Sunday, January 5, 2014

As Requested (Thanks for the Reminder, Joe)

A friend asked me when I was going to update this blog.

SO here I am updating the blog with PTR payments as well as other developments in PTR and in my life.

PTR payments since July 2013:

Amazon Gift Cards:

My Points: $20.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
After Midnight Mails: $3.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
MIMobile: $25.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
Smart Phone Mate: $15.00 in Amazon Gift Card
Unknown Sender: $20.00 in Amazon Gift Cards


Joe Tarkington: $8.69
Renee Vorbach: $6.35


Clix Sense: $26.38
Tammie Monahan: $1.74
Sheila Tomkinson: $7.06
Clicker Cents: $4.58
Anthony Bishop: $9.31
Word Linx: $9.52
Polar Bear Clicks: $3.63
Pinecone Research: $6.00

Personally life has been up and down for me since my last post. In August I lost a job, in October I quit a job, in December I was fired from another job. All the online jobs went PFFFFT months ago. However, I now have a GREAT roommate who cooks (I do not cook! LOL) and who the cats love (she also loves them back which is nice). I am looking for another job and in fact just applied for a GREAT job with COIC (Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council). Am waiting (IMPATIENTLY as usual LOL) to hear about that job.

My health has returned to normal for me, which means 13-14 pills a day....but my lungs seem to have recovered from the great July 2013 pill inhalation episode as well as a late November 2013 cold/bronchitis episode.

Other developments in PTR: Fusion Mails appears to be gone. Will update this section of this post as I remember stuff, for now back to clicking!