Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh and comparing me to Cyber is supposed to be some sort of insult?

Sorry, I happen to admire --maybe even like-- Cyber and her unparalleled ability to cut through the crap, so you have just given me a compliment.  Not what you expected was it?

And if ya'll don't have the courage and common decency to be open, honest and upfront about who you are then making comments about my REAL life makes you even more of a cowardly parrot.

The comment below is a snip from the oh-so-brave 'anonymous' thing complete with his/her insults (attempted or otherwise) and his/her spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors............

lol are you related to cybertongue? Or is venting about others in a world that makes memebers pennies your way of venting frustration in real life.

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Unknown said...

IMHO, you are nothing like Cyper at all. You hold nothing back and speak the truth. You do not accuse people falsely at all in all the years I have seen you posting in forums. Whomever compared you to Cyper, imo was being nasty. You do not come off nasty but you tell the truth, period.