Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (September 2011)

Lady of the Links: 491 days, $11.30

Paid Dragon: 2 days, $2.07

Who Has Paid Me in September 2011

Clix Sense: $10.74
Hot Rods PTR: $2.48
Myecom: $.03

Who Has Paid Me In July and August 2011

July 2011

Polar Bear Clicks: $5.39
Hot Rods PTR: $2.50
Showcase PTR: $2.32
Poker PTR:  $4.46
Pinecone Research: $6.00
Hogs Hollow PTR:  $1.07
Raining Cash Emails:  $1.77
Old Amsterdam Post:  $1.24
Donkey Mails:  $1.56
Dream Mails:  $1.73
Matrix Mails:  $1.20
Vale PTR:  $12.69
Jills Click Corner:  $1.00
Clix Sense:  $13.05
Monkey Bizs:  $2.29
Cathouse Mails: $2.17
St Cash Unlimited:   $1.06
No Minimum:  $2.54
Sand Castle Cash:  $2.03

Total for July 2011: $66.07

August 2011

Pinecone Research: $6.00
Raining Cash Emails: $2.00
Wallaby Mails: $5.45
Down Home Folks: $2.44
Fairground Clickers: $1.29
Hogs Hollow PTR: $.80
Sand Castle Cash: $2.00
Our PTR: $.32
Firecracker Mail: 8.95
1 Cent Mail: $6.49
Dream Mails: $1.96
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.27
Fusion Mails: $2.70

Total for August 2011: $41.67

Total for July and August: $107.74

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another PTC Site Rant

I never fail to be amazed by the number of 'intelligence challenged people' in the online world. But this one really takes the cake, the pie, and the huge bowl of Haagen Daazs ice cream with sprinkles!!

Every single one of the links at this site is being shortened and run through adfly, ( which is a known framebreaker.

What does this mean?  It means the program owner is making money each time we click the links (he/she gets paid for every person who clicks/visits the links he is shortening with adfly) -- and we get nothing.

When there is a framebraker at a PTR (paid to read) site you can at least click the link again because the PTR timer doesn't necessarily start over again from the beginning.

In PTC sites (Aurora scripted sites) when there is a framebreaker you could click the link 100 times and never ever get credit as the timer starts over each time.

I am not sure if this is creative debt control (increase the owners income while he/she doesn't have to pay out a penny!) or just plain stupidity!

I have just contacted the site in question to see what the PO has to say (if he/she is knowingly doing this, then I will name and shame)

ETA: as of September 18 2011 there has been no response to my email -- which was sent over a week ago -- and the links are still being run through Adfly.

Somehow they have a daily top 10 on their site?  I am sure its not a recent daily top 10 because nobody can get around the issue.

So it's time to name and shame:  Primavera PTC. They can go ahead and try to delete me, but I just deleted my own account ...... I belong to too many PTC sites to begin with and most of them at least allow their members to earn points if not cash. This one does NOT.

IMO, this site is doing this on purpose to prevent their members from earning anything.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiding Important Terms is Misleading

So I joined yet another PTC site (yes I would say that I am indeed addicted to PTC sites).

I always check the terms to see if they pay members who don't upgrade. I generally do NOT join sites that require upgrades in order to be paid

But this latest one had a new twist; they HIDE the fact that you must be upgraded in a second terms/faq/help section of the site. It is not mentioned on the front/home page nor on the normal terms page front page of the site -- I don't see anything about having to be upgraded to get paid  not a word there about having to be upgraded to get paid  is there?

Most people if they read the terms at all skim quickly to see if their country is allowed and if they have to be upgraded to be paid.  Who would think to scroll to the bottom of the terms to see this:

And the fact that you have to be upgraded to receive payments is halfway down the page on that last link above.

In fact, I didn't know that I had to be upgraded to receive any payouts until I received an email from the site that mentioned both the second set of terms and the fact that members must be upgraded to receive payouts.

The cheapest membership is 24.40 per year or 2.40 per month.

At this time there are 19 links to click per day for free members.  There are 22 links for upgraded members.

For informational purposes, I have clicked 32 links and delivered 214 hits to the ptp link for the site.

I have a balance of  .06514 (slightly over 6 1/2 cents). PTP hits account for .00214 of the total (less than 1/2 of a  cent). So I have clicked 32 links for a total of 0.063 (slightly over 6 cents). Doing the math (0.063 divided by 32 clicks) leaves me earning 0.00196875 per click.

So just for the sake of argument lets say that I spend the $24.40 for the upgrade and get an extra 3 clicks per day at 0.00196875 each.  22 clicks per day at 0.00196875 each is equal to .0433125 per day from clicking. I would need to click every day for 563 days (and my upgrade would expire 198 days before I broke even requiring another 6 months upgrade--another $15.33).

I hear you saying the ptp, the ptp. Oh yeah....1 cent per 1000 hits (must be 24 hour unique too, so buying 1000 hits at numerous sites means numerous invalids, usually you will get between 500-750 valid hits out of each 1000--unless you buy from only one site and hope they can deliver a huge amount of hits before your upgrade expires).

You can't buy hits cheap enough to make a profit even if you buy from other PTC sites (generally have cheaper hits than PTR sites or traffic exchanges).

I have joined about 30-40 PTC sites recently, been paid by one (twice in fact), and find reasons to stay at those where I haven't reached payout (signup bonuses, inexpensive advertising, points to use for ads, etc).  Those reasons don't apply at this site as I can't even earn enough to redeem for advertising.

Quick Review of Totally Tweetable

Well I broke down, jumped on the bandwagon, and joined Totally Tweetable a few days ago.

I must say that I am disappointed, I expected much more from the team behind this concept (Walt Bayliss and Mark Evans of Instant Blog Subscribers)

1) At least half the time the links in the credit emails don't load.

2) Another problem is that the ones that do load are often loading incredibly slowly (I am on cable internet so it is NOT my connection that is the problem).

3) And 30 second timers are great if they are actually 30 second timers, not 90 seconds (a minute and a half) due to (again) the slow loading problem

The slow loading problem happens at all times, and what I really do not understand is that there isn't the same problem with Instant Blog Subscribers which is owned by the same people (perhaps the programs aren't on the same servers??).

I also have concerns about alienating my followers on Twitter who aren't into network marketing. A reality check here is that some of us have friends and family as followers, or people we met online through venues outside of network marking.

I basically agree with this review for that very reason.

The remainder of the reviews I read (probably about 10-15 reviews) were totally positive --one could even say glowing--but they are also from network marketing heavy hitters such as Coach Gina, Carol Walczak (author of Build Your List with East and part owner of PromoLotto Traffic Exchange),  Jane Mark of Sokule etc.  Google "Totally Tweetable" to read these reviews for yourself.

I wonder if they are actually USING the program or just letting their downlines do the work for them or if they are basing their reviews on the success of Instant Blog Subscribers.

I just can't understand all the praise, glowing reviews, hype, for a barely opened program with continual loading problems.