Thursday, December 30, 2010

Health Update

WOOT WOOT........I have lost 14 pounds since I got sick back in August and the last 6 pounds I wasn't even trying to lose weight

My blood sugar levels are good and my elevated liver enzymes have dropped to the point that the doctor now feels that I can tolerate a low dose of cholesterol reducing medication.

My good cholesterol is really good, anything over 40 is acceptable and mine is 52.

Blood pressure is still a little high but I am so pleased with all the other good news!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

People String

People String is yet another site that takes away the pennies you earn if you go inactive, granted I only had $1.95 in earnings but that isn't the point!

And conveniently (for People String) all my referral rewards (a whopping $1.50 total for the 3 people I referred) are pending.

It would be more honest if they just deleted the account (like PTR sites do) when you go inactive.....rather than leaving it inactive and taking away the money you earned (especially because most of the offers and 'likes' on Facebook can't be done again anyway)

More Adventures in Job Hunting GRRRRRRRR!!

So I was all excited about this interview for an administrative support team associate with Macy's since I worked for them before in Sales Support.

I also have human resources experience, payroll experience, accounting experience, and administrative experience--not to mention the 4 year degree in accounting and the second degree (2 year)  in hotel/restaurant management.

Now I checked their site every single day from December 16, 2010  (when I submitted my application for the position) to December 21, 2010 (yesterday) to see if openings were available for interviews.

There were no openings for interviews until yesterday (December 21, 2010).  I scheduled my interview for the ONLY slot available which was 10:30 am on January 5, 2010.

I received a confirmation of the time and date for the interview at 5:20 am December 22, 2010.

Less than 40 minutes later (at 5:54 and 5:55 pm on December 22, 2010) I received 2 emails from Macy's and Taleo (their hiring firm).

The email from Macy's which was sent to my gmail email address is copied and pasted below.

Dear  Suellen
Thank you for your interest in employment with Macy's, and for taking the time to submit your application for the position of Macy's Bend River, Bend, OR: Administrative Support Team Associate, Part Time.
We regret that we must cancel your scheduled interview with us.  We filled all available positions much faster than we anticipated.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please be assured that we value your interest in Macy's.  We will retain your information in our candidate database, and may contact you should an appropriate opportunity become available.
We wish you much luck in your future endeavors, and encourage you to periodically visit edited.
Human Resources
Then almost at the same time I received the email from Taleo, which is copied and pasted below. This email was received at my Yahoo email address which is the email address I used for Taleo, while the gmail address is the one I use for Snag a Job (I applied for the Macy's job originally through Snag a Job).

 Dear Suellen,
Your request to cancel the following interview appointment has been completed:
Macy's Bend River Mall: Bend

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Time: 10:30:00 AM PST

We're sorry that you decided not to complete this interview with us, but hope that you will revisit edited in the future to view opportunities for employment with Macy's, Inc.
Best Regards,

Human Resources

I am very frustrated not only with not being interviewed but with the total foul-up in communication. I did NOT cancel the interview, Macy's did.

I would go play on the freeway except for the fact that the nearest freeway is 130 miles away one way (and given my luck I would just hurt myself anyway!!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who's Paid Me in December 2010

12/8/2010: $10.00 Data Intelligence
12/16/2010: $25.00 Applebees gift card (My Points)
12/10/2010: $3.00   Pinecone Research
12/08/2010: $6.05  Mystics Kingdom
12/20/2010: $2.34 Old Amsterdam Post
12/20/2010: $1.36 St Cash Unlimited
12/20/2010: $4.58 Wallaby Mail
12/20/2010: $4.37 Panda Bear Email
12/22/2010: $4.21 You've Got Ads

Total for December: $38.00 Surveys/Offer Sites
Total for December: $25.91 PTR
Publish Post
Total for December 2010: $63.91

HMMMMMM--Ebay Again

I received a message from a potential buyer that has really left me shaking my head in disbelief. You need to understand, all of my Ebay postings except for 2 stated that the customer paid postage in addition to the winning bid.

If this is still available, would you consider $125 total cost including S&H to Corfu, NY?
The buyer didn't specify if it was the Eggshell Nautilus China or the Diane china.

The Eggshell Nautilus set went to a buyer in  Seattle Washington almost two weeks ago and it cost me over $70.00 to ship it there (a distance of 251.6 miles).  I only charged the buyer about 25.00 for shipping because I miscalculated the weight of the shipment.....I'll eat that error but I sure as heck won't repeat that error!

Corfu, New York is 2125 miles away from Bend Oregon and it would cost approximately $130.00-$140.00 to ship the china there via USPS Parcel Post, or approximately $105.00 via UPS Ground.

Now, my math may be faulty but shipping via USPS Parcel Post sure looks like I would be paying MORE in postage than the buyer paid actually paid me.  I think thats called a loss in accounting terms.

And shipping it via UPS Ground isn't really much better. I would make a whopping $20.00 profit BEFORE Ebay final value fees (already paid the insertion fees) and PayPal receiving fees

My reply to the buyer:
you didn't specify which item, the Eggshell Nautilus china is already gone. 

And I will not sell the Diane china for your requested price as it cost over $70.00 to ship the 
Eggshell Nautilus set to Seattle (WA)

It would cost at least $140.00 to ship a larger  set to NY which would leave me with no profit at 
all--in fact selling for $125.00 including S&H would leave me $15.00 in the hole not including ebay fees and paypal fees.

So no I wouldn't consider the $125.00 total cost. 
I plan on placing most of my unsold goods on my local Craigs list-- no shipping no costs no fees
I think that covers that. Its called my momma didn't raise no fool!!

Explosion In A Button Factory!!

Yes every single button was sewn on by yours truly.

I guess back in the day I had way too much time on my hands, and enough buttons for 50 people!  I still have a whole bunch more, many of which are vintage or collectible as they all came from my grandmother.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Think I Need A Keeper!!

Or at the very least I need to either cover my feet in bubble wrap or have the left one surgically removed!!

Yes indeed boys and girls I managed to rip open my foot again today.  For those who are keeping score, that is 4 injuries since 10/29/2010, all to the same foot.

I've injured the big toe on the left foot twice -- once by dropping an office chair on it and once by tripping over an empty rubbermaid tote in the living room.

I've injured the next-to-the-little-toe once ( )

And today I ripped a nice hole in the left side of the left foot by --I kid you not-- getting out of bed.

There are no overhead lights in my bedroom, so I use four lamps.  Three of these lamps are plugged directly into wall outlets and are against the wall(s) so even a dedicated klutz like MOI can't injure herself with them or their cords.

The fourth lamp is a different story however.  I have it plugged into an extension cord which is plugged into a wall outlet and the lamp itself has been moved all over the room.

I was taking a nap and woke up about 5:30 pm.  It was dark but since all I was planning on doing was going directly to the computer I didn't see a need to turn on a lamp. BIG MISTAKE!!

I stepped on the part of the extension cord that connects to the lamp plugin.  My foot started hurting immediately and I started hopping around and turning the air blue!

But I didn't realize until later that my full weight (a not inconsiderable amount) had gone on the hard plastic/rubber/whatever it is end of the extension cord.

The end of an extension cord doesn't have any give when stepped on, whereas skin--even the rough skin on the side or bottom of a foot--does.  I have a nice sore hole on the side of my foot; its still sore 7 1/2 hours after the fact although it doesn't look that bad.

I suppose I ought to count my blessings though since it stopped bleeding very quickly.

I swear I am seriously considering wearing my big puffy whale slippers to bed tonight!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good Samaritans

On a day that had already proven itself to be really crappy (I found out this morning that I lost my job that I'd had for exactly a month) I found out in the evening that some nice person *probably the manager of my mobile home park* had stacked my remaining firewood in my carport and cleaned off my driveway.

Now if it was the manager, he lives across the street from me and was probably tired of looking of the mess in the driveway and carport.

In addition we aren't really supposed to park on the street overnight and I had parked on the street from Wednesday morning (last week) until Thursday night (this week).

The wood was delivered last Wednesday afternoon and  I'd managed to stack some of it on my back porch before it started snowing Wednesday night.

Then when it started thawing I'd thrown a lot of the firewood into the carport to prevent it from getting absolutely soaked.  I also used some of the snow covered wood in the woodstove, I discovered that snow-covered wood does burn if you put it in an already hot fire!

With my horrible job schedule (5:30 am to 2:30 pm) I wasn't getting much done inside or outside, and the light on the back porch gives new meaning to the words 'the ghost in the machine' -- ie it comes on when and if it feels like it, flickers off and on again when it feels like it.

Working in the dark on an icy driveway sounded like a recipe for disaster especially given my normal klutziness, so I didn't do much on the wood.  I'm sure the park manager figured I would leave it there until hell froze over (I think he realizes that I'm lazy, and I know he knows about my health problems) so he took care of it himself.

I'm very grateful that I won't have to do anything wood-related for a while, losing my job was just one more blow in a long series of blows.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How Dare You Take My Picture??

 How dare you take my picture?

My fur is a mess and my manicure hasn't been done in weeks.

 Didn't you get a clue when I ruined the other 4 pictures that I didn't want my picture taken?


My house and my truck

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frustrated Hurt and Angry

For the first time in a long time (well long for me anyway) I am quite astounded, astonished, frustrated, hurt, and very angry with a fellow PTR member.

This person chose to drag this blog into a totally unrelated issue at a site I admin at. He was quite angry at the owner of the site and I don't really blame him at all.

However, he pretended not to know that Suzy and Suellen were one and the same (he's had several support ticket replies from the site in question which were signed by Suellen, the url of this blog--which he has obviously read at least once and considering the fact that I advertise this blog EVERYWHERE he's probably read it way more than once--is, and he was a member of Myster-E-Mail which I owned from 2003-2009).

Exactly how many Suellens does he think there are in PTR?? It's a highly unusual name spelled in an unusual way combined with a highly unusual last name.

When I took exception--politely-- to his characterization of the entire blog as rude, he got even angrier with me.

I am not saying that I am always polite here at the blog or in life, but if this person had bothered to read any of my posts since August when I was very very ill (blood clots in the lungs and 3 days in the hospital is a wonderful thing to clear your mind and make you realize how truly unimportant PTR is!) he would realize that things have changed here at the formerly 'rude'  (in his words) blog.

Besides, whether or not I am now or have ever been rude here at this blog has nothing to do with how tickets are answered at the site in question.

I have never been rude to this person--or anybody else for that matter-- in replies to tickets at the site in question or at any of the other four sites I admin at.

I would have been FIRED in a new york nano-second had I been rude to members of  the sites I admin at when replying to support tickets!

What this person doesn't understand is this: the sites I admin at are a business and are treated as such, this blog is personal and does not necessarily hold to the same level of business-like behavior.

In the last 4 months I have chosen to focus this blog away from PTR as stated here:

The focus of this blog the last 4 months has been: my amazon store, amazon special promotions, my health,  my cats, cleaning my house, counting my blessings, selling antiques and collectibles (offline and on ebay), reminiscing about my father and stepmother, stealing pinecones, my job--in short my real life away from PTR.

The only PTR related posts since August are those about who has paid me and oh yeah I blogged about Schnaap Klicks once, so shoot me!

I had phased out most PTR comments other than who had paid me as far back as June when I was getting ready for the yard sale.

Since I found gainful employment a month ago which is also online (8 hours a day, 5 days a week)  the last thing I really want to do is spend more time sitting in front of the computer clicking or posting in forums.

I can make more in one hour of work than I can in a month at most of the sites I belong to.

To be trashed for posts that were written months ago and that have nothing to do with the site in question is a bit over the top if you ask me.

I do understand that this person is very frustrated with the site in question.

But the site in question has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this blog, and has in fact never even been mentioned by name here (none of the sites I admin at have ever been mentioned by name here unless its in the "who has paid me in whatever month" posts)

People act differently at home than they do at work or in public places (for the most  part anyway) and to expect me to be rude at any of the sites I admin at just because they perceive my *for the most part anyway* justified anger and frustration expressed here as being rude is a bit much IMO

The two issues are totally unrelated and I am very frustrated that this person feels justified in insulting me, denigrating my blog, and being rude to me when I am not the person he has an issue with.

cats and christmas trees