Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where I am Waiting For Payout (April 2017)--LINK GRAND

Only one site that hasn't paid me, and that's probably a first for this blog.

Link Grand. I requested $5.00 on 1/3/2017, it's now 4/23/2017, so almost 4 months. Yes I've contacted the owner twice and tried today (TWICE) to contact him again BUT a funny thing happened on the way to the contact (see below)

This site can’t be reached refused to connect. Search Google for support linkgrand ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

110 days and counting with no way to contact the owner. I also find it very odd that every time I close the page, I have to log back in, even if I've been gone from the page less than 30 seconds.

Being a lifetime premium member is all well and good, BUT if I can't get paid and can't contact the owner, the upgrade is pretty much worthless except for the fact that I earn twice what a free member does for each click. Earning 2x is all well and good, but if you can't get paid, and can't contact the program owner, and can't reverse the payout request, it's worth less than Monopoly money!!

Who has Paid Me in April 2017

Amazon Gift Cards:

Paid Viewpoint: $15.09
Expert Outpost: $5.00
Cross Media Panel: $10.00
You Gov: $15.00
Opinion Square: $5.00
Pinecone Research: $6.00

Total Amazon Gift Cards: $56.09


No PayPal payments in April


No Payza payments in April

Total received in April: $56.09
Total Offline Income in April (as of April 23, 2017): $694.14 (less than I usually make, because there's an active garnishment that has taken $248.63 so far this month, so total offline income would be $942.77)