Saturday, March 20, 2010

Censorship and Power Plays

So at the most boring forum in the universe aka GFO aka Global Friends Online, the moderators are on yet another power trip in the name of FORCED RESPECT.

This latest farce--in a long line of them--comes complete with gag rules, making forum members look bad with either neglectful edits or intentionally malicious edits, public and private retaliation, attempted humiliation, condescension including but not limited to a watched status that other programs owners can see (I find it particularly distasteful that the moderators choose to try to embarrass this person in front of his fellow program owners), and a blatant abuse of power.

Earlier power trips by at least one member of the forum staff included repeated insinuations that at least one member is a liar.

The forum staff/moderators at GFO  (with the exception of two moderators) openly and continually refuse to show their members--without whom there would be NO forum for them to moderate--the same respect that they demand from members.

Edits are apparently made with malice aforethought so that moderators can make SOME members look like they run around making posts that  use vulgarities or public attacks on others. 

Rules are enforced based on WHO the member is and HOW the moderating staff feels about them, for example if a member is going after someone who is already on the ---- list of the moderators they can get away with just about anything up to and including blatant personal attacks.

This behavior shows no respect towards members and is in fact attacking the appearance and credibility of those members.

Respect has to be earned.  Power plays, gag rules, malicious edits, retaliation, insinuations, name-calling, attempted humiliation, condescension, belittling, unwarranted nastiness, repeated blatant favoritism, attempts to make someone look bad in front of fellow program owners, and other repeated blatant abuses of power are NOT the ways to earn respect either offline or online.

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