Monday, December 13, 2010

I Think I Need A Keeper!!

Or at the very least I need to either cover my feet in bubble wrap or have the left one surgically removed!!

Yes indeed boys and girls I managed to rip open my foot again today.  For those who are keeping score, that is 4 injuries since 10/29/2010, all to the same foot.

I've injured the big toe on the left foot twice -- once by dropping an office chair on it and once by tripping over an empty rubbermaid tote in the living room.

I've injured the next-to-the-little-toe once ( )

And today I ripped a nice hole in the left side of the left foot by --I kid you not-- getting out of bed.

There are no overhead lights in my bedroom, so I use four lamps.  Three of these lamps are plugged directly into wall outlets and are against the wall(s) so even a dedicated klutz like MOI can't injure herself with them or their cords.

The fourth lamp is a different story however.  I have it plugged into an extension cord which is plugged into a wall outlet and the lamp itself has been moved all over the room.

I was taking a nap and woke up about 5:30 pm.  It was dark but since all I was planning on doing was going directly to the computer I didn't see a need to turn on a lamp. BIG MISTAKE!!

I stepped on the part of the extension cord that connects to the lamp plugin.  My foot started hurting immediately and I started hopping around and turning the air blue!

But I didn't realize until later that my full weight (a not inconsiderable amount) had gone on the hard plastic/rubber/whatever it is end of the extension cord.

The end of an extension cord doesn't have any give when stepped on, whereas skin--even the rough skin on the side or bottom of a foot--does.  I have a nice sore hole on the side of my foot; its still sore 7 1/2 hours after the fact although it doesn't look that bad.

I suppose I ought to count my blessings though since it stopped bleeding very quickly.

I swear I am seriously considering wearing my big puffy whale slippers to bed tonight!!

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