Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anybody Want to Buy 4 Sites? Heavy Baggage Attached

Carole Stacy finally admitted what most of the PTR world knew all along.  She cannot handle 5 sites so she's selling 4 of them.

The baggage that comes with these 4 sites is that they are hot potato sites with a lot of history, most of which isn't good

Cathouse Mails: has had 4 owners.  Jesse got ill, Sheri got behind on payouts and sold to Darlene, Darlene had way too many real life commitments, so Carole acquired the site. 

Galaxy Mails: 3 owners

St Cash Unlimited: too many owners to count but the ones I remember are Gene Collins, Sondra Hicks (twice), Darlene Ballew, and Carole Stacy.

Howlin Mad Cash: at least 3 owners and probably more.

Carole deleted nearly all of the tier 3/tier 4 members at these 4 sites with no warning, no payment, and no time to convert their PTP credits.

She deleted paid for ads from at least one of the sites (Cathouse).  She changed upgrade ads at all of the sites on a weekly basis. She abused members and ex-members publicly, telling them to shut up, telling them to grow up, and otherwise acting like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum.

If the sites do not sell (and she won't negotiate on prices) by April 15, she will turn them to ads only. 

If the sites still don't sell by June 1, she will keep them as ads only and close them on September 1.

She also says she will do the same with Joint Venture if the others don't sell. Payouts are getting slower and slower at Joint Venture, I assume the rest of the sites are the same

And then she wonders why nobody wants to join the sites, why nobody wants to buy ads from her, and why her current members mostly don't support her or her sites.

Carole created the situation she finds herself in by taking on the 4 sites in the first place.  Her actions both at the sites and in the forums after taking on the sites simply exacerbated the problems.

What I find most despicable is that Joint Venture is not even for sale, yet Carole took down the request page at Joint Venture with no warning beforehand and within literally hours of the announcement of the other 4 sites being put up for sale.

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Sondra Hicks said...

wtf! She is going to close ST Cash? Man if I had known the BS that would follow me selling that site considering I opened it I would never have sold it. I treated the members and site with respect and than I read this and it just boils my blood. Apparently those I trusted to maintain and that promised me it would remain open dont keep their word. The world of PTR has gone downhill since 2002. To many scammers, cheaters and false promises.