Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another PTC Site Rant

I never fail to be amazed by the number of 'intelligence challenged people' in the online world. But this one really takes the cake, the pie, and the huge bowl of Haagen Daazs ice cream with sprinkles!!

Every single one of the links at this site is being shortened and run through adfly, ( which is a known framebreaker.

What does this mean?  It means the program owner is making money each time we click the links (he/she gets paid for every person who clicks/visits the links he is shortening with adfly) -- and we get nothing.

When there is a framebraker at a PTR (paid to read) site you can at least click the link again because the PTR timer doesn't necessarily start over again from the beginning.

In PTC sites (Aurora scripted sites) when there is a framebreaker you could click the link 100 times and never ever get credit as the timer starts over each time.

I am not sure if this is creative debt control (increase the owners income while he/she doesn't have to pay out a penny!) or just plain stupidity!

I have just contacted the site in question to see what the PO has to say (if he/she is knowingly doing this, then I will name and shame)

ETA: as of September 18 2011 there has been no response to my email -- which was sent over a week ago -- and the links are still being run through Adfly.

Somehow they have a daily top 10 on their site?  I am sure its not a recent daily top 10 because nobody can get around the issue.

So it's time to name and shame:  Primavera PTC. They can go ahead and try to delete me, but I just deleted my own account ...... I belong to too many PTC sites to begin with and most of them at least allow their members to earn points if not cash. This one does NOT.

IMO, this site is doing this on purpose to prevent their members from earning anything.

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