Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life In the Landlady Lane LOL

That was the worst of the bunch in terms of 'he knows where I live, and has my phone number, etc" but other than 2 legitimate responses, all I've gotten in response to the offline and online postings of the room for rent --found here ( -- is large loads of what the bull left behind

hello,saw your room/apartment on craiglist.I am interested in renting the room/apartment.Please do get back to me with following information in other for me to have an idea of the room/apartment

-measurement  of the room

-size of the kitchen

- size of the bathroom

- Nearest shopping mall

My reply:
Before I give you any further information, I need to know several things: Are you over 40 years of age? Are you male or female?  Are you disabled (the place is not ADA compliant).

I can tell you this much: the mobile home park is one mile from the nearest shopping center Grocery Outlet and Rite-Aid). It is 2.3 miles from the nearest shopping mall (Bend Plaza, with Ace and Safeway)

I look forward to your reply to the above questions
Simple questions -- and the age is the most important one

His reply:
My names are Henry Tudor, I am an archeologist and I have visited all most all the countries in the world. Presently I just finished a research in Israel with my colleagues ,the research  should be my  last  research  in that field and I am leaving  the field for the main time.
My take is due to my decision about my relocation my colleagues have decided that I should relocate to united state of America which to them is more secured.
Based on this  fact  they have decided to take  care of my first two months  rent  in the united state of America  and before my departure they have promised a sent forth party  for me.
My  challenge  is they  can only pay  via international  money  order, united state  money  order, cashier check and a certified check, I really don’t know how this can work out for you but if it will  do
send the following  information  in other to proceed  with your payment.



n/b:i am a male and i am 36yrs old.I am not disabled
Hmm what part of 40 and over (both in the ad and in my reply to him) doesn't this scammer understand?

Also the spelling errors and grammatical errors throughout his reply make it highly unlikely that he is an archaeologist.

I also wonder how someone supposedly in Israel thought to access the Bend (Oregon, USA) Craigs List.

The next person refused to answer my question about his age;

I saw you ad on the site and I'm very much interested in renting from you. I was born in and raised in the UK 26 yrs ago. I'm a matured, Vivacious, career driven individual, I don't smoke and drink on very
sparse occasions (probably won't even consume up to 5 liters in year) which might be buoyed something very special like a job promotion or maybe a best friend’s wedding (lol).
I am also not opinionated and will never condemn anyone for their sexual, religious inclinations or what so ever primordial variables. I think the day we perceive ourselves beyond such clouts, there
would be world peace and visceral love.
I plan on staying for at least 3 years minimum because my work contract is for two years and I will be working for Ad store consumer electronics as a Data Base Administrator. So I should be able to sign a year contract if there is
Kindly respond to my emial at edited ,with the full details and exact location,according with the best
offer.It'll be appreciated.
My reply:
 Before I answer your email in detail, I do need to know one thing: are you only 26? Or did you move from the UK 26 years ago?  This is an adult only park and you need to be over 40 to live here.
Again, very simple questions with again the age issue being the most important.

His reply:
Hi, I haven't heard back from you, hope your place is still available? I'll be esteemed to rent from you. Kindly send all corresponding responses to this email as my last address was compromised.
I look forward to your response.
Does anybody see an answer to my question on his age? I didn't think so. And I find it highly suspicious that 'his last email was compromised' the very same day that he sent an email from it.

The first email seems to be very informative but once you look in-depth it tells you nothing of any importance to the issues at hand.

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