Thursday, December 16, 2010

HMMMMMM--Ebay Again

I received a message from a potential buyer that has really left me shaking my head in disbelief. You need to understand, all of my Ebay postings except for 2 stated that the customer paid postage in addition to the winning bid.

If this is still available, would you consider $125 total cost including S&H to Corfu, NY?
The buyer didn't specify if it was the Eggshell Nautilus China or the Diane china.

The Eggshell Nautilus set went to a buyer in  Seattle Washington almost two weeks ago and it cost me over $70.00 to ship it there (a distance of 251.6 miles).  I only charged the buyer about 25.00 for shipping because I miscalculated the weight of the shipment.....I'll eat that error but I sure as heck won't repeat that error!

Corfu, New York is 2125 miles away from Bend Oregon and it would cost approximately $130.00-$140.00 to ship the china there via USPS Parcel Post, or approximately $105.00 via UPS Ground.

Now, my math may be faulty but shipping via USPS Parcel Post sure looks like I would be paying MORE in postage than the buyer paid actually paid me.  I think thats called a loss in accounting terms.

And shipping it via UPS Ground isn't really much better. I would make a whopping $20.00 profit BEFORE Ebay final value fees (already paid the insertion fees) and PayPal receiving fees

My reply to the buyer:
you didn't specify which item, the Eggshell Nautilus china is already gone. 

And I will not sell the Diane china for your requested price as it cost over $70.00 to ship the 
Eggshell Nautilus set to Seattle (WA)

It would cost at least $140.00 to ship a larger  set to NY which would leave me with no profit at 
all--in fact selling for $125.00 including S&H would leave me $15.00 in the hole not including ebay fees and paypal fees.

So no I wouldn't consider the $125.00 total cost. 
I plan on placing most of my unsold goods on my local Craigs list-- no shipping no costs no fees
I think that covers that. Its called my momma didn't raise no fool!!

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Martha said...

Sometimes they try to make an offer that's much lower hoping you're desperate and will accept.

I know they used to allow re-listing of items within 30 days. If the item sells, then the re-listing fee is waived, otherwise you're out another listing fee. Personally, I wouldn't consider re-listing unless someone got really close to your reserve. If that's the case, maybe a second chance offer. I re-listed a lot in the beginning, never did the second chance offers as a seller, but a few times as a buyer.