Friday, April 8, 2011

Even More Craigs List Job Scam


I would like to say thank you for contacting us concerning the job opportunity we've posted on line. 

I have Great News. The position your interested in is still open, and we are in the middle of processing applications. Currently we have 2 other applications along with yours that we are considering, so you can consider yourself on the short list to be hired. 

Please help us to express-process your application by performing one of the two mandatory steps that the company must take for all new employees. Since we run both background and credit reports on all employees, you can help us by obtaining your own current credit report, speeding up the process immensely. We have found it's best if you have it in advance to make sure there are no surprises on it. 

Both myself and the company would prefer that you use This Company to acquire your credit history because they're offering the check at zero cost to you (unlike other places) and their results contain the most precise details I've come across, but feel free to use any service that suits you. 

Once you submit all of the needed information, they are going to show your own personal report. Please print it out and save it for the meeting. Please do not e-mail me the report, since it will have personal content. We can go over it when we meet in person. Should you have a lower than expected credit ratings, it will never prevent you from gaining a position with us. 

When your finished please e-mail me back at ( with the subject "My Availability" to let us know you obtained a current copy of your credit history along with your availability and we will arrange an interview. 

I'm looking forward to your quick response. 
Warm regards,
Jada B | HR Dept.

Legitimate sites don't mask the links. Legitimate job offers don't have you pull your own credit reports. Legitimate interviewers do the background checks and credit reports AFTER a job offer has been made (how can they do a background check when they don't have 90% of the information they need to do one?)

This person is simply running traffic to Credit ID Protect by posting false job openings on Craigs List and making people think they WILL get a job if they sign up for the free trial (free trial yes but it's $14.99 a month if you forget to cancel which is what the company and the scammer are counting on--so many people forget to cancel free trials!)

Credit ID Protect does have an affiliate program. The affiliate who is doing this is lowlife scum for taking advantage of people who simply need a job.

Another person/company that should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of the unemployed, but scammers don't have any conscience.

I should get a finders fee from Craigs List for finding all the scams ROFLMAO!!

Craigs List Job Scam (AGAIN)


Thank you for emailing us in regards to the available job opening.  Good news, we would like to setup an interview with you!

As an employee, the responsibilities of this position are as follows:
You will be working alongside our current marketing team and helping them with administrative duties and Feedback Reports.  Feedback Reports which will be discussed more in detail below.

Hours will be flexible, but for now we are planning on starting you at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a 1 hour lunch break.  Pay will be $13-$16 an hour depending on experience.

We would like to setup an interview with you next week. For the interview, we ask that you bring in your resume along with a printed out Feedback Report. To complete your pre-interview Feedback Report, please visit one our leading partners to complete a survey, print it out, and bring it with you to the interview.  We will use the print out to verify your information at the interview.  Please take 5 minutes to complete the Feedback Report for Apple Computers now and print it out:

This will be a typical Feedback Report that you will be required to complete at the office along with administrative duties.  We only provide feedback for free client products. Once you complete the Feedback Report please email me with a copy of your resume along with the best date and time next week to setup an interview.  We are looking to fill this position next week.  I look forward to meeting with you!

Best Regards,
Christina Cook
Media Solutions

 Thank you for your inquiry with regards to our job posting on Craigslist.  We are a young company in expansion and are looking to build an ambitious and eager team. We are very interested in your application. Our CEO requires that all resumes be sent via the Career Network for consistency and easier tracking. This is a free service to you. Please upload your resume at this site: hxxp://

We look forward to receiving your resume and discussing your potential employment with our company. Please contact me and let me know once your resume has been submitted.

Thank You,
Hiring Manager
Watson Realty
The posting was for a front desk coordinator in downtown Bend (Oregon). The link above leads to free gift center--not any kind of a feedback form.

This company (My Media Solutions) is fraudulently using Craigs List to get people to complete offers and to drive traffic to said offers.

They are taking advantage of people who are looking for jobs.

This is even more disgusting than the idiot here:  because his email /job offer/scam was so totally unbelievable that even a 2 year old could see through it.  This one is believable right down to the time you click the link.

My Media Solutions should be ashamed of themselves. But I doubt they are, scammers have no consciences and that is all this company is!!

The second email sounds legitimate too doesn't it? However, the link goes straight to  Funnily enough there are NO listings  on for Watson Realty nor are there any listings even in Bend, Oregon.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who's Paid Me in March 2011

Vale PTR: $4.98
St Cash Unlimited: $1.35
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.91
Dream Mails: $1.49
Our PTR 2: $.75
Clix Sense: $23.59
Donkey Mails: $1.39
Matrix Mails: $11.28
Poker PTR: $4.13
Fairground Clickers: $2.91
Scarlett Mails: $3.84
Pinecone Research: $3.00
Polar Bear Clicks: $4.90
Panda Bear Emails: $.98
Cathouse Mails: $3.23
Castle Mails: $1.21
Hogs Hollow PTR: $2.08

Total for March 2011: $73.02

Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (April 2011)

Fusion Mails

There are 21 requests in front of you. Your request for 7.02 USD PayPal(MassPay) is 5 day(s) old.

Lady of The Links

There are 8 requests in front of you. Your request for 10.60 USD AlertPay  is 327 day(s) old

We Paid Not Responding to Contacts or Running Ads

Back in October 2010 I requested to redeem for ads. That request is still sitting in my user information but there have been no ads requested or run. 

I have requested that the redemption be reversed TWICE now with no replies from Grace. 

I would be 5 cents from payout if Grace would reverse the redemption request.  I've been waiting (not patiently) for 5 1/2 months now, I think thats long enough