Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stephen Hauser, Facebook, and Me

Now I generally don't spend much time on Facebook, maybe an hour or two total per week.  The games are mostly silly timewasters IMO.

I use Facebook mostly to stay current with family that lives several hours away (Louisiana, Washington, etc)

I can catch up with friends/family/groups that I actually want to be a member of quickly, make a comment or two, write on a wall or two,  and get back to real life.

I don't have any desire to be involved with online marketing or the 'benefits' (financial or otherwise) of social media, other than my blogs and my amazon store

This low level of involvement with Facebook also means that I don't know all the ins and outs of messaging via Facebook, nor do I know how to leave groups. 

I guess Stephen Hauser is a Facebook addict and knows everything there is to know about Facebook PLUS he obviously ASSUMES that everyone else is as intelligent as him when it comes to Facebook.

I got totally sick of Stephen's messages months ago but tolerated them, well actually deleted them unread for the most part, until a few days ago. 

I asked him politely to stop sending me messages yesterday but I failed to quit his IMO worthless group.

So I got yet another IMO worthless message after I'd asked him to stop sending me messages.  I reported that message as spam and told him again--rather rudely I will admit--to stop messaging me particularly in light of the fact that I had asked him to stop once already.

So now I receive a rude and insulting message (I guess he really doesn't get it that I do NOT want to hear from him, or being a typical male he just has to get the last word in)

Oh my heart is just broken that I've been permanently banned from his WORTHLESS group. I'll go sit in the corner and cry for hours over that.  NOT!!

My heart is also broken in little pieces that I reported him for spam, oh yeah I'll go sit in the other corner and weep over that one too

I also reported the last message as spam.  If I don't want you to contact me and you continue to do so after being told twice--one politely and once rudely--to cease and desist it is SPAM whether you think it is or not.
We are NOT friends, thank God. The problem is that you are (were) still a member of my Facebook group, so every time I send out a message to ALL group members, then you are included. Rest assured that I have PERMANENTLY banned you from my group.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting unwarranted spam when all you had to do instead was LEAVE my group

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mind Reading

Mind reading is not a skill that I possess.  If it were, I'd be in the casinos making a killing--and quite possibly a living--playing blackjack or poker, not being an admin at 4 PTR sites.

This intelligence-challenged and rude person contacted me because his ptp was suspended because once again he pays no attention to the banned list and/or additions to it even though these are announced 7-10 days in advance.

I notified him via a personal admin message that his ptp was suspended and why it was suspended.  Most program owners and admins wouldn't have bothered, and I certainly won't ever notify this person again of anything.  

He submits a support ticket and tells me he has contacted the PO of the banned site to get his ad changed or stopped and asks me if unsuspension is 'automatic.' I tell him no its done manually and that he will need to tell me when the other PO has dealt with his ad.

At no time does he tell me that the ad has been changed nor does he ask for unsuspension of his ptp.

Two days later I received a snippy second support ticket blaming ME for his loss of income for 2 days and saying that the other PO had stopped his ad 'TWO DAYS AGO'. 

He demanded that I unsuspend his ptp, which I did.  I also linked him to the other support ticket and asked when he told me that the ad had been stopped. 

He went off on how he sent me a support ticket asking me to unsuspend him two days ago.

I guess he sees what he wants to see, because there was NO request in the first ticket for unsuspension and he never replied to that ticket telling me -- as I had asked -- that the other PO had stopped his ad.

If his ptp gets suspended again I will let it sit suspended until he and his ptp actually ROT.

Whinging Revisited

Some people take PTR way too seriously.

First there's the woman (I won't call her a lady, that would be giving her way too much credit) who ripped me a new you-know-what because I notified her that her ptp was suspended due to a change in how tier 3/tier 4 hits are credited.

I was called hateful, I was told I was griping at her, and I was told she didn't have any ads at one site that was definitely delivering 25-30 hits to her ptp link every single day.

I was also told that she had no way of telling what tier her hits came from.  Funny, everybody else can just look at their ptp stats and see their tier stats, their invalid percentage, and how much they earned.

But I guess this woman simply has either no clue what the 'statistics' link is for or she has a very odd form of blindness that allows her to see everything --including the personal admin message I set up for her and the reply to her support ticket--but not her stats for her ptp links.

Now would she have really preferred that I let her ptp sit suspended --giving her NO credits at all and earning her ZERO nada zip zilch nothing-- until she noticed it? I hope so because if the situation ever comes up again that is exactly what I will do.

Does she like wasting her advertising dollars? Again, I hope so because I won't ever notify her again of anything with her ptp.

And the ad she said she didn't have running at all, funnily enough after I contacted her that ad stopped delivering hits to her ptp.

I guess the PTR fairy whispered in the other program owners ear to stop that ad with no input from the person who bought or redeemed for the ad.

What's that you say, there is NO PTR fairy?  That's exactly my point, this person had to have contacted the program owner and got the ad (which she didn't have running at all mind you) stopped. 

So what was the point of calling me names and lying to me?  Most program owners and admins would NOT have take the time to notify every single person whose ptp got suspended at their program, and I certainly will not extend that courtesy to this person ever again

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anybody Want to Buy 4 Sites? Heavy Baggage Attached

Carole Stacy finally admitted what most of the PTR world knew all along.  She cannot handle 5 sites so she's selling 4 of them.

The baggage that comes with these 4 sites is that they are hot potato sites with a lot of history, most of which isn't good

Cathouse Mails: has had 4 owners.  Jesse got ill, Sheri got behind on payouts and sold to Darlene, Darlene had way too many real life commitments, so Carole acquired the site. 

Galaxy Mails: 3 owners

St Cash Unlimited: too many owners to count but the ones I remember are Gene Collins, Sondra Hicks (twice), Darlene Ballew, and Carole Stacy.

Howlin Mad Cash: at least 3 owners and probably more.

Carole deleted nearly all of the tier 3/tier 4 members at these 4 sites with no warning, no payment, and no time to convert their PTP credits.

She deleted paid for ads from at least one of the sites (Cathouse).  She changed upgrade ads at all of the sites on a weekly basis. She abused members and ex-members publicly, telling them to shut up, telling them to grow up, and otherwise acting like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum.

If the sites do not sell (and she won't negotiate on prices) by April 15, she will turn them to ads only. 

If the sites still don't sell by June 1, she will keep them as ads only and close them on September 1.

She also says she will do the same with Joint Venture if the others don't sell. Payouts are getting slower and slower at Joint Venture, I assume the rest of the sites are the same

And then she wonders why nobody wants to join the sites, why nobody wants to buy ads from her, and why her current members mostly don't support her or her sites.

Carole created the situation she finds herself in by taking on the 4 sites in the first place.  Her actions both at the sites and in the forums after taking on the sites simply exacerbated the problems.

What I find most despicable is that Joint Venture is not even for sale, yet Carole took down the request page at Joint Venture with no warning beforehand and within literally hours of the announcement of the other 4 sites being put up for sale.

Heather C from OAP, My PTR, and Dream Mails

Heather is an excellent program owner as well as being a very nice person (the two traits don't always go together)

When my paid for upgrade at Old Amsterdam Post (OAP) expired I couldn't afford to renew it, so I asked if I could get the free upgrade that's offered at the site.  I'd not taken advantage of it under the old owner (Gabriella) because when I joined OAP there was a special, buy any upgrade and get a 3-month affiliate page for free.

Heather agreed to give me the free upgrade, and the day after my paid upgrade expired I was notified that I'd been upgraded again to the free upgrade. A lot of program owners would have said NO since I'd already been a member for almost a year.

I'm an assistant at a small site that has some design issues.  First the upgrade page went wonky, all the text was in a 2" column clear to the right of the page which made it impossible to read without scrolling and going blind in the process.  Then the page for outside advertisers stats plain didn't work at all.

After pulling my hair out I decided to send a PM to Heather at a forum we both belong to.  She got back to me very quickly and fixed both pages.  I call that going above and beyond as she didn't have to fix the pages for me.

Heather ROCKS!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This time she deserves a post all her own.

I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with SusanC and her programs.  She's incredibly quick with answering all my support issues at both her sites.  She pays in a timely manner, often within less than 24 hours.

Today my payout at 1 Cent Mail seemed to have gone south for the winter so I sent in a support ticket.  She replied to my ticket in a little over an hour, and even paid me before replying.

When I was having email problems earlier this month she offered to give me the monthly email reward that I dearly love (10,000 manual surf credits) if I clicked PTC.  I call that being really really nice!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whinging Doesn't Change A Thing

Well, the whingers are at it again.

"It's so unfair that I have to target my ads just because the third party advertisers won't pay for hits from tier 3 and tier 4 countries"

Here's unfair: the economy is in the toilet all around the world in case you hadn't already noticed.  That world includes PTR sites and third party advertisers!

Did ya'll actually think that all the changes made at PTR sites are just because the program owners got up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to make arbitrary changes solely to inconvenience ya'll?

Here's unfair: the whingers expect to be paid right out of the program owners pocket for hits that the third party advertisers don't pay for.

Do they think that program owners can pull cash out of thin air? Can the whingers pull cash out of thin air? Do they have a money tree growing in THEIR backyards?

Hmmm, the whingers say no they can't pull cash out of thin air and no they don't have a money tree growing in their backyards. WHAT A BIG SURPRISE THAT IS!!

Would the whingers like to pay members, renew their domains, pay for their hosting, pay contest prizes,  buy games, and buy plugins on what they make from THEIR clicking, referring, advertising, searching, doing surveys, writing for Triond or Associated Content,  or posting at THEIR blogs?  I didn't think so.

Would the whingers like to use their salaries at totally unrelated offline jobs to pay the hosting for their site(s), renew their domains, buy games for their site(s), buy plugins for their site(s), pay contest prizes, and make member payouts? I didn't think so.

Third party advertisers are in some cases not paying at all or paying very slowly.  Many of the third party advertisers do NOT even like PTR sites because of the poor quality of traffic they deliver, even if that traffic is solely from tier 1 and tier 2 countries.

Do they think that the profit margins are so large at PTR sites that program owners can afford to pay them what they want instead of what the market will bear?

The whingers want PTR to be considered a business (and run like one) solely when that affects them positively (ie ads run in a timely manner, quick support, quick payouts, etc) but once the 'business' or 'industry' makes changes they don't like they want the 'business' to stop acting like a business.

Sorry but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Actually, my question is: do they think at all about the larger picture, or are they just concerned that now they need to target their ads which they darn well should have been targeting in the first place?

Here's unfair: the countries in tier 3 and tier 4 are not allowed to search.

Here's unfair: Many of those tier 3/tier 4 countries cannot or will not buy the real goods and services advertised in some PTP rotators (shipping fees are too high, they don't need the goods, the sites don't ship to their countries, the sites can't legally do business with their countries, etc).

Here's unfair: many of the PTR sites referral links or affiliate pages that tier 3/tier 4 members would see in a PTP rotator don't even allow them to join, or they can join but only use their earnings for ads.

Here's unfair: those tier 3/tier 4 members aren't even allowed to join the site I'm referring to even as ptp promoters (much less full members), so what in god's name is the point of showing it to them......oh I forgot, the whingers want the .05 credit this program used to pay for tier 4 hits (I think it was .08 credit for tier 3).

Reality check:

1000 valid tier 4 hits at the old rate would have equaled 50 credits which would have equaled 3 1/2 cents.

1000 valid tier 3 hits at the old rate would have equaled 80 credits which would equaled 5 1/2 cents

Now there's a *great use* (sarcasm intended) of your advertising dollars, since the cheapest hits you can find at sites on the approved list is around 15-20 cents per 1000.

Even if you use upgraded ads, you paid for or won that upgrade which means it cost you cash or time or both.

On your 1000 hits from tier 3, you've lost at least 10 cents per 1000.

On your 1000 hits from tier 4, you've lost at least 11 1/2 cents.

To earn 1000 credits from tier 3 you would need to send 12,500 valid hits  (minimum cost of $1.88 assuming 15 cents per 1000 advertising cost)

Your 1000 tier 3 credits would earn you 70 cents--you've lost at least $1.18 and probably the real total is closer to $2.36 as its much more likely that you would need to send 20,000-25,000 total hits to get those 12,500 valid views.

To earn 1000 credits from tier 4, you would need to send 20,000 valid hits (minimum cost of $3.00 assuming 15 cents per 1000 advertising cost).

Again, your 1000 tier 4 credits would earn you 70 cents--you've lost at least $2.20. Again, the real total would be closer to $4.40 as again you would have to send 35,000-40,000 total hits to get those 20,000 valid views.

Whingers really need to stop and do the math, they need stop whinging about how unfair it is that they have to target their ads, and they really need to consider what is the best use of their advertising dollars.

Is taking losses on every tier 3/tier 4 hit you send worth the time and money you spend on your advertising?

So tell me what the point is for letting tier 3/tier 4 members see search engines they aren't supposed to search at, sites they can't join, sites they can join but won't ever get paid by, and goods they can't or won't buy?

IMO the point is that the whingers are too lazy to target their ads and want paid for doing something that benefits them and them alone (heaven forbid they might do something that actually benefited the program or the program owner!)

That kind of scattershot marketing might have worked when the economy was booming clear back in the Clinton years, but the reality of the situation is that profit margins at the PTR sites were infinitesimal even before the economy tanked.

Once the economy started nosediving into the toilet--IMO mostly because of unbridled spending on wars by the USA and the UK--programs went belly-up left and right, and those same whingers were right there complaining that they'd been screwed.

When the whingers come up with reasonable solutions in addition to their complaints then maybe their whinging will do some good.

Has even one of the whingers tried to find NEW reputable sources of income (ie third party advertisers) that accept PTR sites (and pays in a timely manner) and suggest it to the program owners?

No they haven't, because that would be even more work than targeting their ads wouldn't it now.  It's much easier to just be a part of the problem and whinge about it than it is to try to be a part of the solution.

IMO, there are so many worse changes that could have been made at the site I'm mostly referring to and the whingers don't stop to consider that.

Would they prefer a higher payout?

Would they prefer a lower CPM?

Would they prefer a click requirement like Easy PTR implemented? 400 clicks per month as a free member plus 150 clicks per month to use PTP (which BTW pays a whopping 50 cents per 1000)

Would they prefer a personal earnings requirement on top of a click requirement? At Easy PTR you have to have 10% personal earnings PLUS 550 clicks per month, and the program has mostly points ads--the conversion sucks too.

Would they prefer that PTP be limited to upgraded members only?

Would they prefer not being able to cash in their credits until they have accumulated 1000 of them?

Would they prefer no cash to points conversion?

Would they prefer 2500 points = 1 cent rather than the IMO very generous 1000 points = 22 cents? 

Would they prefer that the program stop giving random rewards for the jewel game?

Would they prefer that other games be removed so that nobody can win anything there?

Would they prefer that the click values be decreased?

All in all, a simple requirement to target PTP to tier 1/tier 2 is more than fair when the site in question is a tier 1/tier 2 site.

Who Hasn't Paid Me Yet

 1) Honey Mail, waiting 55 days for $4.88, with 32 requests in front of me
2) Western Clicks, waiting 64 days for $5.51, with 158 requests in front of me
3) Xray Emails, waiting 44 days for $2.65, with 369 requests in front of me (redeemed for ads and left)
4) Butterflies N Roses, waiting 20 days for $5.78, with 2 requests in front of me (paid 4/1/2010)
5) Joint Venture Emails, waiting 17 days for $2.69, with 6 requests in front of me (forced to request again, paid 4/1/2010)
5) Bux.to requested July 8, 2008--yes 20 months ago-- in the amount of $51.32, they owe me a total of $166.26

ETA: as of late on March 23, 2010 I redeemed the $2.65 at Xray Emails for ads and will leave once they expire. Also redeemed my few pennies/points at Xray Cash for ads and will leave that site too once the ads expire.

Who's Paid Me Lately?

Since the whole point of doing PTR is to get paid......who has paid me in March 2010?

Hard Rock PTR: $3.17
Precious Poms PTR: $4.00
Xray Cash: $10.52
You've Got Ads: $3.32
Synovate: $10.00
Survey Savvy: $18.00
Showcase PTR: $1.60
Ad Paid: $3.00
My Ptr/Dream Mails: $5.01
Mars Mails: $5.20
Princess Mails: $3.50
Wallaby Mail: $4.94
Old Amsterdam Post: $5.11
FireCracker Email: $6.13
1 Cent Email: $6.04
Calendar Days: $2.28

Total for March 2010: $91.82

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Censorship and Power Plays

So at the most boring forum in the universe aka GFO aka Global Friends Online, the moderators are on yet another power trip in the name of FORCED RESPECT.

This latest farce--in a long line of them--comes complete with gag rules, making forum members look bad with either neglectful edits or intentionally malicious edits, public and private retaliation, attempted humiliation, condescension including but not limited to a watched status that other programs owners can see (I find it particularly distasteful that the moderators choose to try to embarrass this person in front of his fellow program owners), and a blatant abuse of power.

Earlier power trips by at least one member of the forum staff included repeated insinuations that at least one member is a liar.

The forum staff/moderators at GFO  (with the exception of two moderators) openly and continually refuse to show their members--without whom there would be NO forum for them to moderate--the same respect that they demand from members.

Edits are apparently made with malice aforethought so that moderators can make SOME members look like they run around making posts that  use vulgarities or public attacks on others. 

Rules are enforced based on WHO the member is and HOW the moderating staff feels about them, for example if a member is going after someone who is already on the ---- list of the moderators they can get away with just about anything up to and including blatant personal attacks.

This behavior shows no respect towards members and is in fact attacking the appearance and credibility of those members.

Respect has to be earned.  Power plays, gag rules, malicious edits, retaliation, insinuations, name-calling, attempted humiliation, condescension, belittling, unwarranted nastiness, repeated blatant favoritism, attempts to make someone look bad in front of fellow program owners, and other repeated blatant abuses of power are NOT the ways to earn respect either offline or online.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

Hmmm, why can't I comment on something I've been involved in for nine years now no matter how much or little it makes members? 

If I'd been growing orchids for nine years, would that make me any money?  

What does the income from something have to do with how people feel about it?

Would my comments be any more or less worth reading if the hypothetical members made thousands of dollars doing PTR?

These are of course hypothetical questions.  I do however welcome rational well-written responses/comments from those who have the courage of their convictions.

Anyone hiding behind 'anonymous' and/or feeling the need to compare me to CyberTongue (or any other blogger) and/or feeling the need to make disparaging comments about my real life----don't bother because I won't approve your cowardly comments and I will enjoy making fun of you in future posts

Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh and comparing me to Cyber is supposed to be some sort of insult?

Sorry, I happen to admire --maybe even like-- Cyber and her unparalleled ability to cut through the crap, so you have just given me a compliment.  Not what you expected was it?

And if ya'll don't have the courage and common decency to be open, honest and upfront about who you are then making comments about my REAL life makes you even more of a cowardly parrot.

The comment below is a snip from the oh-so-brave 'anonymous' thing complete with his/her insults (attempted or otherwise) and his/her spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors............

lol are you related to cybertongue? Or is venting about others in a world that makes memebers pennies your way of venting frustration in real life.

Comments--Anonymous(s) need not make any.

So I'm still not feeling good, in a rotten mood, and I have to drive to Redmond (16 miles each way) to be screened for a job.

Then at the other blog some idiot thinks saying something even if its irrelevant is better than saying nothing at all.  I do like that ability to trash irrelevant comments such as "good advice" when there was NO advice in the post being commented on.

Then I get a comment here on the post on Carole Stacy from someone who's too much of a coward to even stand behind what they say.

I'm open and upfront about who I am and where I'm coming from, and posts from ANY "anonymous" coward whoever they may be will not be approved.

I think being rejected is the opposite of being approved.

If you don't have the courage to even make yourself known  and stand behind your openly biased and obviously parroted opinions who cares what you have to say??.

I dislike total and utter cowards who hide behind 'anonymous' even more than I do spammers and those who make totally irrelevant comments

So if you can't say who you are and if you don't have the courage to even stand behind what you say -- don't bother commenting because I don't approve the posts of biased cowards hiding behind 'anonymous'.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Benjamin Button? More Like Benjamin Butthead IMO

Benjamin didn't like the answers I gave him at GFO so he called me an ass, lied about what I said to him in a support ticket at another site, and insinuated that both myself and the other person involved were lesbians.
This was after he wasted 1/2 an hour of my time between one of the sites I admin at and GFO, asking the same questions about the various scripts *ShiftCode, Cash Crusader, Aurora GPT* and how much money he could make with a site like 'mine' (the 'mine' is there because I don't own the site in question, I admin at it)

Benjamin apparently believes that a site could pay hosting and all payouts PLUS leave him $500.00 per month towards his own living expenses, and when he was told (politely) that it could NOT (by two people who've been in this so-called business as owners for 5 and 7 years respectively--even longer as members) he got exceedingly rude.

Personally, if he does manage to get a site up and running--which I seriously doubt he has the skills to do-- I will stay far far away from it.

Anybody who can't control his temper BEFORE he starts a site certainly won't be able to control it AFTER the site is up and running.

Its bad enough to call a fellow forum member names and insinuate that she's a lesbian but the first time he has one of his childish temper tantrums at his site or goes off on an account manager for a payment processor or a third-party affiliate--he will lose affiliate accounts, payment processors, and members so fast his little nasty name-calling head will spin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carole Stacy

Those of you that are expecting praise or a puff piece, move on.  This woman has done nothing worthy of praise in the 8 years I've known her online

Carole Stacy expects public praise for simply doing her job.  By that I mean she expects public praise for processing ads and responding to ad change requests in a timely manner.

Processing and changing ads is the job definition of even a barely adequate program owner. Processing ads, changing ads, etc --that is NOT going above and beyond like the 4 women I showcased in the previous post.

This woman has made so many missteps since she opened her first PTR site back in 2002 that I barely know where to begin.  The high points would be:

1) the $50.00 signup bonus at her first program Mec-Co-Op-Paid-Mail,

2) public rudeness to members and non-members alike at the old Myecom forums where she had her support folder for Mec-Co-Op-Paid Mail and her second program Copper Coins

3) public rudeness to members at Been Paid where she had her support forum for Reliable Mail, her third program.

3) deleting members for posting negative comments in forums

4) shutting down Mec-Co-Op-Paid Mail without paying all members in full.  Program owners that don't pay everyone when shutting down their program(s) are considered to have done a runner whether they disappear from the internet or not..

5) deleting nearly all the members at her THIRD program (Reliable Email) because they didn't live in the USA, UK, or Canada

6) after giving away Reliable Email less than 3 weeks later pretending to be her own disabled 10 year old grandson to open her fourth program (Joint Venture Emails)

7) deleting nearly all the tier 3/tier 4 members at her fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth programs (Joint Venture Emails, Cathouse Mail, Galaxy Mails, St Cash Unlimited, and Howlin Mad Cash) without notice, without paying them and without allowing them to convert their ptp credits before deletion.

8) continually telling members and non-members alike at forums that she does NOT control to shut up, grow up, or saying that its none of their business and/or calling them names. 

9) using her members at all 8 programs (5 that she currently owns)  in her constant and immature vendettas against other program owners and both members and ex-members of her sites

10) repeatedly (and publicly) posting lies about other program owners, members of her sites, and ex-members of her sites

11)  attacking like a jackal when her lies and twisting of the truth is exposed.

Carole Stacy has a very bad case of 'everybody is out of step but my son John'--when you have the same reaction from people for 8 years or more it is something YOU are doing, it cannot be blamed on jealous program owners (what's to be jealous of anyway, all of her programs have less than 150 members, she can't sell ads OR keep the ptp rotators moving smoothly) or disgruntled ex-members that were deleted for cheating (Carole Stacy's memberbase at Joint Venture is FULL of country cheaters, I doubt she even KNOWS how to catch a cheater!!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Connie, Susan, Renee, and Suzanne

So I must be sick, instead of ranting and raving like usual, I am actually praising several program owners. But I do believe in giving credit where credit is due

Connie from Wallaby Mail: instead of suspending my account when I hit 2 bad links--like a lot of program owners would have done without even thinking about it--asked me what the heck was going on and when I told her......she fixed the situation immediately.

Susan from 1 Cent Mail and Firecracker: answered questions almost before I closed the support desks at her sites.  In addition, she gave me some help with my issues with Thunderbird.

Suzanne from Peco Mail: answered a support question within less than 5 minutes.  Processed purchased ads within less than 5 minutes.  All on a Tuesday night when most program owners would have left both question and ads until tomorrow.

Renee from Hot Rods PTR (among others): worked with me to find out why none of my ptp hits from Princess Mails were valid. It turns out that if a site is on both the banned list and the approved list, the banned list overrides the approved list.  In addition, Renee unexpectedly credited my account with what I would have earned had all the hits from Princess Mails been valid.

What I find most impressive about 3 of these situations is that I have had public and private battles in the past with Connie, Renee, and Suzanne--but they didn't let that get in the way of helping me. 
So this afternoon (almost said morning, since I've only been up for 1/2 an hour) my goals are to click a little (only a little LOL even though I have probably 1500 emails that I should be clicking) and to try not to go back to bed. I don't feel good, and even though clicking is a pretty mindless activity it's not one that could or should be done while literally sleeping.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The forgotten blog

Well well well....had this blog since 2006 and forgot all about it. 5 profile views.....3 of which were probably mine *GIGGLE*

So I already have my real blog where I can't mention PTR or Google will boot my butt right out of Ad Sense where I've made a whopping 11 cents in 4 months.

I think this will be my PTR blog where I can do some monetizing and mention omg *giggles* PTR and Search Engines and all those other nasty things that Google hates.