their downlines do the work for them or if they are basing their reviews on the success of Instant Blog Subscribers.

I just can't understand all the praise, glowing reviews, hype, for a barely opened program with continual loading problems.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yes More PTC Sites

Enchanting Clicks
another site owned by Texaspepper. Great design, reasonably fast earner. Lots of ads to click daily (points and cash) Haven't reached payout yet which is $2.00 (Alert Pay or PayPal)

Purple Passion
another site owned by Texaspepper. Great design, reasonably fast earner. Lots of ads to click daily (points and cash) Haven't reached payout yet which is $2.00 (Alert Pay or PayPal)

Seasons Cash
another site owned by Texaspepper. Great design, somewhat slow earner. Not very many ads to click (points and cash) Haven't reached payout yet which is $2.00 (Alert Pay or PayPal)

Americana PTC
Great design for the USA market. Decent earner. Not a lot of ads to click daily but they are all cash. Cannot determine what the payout is for a free member, but its 25 cents for upgraded members. Pays via PayPal

Some Other PTC Sites

Monster Clickin:
slow earner. scary design, LOL. haven't reached payout yet

Cash Camel 
slow earner, but lots of ads to click with 4-8 second timers. Decent design, haven't reached payout yet

Clix Sense 
Oldie but a goodie. approximately 20 ads per day for upgraded members, ranging from 1/10 cent to 2 cents per click. Pay via check , Alert Pay, and PayPal; $10.00 minimum payout. Toolbar that tells you when you have ads to click (didn't work well with Google Chrome browser for me, so I just login to Clix Sense often) Have been paid $193.70 and working on my next payout. Upgrades $14.95 per year and as soon as you upgrade you will have literally hundreds of ads to click

Black Sheep PTC
Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool

owned by Texaspepper who owns several other ptc sites and ptr sites. decent earner, good design, haven't reached payout yet, lots of ads to click (points and cash). PO has a history of paying on all her sites. $2.00 payout via Alert Pay or PayPal

Sand Castle Cash

Sand Castle Cash is a great PTC site.  I recently (July 2011 and August 2011) joined numerous--well over 30 and counting-- PTC sites (mostly Aurora scripts with a few bux sites thrown in).

Sand Castle Cash is the only PTC site that I have recently joined where I have reached payout (oh yeah I reached payout at Da Boss PTC and within a week the domain was expired with no payment to yours truly!).

Not only have I reached payout once, I have reached payout twice! And the PO Pat (progers) paid me within hours of my request both times.

almost forgot: if you want to signup for this great site, go here:

See you at Sand Castle Cash and happy earnings!

HMMMM---Amazing how the English Improved

This PTC site I belong to (which I don't really care if I get deleted from, since he changed the terms to pay upgraded only and his upgrades are outrageously expensive!) first sends ranting emails that are chock full of misspellings, bad grammar, bad punctuation, etc.

Either he ran the last email by somebody else before sending it out OR he's just pretending to write poorly OR somebody told him that the misspelled rants were barely readable.

Anyway the last email was spelled correctly, punctuated properly, grammatically correct, and really not so much of a rant.  Makes a person go HMMMM. LOL

ALL accounts will be reviewed BEFORE payout is processed. You must be an ACTIVE MEMBER to receive payout or your payout will be cancelled. Active means you must have CLICKED 250 LINKS A MONTH WHEN USING THE PTP. If you request payout without having the required clicks your payout will be cancelled. Payouts are normally taken care of within 24-72 hours. But please allow up to 30-45 days for payments to be processed. 60 days is the longest time frame, intended to allow for personal or health issues or even computer or server issues. Your payout request will be denied if your account on this site has a different country and/or name listed than your paypal account. If you have failed 3 or more cheat checks you will not be paid. FOR UP GRADED MEMBERSHIPS ONLY GET PAID

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lots of Good News

For those of you that follow this blog, there has been a lot of good news lately. Some of this good news has kept me too damn busy to blog as often as I used to!

1) I found a job in May. Originally only 10 hours per week but in August I got anywhere from 25-35 hours per week, and its online so no commute (oh yeah I walk from the bedroom to the living room, that really kills me NOT!!). The best part is that I love it; there was great training and there is a lot of support from co-workers and supervisors.

If you would like to work online, try Odesk, Clickworker, or Elance.

Odesk pays via PayPal, Payoneer Debit Mastercard (Payoneer fees apply as well as $2.00 charge from Odesk for a Payoneer withdrawal),  Moneybookers ($2.00 fee from Odesk), ACH (direct deposit to USA banks only, no fee), and wire transfers ($30.00 fee to USA banks only).

If you refer a contractor to Odesk you will get $50.00 when that contractor earns $1000.00 (refer an employer, you get the same $50.00 when that employer spends $1000.00) These are one time bonuses, you don't get $50.00 for every $1000.00 the contractor makes or employer spends.

Odesk Employers!
Odesk Contractors

Clickworker -- the page is in German but they welcome those of us who are fluent in other languages too. Most browsers will offer to translate the page for you, but if your browser  doesn't just go to (or a similar translation service) enter the page and it will translate it for you.  I am fluent only in English and had NO trouble at all signing up or navigating their pages.

Clickworker pays via PayPal -- weekly. 

Elance.....check this space later for more details. I just now signed up with them for the purposes of making this post, ROFL!

2) The first of August my new roommate moved in. He is very quiet and very nice (although I do have to nag him a bit).  He works a 10 minute walk or less than 5 minute bike ride from my house so he's happy. I can pay my space rent every month so I am happy (not to mention how happy the park manager is LOL!)

I sold my problematical truck.

I sold it for a lot less than I wanted but then again it died 3 times while we were negotiating.  I still managed to pay one month's space rent (July) out of the proceeds and the roommate's rent paid all but $22.00 of August space rent.

I have nearly all of the supplies for my beading business. I have money in the bank. My health insurance and food benefits were recertified for 2011-2012. I will need to pay $18.00 per month for my health insurance (that's minimal in my opinion, and it covers ALL of my medicines and ALL of my co-pays which given my health is a damn good thing!)

Life is going well (knock on wood) and I see it getting better every day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Latest Dramas LOL

Now I take some responsibility for the mess with the PayPal debit card.  I will never again hand off my grocery bags to someone else without emptying them out completely.

However, whatever my personal responsibility for this mess is or isn't, I feel that the the Safeway employee should be fired at the very least.

I would be even happier if she could be charged with attempted identity theft and attempted debit card fraud. Attempted identity theft and attempted fraud when you are in a position of handling money all day long every day long should be a reason for termination from ANY job.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life In the Landlady Lane LOL

That was the worst of the bunch in terms of 'he knows where I live, and has my phone number, etc" but other than 2 legitimate responses, all I've gotten in response to the offline and online postings of the room for rent --found here ( -- is large loads of what the bull left behind

hello,saw your room/apartment on craiglist.I am interested in renting the room/apartment.Please do get back to me with following information in other for me to have an idea of the room/apartment

-measurement  of the room

-size of the kitchen

- size of the bathroom

- Nearest shopping mall

My reply:
Before I give you any further information, I need to know several things: Are you over 40 years of age? Are you male or female?  Are you disabled (the place is not ADA compliant).

I can tell you this much: the mobile home park is one mile from the nearest shopping center Grocery Outlet and Rite-Aid). It is 2.3 miles from the nearest shopping mall (Bend Plaza, with Ace and Safeway)

I look forward to your reply to the above questions
Simple questions -- and the age is the most important one

His reply:
My names are Henry Tudor, I am an archeologist and I have visited all most all the countries in the world. Presently I just finished a research in Israel with my colleagues ,the research  should be my  last  research  in that field and I am leaving  the field for the main time.
My take is due to my decision about my relocation my colleagues have decided that I should relocate to united state of America which to them is more secured.
Based on this  fact  they have decided to take  care of my first two months  rent  in the united state of America  and before my departure they have promised a sent forth party  for me.
My  challenge  is they  can only pay  via international  money  order, united state  money  order, cashier check and a certified check, I really don’t know how this can work out for you but if it will  do
send the following  information  in other to proceed  with your payment.



n/b:i am a male and i am 36yrs old.I am not disabled
Hmm what part of 40 and over (both in the ad and in my reply to him) doesn't this scammer understand?

Also the spelling errors and grammatical errors throughout his reply make it highly unlikely that he is an archaeologist.

I also wonder how someone supposedly in Israel thought to access the Bend (Oregon, USA) Craigs List.

The next person refused to answer my question about his age;

I saw you ad on the site and I'm very much interested in renting from you. I was born in and raised in the UK 26 yrs ago. I'm a matured, Vivacious, career driven individual, I don't smoke and drink on very
sparse occasions (probably won't even consume up to 5 liters in year) which might be buoyed something very special like a job promotion or maybe a best friend’s wedding (lol).
I am also not opinionated and will never condemn anyone for their sexual, religious inclinations or what so ever primordial variables. I think the day we perceive ourselves beyond such clouts, there
would be world peace and visceral love.
I plan on staying for at least 3 years minimum because my work contract is for two years and I will be working for Ad store consumer electronics as a Data Base Administrator. So I should be able to sign a year contract if there is
Kindly respond to my emial at edited ,with the full details and exact location,according with the best
offer.It'll be appreciated.
My reply:
 Before I answer your email in detail, I do need to know one thing: are you only 26? Or did you move from the UK 26 years ago?  This is an adult only park and you need to be over 40 to live here.
Again, very simple questions with again the age issue being the most important.

His reply:
Hi, I haven't heard back from you, hope your place is still available? I'll be esteemed to rent from you. Kindly send all corresponding responses to this email as my last address was compromised.
I look forward to your response.
Does anybody see an answer to my question on his age? I didn't think so. And I find it highly suspicious that 'his last email was compromised' the very same day that he sent an email from it.

The first email seems to be very informative but once you look in-depth it tells you nothing of any importance to the issues at hand.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (June 2011)

Lady of the Links:
Your request for 10.80 USD AlertPay is 397 day(s) old.

Majestic Mails:
Your request for 3.56 USD PayPal is 30 day(s) old.

Firecracker Email:
Your request for 5.21 USD PayPal is 5 day(s) old.

Down Home Folks:
Your request for 1.00 USD PayPal is 1 day(s) old.

Brat Mails, offline for a year and a half but still sending emails (can we say SPAM!), owes me nearly $16.00

Who Has Paid Me in April and May 2011

Cathouse Mails: $2.04
E-qoo: $1.78
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.56
Cash Text Ads: $6.20
Paid Dragon: $4.12
Down Home Folks: $1.21
Showcase PTR: $2.12
You've Got Ads: $3.15
Hot Rods PTR: $2.27
Gomez Peer: $7.09
White Tiger Emails: $5.29
Peco Mail: $.32
Mars Mails: $.53
Raining Cash Emails: $5.23
Panda Bear Mail: $5.66

Total for April 2011: $54.57

Pinecone Research: $9.00
Fusion Mails: $8.54
Clix Sense: $17.81
Vale PTR: $8.79
Howlin Mad Cash: $1.74
Our PTR: $.09
Dream Mail: $2.60
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.48
Quick Rewards: $4.27
Hogs Hollow PTR: $.93
Ad Paid: $3.93

Total for May: $59.18

Total for the two months: $113.75

Consider Your Alternatives

My truck (a 2000 Chevrolet s10 pickup, see photos at the bottom of the post) has been giving me fits since February 2011.

The battery had to be replaced in February 2011, the alternator had to be replaced in April 2011, and the battery had to be replaced again in May 2011.

A friend loaned me the money for the first battery. A local charity paid for the alternator (and installed it); they also talked WalMart into exchanging the battery even though we didn't have the receipt.

The darn thing died again as I was backing into the carport on May 10 2011 (the park manager had to push it the rest of the way into the carport while yours truly sat behind the wheel and thought really nasty thoughts!)

The assumption is that now its the voltage regulator that is the problem. They aren't that expensive but when you have ZERO money, even $100.00 might as well be a million bucks!

Since then I have been taking the city bus, walking, and cadging rides from other park residents as well as  Larry and Colleen (the park manager and his wife).

Yesterday while looking out the bathroom window at the rear end of the truck, I had a bright idea. At least I hope its a bright idea!

We have a park-wide yard sale next month so I think I will try to sell the truck and buy an alternative vehicle. By alternative vehicle I mean a moped or a motorcycle or a scooter or an electric bicycle (yes there are such things, I've seen them while walking to the bus stop) or a good old fashioned 10-speed bicycle.

The bus is fine but it only runs every 40 minutes (every 80 minutes on Saturday and not at all on Sunday) and some areas of town don't have any bus service at all (such as the office of the local newspaper).

I had never even thought of replacing the truck with an alternative form of transportation. This solution would solve a lot of problems

1) Gas costs so much right now that even if the truck was running I couldn't afford to fill the tank
2) Any of the alternatives are more environmentally friendly than the truck
3) Resale value for my truck is around $4700.00 and I will knock off $700.00 for the voltage regulator. I can get a NICE alternative vehicle for $4000.00!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now That's COOL!!

Blogger came up with a application that allows their pages to show properly on mobile phones. Now if WordPress would only do the same thing for my other blog, I'd be ecstatic.

And thats all for today from the world of Suzy (Suzy feels like she's catching the flu--or at the least a very bad case of something!--so she's going back to bed).

Hopefully tomorrow's post will be a bit more informative and 'useful' but as for today--today was a total waste of makeup (or it would be if I wore any)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Consider Your Tone and Attitude

Did you take any positive actions today?

Did you even bother to do anything productive?
The above was found on an Instant Blog Subscriber's blog--as their opening lines for their latest entry.

I don't know about anybody else, but when I get nagged or hectored my reactions aren't positive.

In this case, the very first lines of the blog post turned me off from even reading any further, and they would have done so even if  I was very interested in the opportunity being presented.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Make Assumptions

Unless you know all the facts about a situation, don't make public written assumptions about the situation or problem.  If you do, you make yourself look like a fool, and you will probably end up ticking off the other people involved in the situation.

You can think whatever you like about the situation or the problem.  Its when you move from just thinking to actually writing or hitting your keyboard that you start down a slippery slope.

And if you've already ticked off the other people with your assumption and/or comment, at least make sure you can write, type, spell, and punctuate properly.

Nothing is more irritating to me than people who think they know everything when they can't even spell (or use a spellchecker, or proofread before hitting enter) or punctuate (the comma, semicolon, and period buttons are there on the keyboard for a reason!)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't Blame Your Customers

..........Especially when it was your screwup in the first place

Everybody at Advanced Specialty Care -- from the doctor clear down to the appointment schedulers -- decided to blame me for every problem with the scheduling of the procedure.  They chose to blame me for both of the reschedules.  Then after rescheduling this procedure twice (once after I'd already done a full bowel prep) the doctor has the nerve to state that the 'bowel prep was inadequate.'

If I screwed up on something over and over again for weeks on end, I would not run around trying to make it the fault of my patient.  Then again, these people are all invested in "I am a doctor" or "I work for a doctor" and in their minds that means they are perfect.

I will never do business with Advanced Specialty Care again.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Timing is Everything

Good timing can lead to profits, large downlines, reduced stress.

Bad timing can lead to losses, jumping on the bandwagon too late to get more than a handful of referrals, increased stress.

In my offline life, timing is probably more important than it is in my online life.

I had an interview for a bookkeeping clerk position at 10:30 am  this morning, and needed to catch 2 buses to get there (I also needed to catch 2 buses to get home for a total of 4 buses)

I had excellent timing all morning long, even though the first bus I had to catch (across the street from my house, a 5-10 minute walk at most) was at least 20 minutes late (it turns out the driver was training a new driver).

The second bus I had to catch at the transfer station was right on time and I waited all of 2 minutes.  The third bus I needed to catch arrived at the bus stop about 2 seconds after I got to the bus stop. The last bus was at the transfer station when I got there.

So I left my house at 9:20 am and was home 2 hours later--not bad for 4 buses and 4 5-15 minute walks.

I should have continued on with the plan for the morning (to go grocery shopping and get some copies made) but unfortunately I chose to take that fourth bus and come home.  My rationale was that my shoes were killing me and that I didn't want to wear a dress all day long.

My good timing did not last for the afternoon errands.

The bus that stops in front of my house was on time or anyway just a few minutes late.

The next bus that I needed to take from the transfer station to the copy shop wasn't late, but since all the buses run every 40 minutes (every 80 minutes on Saturday and not at all on Sunday) I had a fairly lengthy wait for that bus.

And my timing completely fell apart at the copy shop. The bus I needed to catch back to the transfer station reached my stop (in front of Carls Jr) at 12:52 pm; unfortunately it was 1:08 pm by the time yours truly reached that stop. Again these buses only run every 40 minutes, so I had a nice long wait with no place to sit other than the sidewalk.

I reach the transfer station and I got on the wrong damn bus.

The routes for buses with Bend Area Transit mean that one bus is serving two routes (for example the #3 Newport bus becomes the #1 South 3rd Street bus).

The bus I needed was the #6 Bear Creek bus; the bus I got on said it was that bus, but apparently the driver hadn't changed the electronic signs to reflect that it was really the #2 Brookswood/Downtown bus.

That error cost me a good 20 minutes, although I did get to see parts of Bend I never even knew existed (and now I know which buses to take to get to the libraries--#6 to the eastside library, and #2 to the downtown library).

I decided that I couldn't do my shopping in 8 minutes which was when the next bus to get home would leave from Hawthorne Station (the transfer point for ALL routes)--particularly when it takes 5 minutes to walk to Safeway from the bus stop.

So I was resigned to another 20 minute wait (or more) after I finished shopping.

Another thing that added immeasurably to the joy  (NOT!!) of the shopping experience was that I forgot my large reusable bags; they are more environmentally friendly than Safeway's plastic bags and they are much larger than the Safeway bags so they carry a lot more stuff.

They are also  much sturdier than the Safeway bags (even though I had my groceries double bagged by the checker and took the cart to the bus stop itself, the bags still started to tear within a few minutes of getting off the bus).

The reusable bags are also much easier to handle than the much smaller  Safeway plastic bags especially when I normally have a 5-10 minute walk from the store to the transfer station and then another 5-10 minute walk from my bus stop to my house.

By the time I got home I was ready to scream or shoot something (its a pity I sold all my dads guns 3 years ago, or maybe it isn't, as I threaten to shoot lots of things!).

I will be happy when BAT can afford to offer more routes and less time between buses. But if BAT wasn't here at all, I would be walking everywhere -- so I am counting my blessings somewhat.  Another blessing is that all these "baby walks" (that's what I call a 5-10-15 minute walk) are making my legs stronger and helping me to lose weight.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Now you would think that Google, the king of non-incentive ads, would be a master of targeting the ads they show in their Gmail application.  This however is so not true.

The last couple of days I have been trying to freecycle a large amount of canned food. One of the ads shown to me by Gmail (in the column to the right of my emails) was for donating to an Ohio food bank.  I live in Oregon; the only similarity between OHIO and OREGON is that the names both start with O.

The targeting was simply to the food category, not the geographical location.

What I find totally ridiculous is that there are Oregon ads showing in that column--Duck Up Productions in Portland, Oregon just to name one.

When I didn't get a job at Ruff Wear (located here in Bend, Oregon), for 6 hours or more ads for Ruff Wear were just about the only ads shown to me by Gmail (talk about adding insult to injury!)

What happened to the geographical targeting for the food? Did Gmail get hungry and eat any ads for Oregon food banks?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Good Old Fashioned Rant!

So this post has nothing to do with traffic exchanges and even less to do with online tricks/tactics.  Sometimes you just need to rant!!

I am getting so fed up with Freecycle that I could just spit. I've had 5 no-shows in the last few weeks, 2 from a repeat offender (the same person).

Part of the problem is that many of these people know that I am not employed (nor do I have children that I need to shuttle hither and yon) and therefore I am home most (but NOT all) of the time.

They seem to think that being unemployed and childless equals 'I have nothing to do but wait for them to deign to show up to pick up whatever it is I am giving away.'

I beg to differ. IMO, just because I am unemployed and childless does NOT mean that my time is less valuable than theirs, or that my errands are less important than theirs.

This situation is being exacerbated by the fact that I no longer have my own transportation and must rely on the local bus system or shank's mare (walking) for everything I need to do.

Most of the freecycle people already know that I don't have transportation.

What they may not know is that the buses only run every 40 minutes on weekdays.  On Saturdays they run every 80 minutes, and on Sundays they don't run at all!!

And they would have to be stone stupid to not know that it's been raining (sometimes hailing or snowing also) off and on every day now for a week or longer. With the wind blowing sideways LOL even an umbrella is useless in keeping you dry.

Last night I received an email from someone that wanted the 20 mens' handkerchiefs I had posted a few days ago (there had already been 2 no-shows for these items). I replied to her and we agreed she would pick up the items this morning.

She said she'd be here a little before 9 am. I had already informed her that I had to leave shortly after 9 to go grocery shopping and to the bank (I ended up only doing grocery shopping but thats neither here nor there).

At 9:25 am I put the items she was picking up in a plastic grocery bag (to protect them from the rain and wind) and hung them on my front screen door knob, emailed to tell her that I had done so, and left for the 9:39 am bus which I catch across the street (a 5 minute walk) from my house.

I got home around 11:00 am and shortly after that the skies opened up. It has been raining and windy for nearly 8 hours now; as I type this its not quite 7:00 pm and the rain has just now stopped  (but for how long is anybody's guess).

I knew I had a paid training for my new online job at 2:30 pm so I wanted to be done with shopping and home by 11:00 am; as it turned out she had to run lunch money to her child and forgot totally about me.

If I had waited for her (she finally turned up around noon) not only would I have missed the training this afternoon but I would have also gotten soaked and chilled to the bone--thats an excellent recipe for a cold if not pneumonia!!.

I love the concept of Freecycle but am wondering if some of the members really understand the concepts of courtesy, punctuality, and communication.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

I have this bad habit of joining traffic exchanges -- either because of a design I just love or they are having a two or three way surf with an exchange I already belong to.

I find myself surfing less and less particularly at sites where I have heaps of credits that are being used up slowly or not at all.

I'm starting to see the wisdom of picking a few sites that deliver good traffic to your opportunities.

I will probably be terminating my accounts at a lot of smaller non-productive traffic exchanges.

Pinpoint targeting of my efforts isn't available but with the scattershot approach of belonging to 50-60 traffic exchanges that deliver little or no traffic (or deliver poor quality traffic) I am spreading my surfing time too thin and wasting my efforts .

Monday, May 30, 2011

Learning to Give up When:

It just isn't working.

I belong to a local chapter of Freecycle ( and some of the members irritate me no end. They are what the moderators refer to as "frequent flyers" which means they always say they want your stuff BUT they never show up to pick it up (or they say they DID show up but you weren't home).

One in particular first says "I came by and you didn't answer the door" and when you reply then says "I can come back by in a while" and never shows up again. This is also a person who refused to pick up a large box of food simply because I put it on my front porch so I could do errands--errands I'd already put off for hours waiting for her

To keep myself from going ballistic about these repeated no-shows, I've decided to simply not give them anything.  There are plenty of people who do want what I'm offering and don't make me jump through hoops to give it to them.

How does this have anything to do with online marketing? There comes a time in online activities where you need to take a good long look at what you are doing -- evaluate what the results are, look at the costs (in both time and money), see if the results are a good use of the costs -- and perhaps change what you are doing  or in extreme cases stop altogether.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive (Sometimes Anyway)

Well today I moved out of my comfort zone and asked a total stranger for a ride to CEC (the electric company here).

The problems were: I had to pay $36.00 to CEC today (no ifs ands or buts about it) AND the closest bus stop was at least a mile away each way (did I mention its windy today, with a chance of rain and/or hail?)

I had asked the park manager yesterday if he could give me a ride but he was leaving on vacation and suggested I call this other person.

What does any of this have to do with online activities? Well, for me asking for help online or offline is difficult. I am shy and retiring (stop laughing, I said RETIRING not RETARDED!! rofl). All jokes aside, I am shy and I try to be independent.

But what is the worst that can happen if you ask for help? The absolute worst is that the person will say no. Having someone say no to you is not the worst thing in the world.

Most people will say yes though--whether the request is offline or online--because they either like helping other people or they like sharing what works for them (particularly if its something they have developed themselves).

So if you see somebody doing something with their online promotions that seems unique or interesting to you, contact the person.

Say something along the lines of "I saw you promoting such and such opportunity at this traffic exchange; how's that working out for you?"

Again, the worst thing that can happen is that the person will say I'm not interested in sharing my methods or my results with you.  And even if they aren't interested in sharing their methods or results they might have ideas of where you can go to find help (webinars, e-books, etc).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post a Day Challenge: Forced Surfing Revisited

I've been thinking more and more about this site.  While I agree that traffic exchanges are in the business of "I look at your site, you look at mine" personally I prefer a more organic type of traffic to my opportunities--not someone who is (like me sometimes) surfing because they have to keep their sites active.

I've had my account suspended at this manual traffic exchange 6 times since I joined which (April 23 2011), all for not having active sites in rotation. The last time I surfed at this site was May 19, 2011 -- one week ago.

Does forced surfing mean I pay MORE or LESS attention to the sites I am being forced to view? I don't know for a fact, but my assumption is that I would pay LESS attention to the sites and MORE attention to the required number of sites I have to view to get unsuspended.

Yes I have discussed the issue with the owner of this particular traffic exchange. It's clear that he's not going to change how he does things but I do wonder why out of all the traffic exchanges I have ever belonged to his site is the ONLY one forcing surfing in this way.

Post a Day Challenge From Tim Linden

I am formally accepting the challenge of writing at least ONE useful post per day at this blog.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Scam is: Forced Traffic to Their Affiliate Link

"I received this email too and responded. I believe the only thing that they asked for was a resume. What exactly is the scam?"

If you actually received this email (and aren't just playing devils advocate here) you would realize that the link included in the email (the one you say you received) does NOT in any way shape or form go to ANY job site or ANY resume submission site.

They call it a Feedback Report but that link goes straight to Free Gift Reports.

This company/organization is sending forced and fraudulent traffic to their affiliate link for Free Gift Reports.

The second email, the one from Watson (supposedly), goes straight to, and as I stated in the original posting there were NO openings for Watson Realty listed on (nor were there even any jobs on for my geographical location).

There was no request for a resume from either of these sites.

Free Gift Reports is an offer/ptsu site. is a job site

BUT its very odd that a company would link directly to their front page NOT a job description or their company profile on

Now the Watson Realty link has its account suspended.

I hope the commenter is happy giving his resume information to spammers, scammers, liars, and thieves.

Another question: How does the commenter even know what postings on Craigs List I am referring to?

Especially since the first one was taken down as fraudulent by Craigs List almost immediately after my post here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Forced Surfing: A Few Thoughts

I joined a site a few weeks ago, a manual surf site.  Of all the surf sites I've ever belonged to (close to 80 at one time, about 50 now) this is the only site that forces surfing or forces buying credits.

If you don't have a site in rotation, your account is suspended.  If you DO have a site in rotation but it has no credits, your account is suspended. No questions asked, no excuses accepted.

Now I chose to join the site, but I didn't know that my account would be suspended 2-3 times in less than 2 weeks. The first few days I belonged to this site I surfed over 442 pages.

I think there ought to be some consideration that people have lives outside of surfing, outside of online activity, outside of promoting, outside of marketing.

I have medical and financial issues that outweigh ANY online activity.  I am on several medications due to an unexpected hospitalization last year

I have an income of $416.00 per month (and an outgo of  $700.00-$800.00 per month, not including food)

I have been preparing for a colonoscopy, I have been trying to get a room ready to rent out, I've been trying to find a job, and I have been focusing my limited online time on sites that are actually directly earning me money (Clix Sense, PTR sites, survey sites).

In 12 years online I have been paid by THREE surf sites: Share-Traffic, 1 Heluva, and Total Rune (a whopping total of $31.00) so why would my priority for my limited online time be a surf site?

Clix Sense has paid me $41.00 in the last month. DO THE MATH!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Even More Craigs List Job Scam


I would like to say thank you for contacting us concerning the job opportunity we've posted on line. 

I have Great News. The position your interested in is still open, and we are in the middle of processing applications. Currently we have 2 other applications along with yours that we are considering, so you can consider yourself on the short list to be hired. 

Please help us to express-process your application by performing one of the two mandatory steps that the company must take for all new employees. Since we run both background and credit reports on all employees, you can help us by obtaining your own current credit report, speeding up the process immensely. We have found it's best if you have it in advance to make sure there are no surprises on it. 

Both myself and the company would prefer that you use This Company to acquire your credit history because they're offering the check at zero cost to you (unlike other places) and their results contain the most precise details I've come across, but feel free to use any service that suits you. 

Once you submit all of the needed information, they are going to show your own personal report. Please print it out and save it for the meeting. Please do not e-mail me the report, since it will have personal content. We can go over it when we meet in person. Should you have a lower than expected credit ratings, it will never prevent you from gaining a position with us. 

When your finished please e-mail me back at ( with the subject "My Availability" to let us know you obtained a current copy of your credit history along with your availability and we will arrange an interview. 

I'm looking forward to your quick response. 
Warm regards,
Jada B | HR Dept.

Legitimate sites don't mask the links. Legitimate job offers don't have you pull your own credit reports. Legitimate interviewers do the background checks and credit reports AFTER a job offer has been made (how can they do a background check when they don't have 90% of the information they need to do one?)

This person is simply running traffic to Credit ID Protect by posting false job openings on Craigs List and making people think they WILL get a job if they sign up for the free trial (free trial yes but it's $14.99 a month if you forget to cancel which is what the company and the scammer are counting on--so many people forget to cancel free trials!)

Credit ID Protect does have an affiliate program. The affiliate who is doing this is lowlife scum for taking advantage of people who simply need a job.

Another person/company that should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of the unemployed, but scammers don't have any conscience.

I should get a finders fee from Craigs List for finding all the scams ROFLMAO!!