Monday, March 29, 2010

Whinging Revisited

Some people take PTR way too seriously.

First there's the woman (I won't call her a lady, that would be giving her way too much credit) who ripped me a new you-know-what because I notified her that her ptp was suspended due to a change in how tier 3/tier 4 hits are credited.

I was called hateful, I was told I was griping at her, and I was told she didn't have any ads at one site that was definitely delivering 25-30 hits to her ptp link every single day.

I was also told that she had no way of telling what tier her hits came from.  Funny, everybody else can just look at their ptp stats and see their tier stats, their invalid percentage, and how much they earned.

But I guess this woman simply has either no clue what the 'statistics' link is for or she has a very odd form of blindness that allows her to see everything --including the personal admin message I set up for her and the reply to her support ticket--but not her stats for her ptp links.

Now would she have really preferred that I let her ptp sit suspended --giving her NO credits at all and earning her ZERO nada zip zilch nothing-- until she noticed it? I hope so because if the situation ever comes up again that is exactly what I will do.

Does she like wasting her advertising dollars? Again, I hope so because I won't ever notify her again of anything with her ptp.

And the ad she said she didn't have running at all, funnily enough after I contacted her that ad stopped delivering hits to her ptp.

I guess the PTR fairy whispered in the other program owners ear to stop that ad with no input from the person who bought or redeemed for the ad.

What's that you say, there is NO PTR fairy?  That's exactly my point, this person had to have contacted the program owner and got the ad (which she didn't have running at all mind you) stopped. 

So what was the point of calling me names and lying to me?  Most program owners and admins would NOT have take the time to notify every single person whose ptp got suspended at their program, and I certainly will not extend that courtesy to this person ever again

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