Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stephen Hauser, Facebook, and Me

Now I generally don't spend much time on Facebook, maybe an hour or two total per week.  The games are mostly silly timewasters IMO.

I use Facebook mostly to stay current with family that lives several hours away (Louisiana, Washington, etc)

I can catch up with friends/family/groups that I actually want to be a member of quickly, make a comment or two, write on a wall or two,  and get back to real life.

I don't have any desire to be involved with online marketing or the 'benefits' (financial or otherwise) of social media, other than my blogs and my amazon store

This low level of involvement with Facebook also means that I don't know all the ins and outs of messaging via Facebook, nor do I know how to leave groups. 

I guess Stephen Hauser is a Facebook addict and knows everything there is to know about Facebook PLUS he obviously ASSUMES that everyone else is as intelligent as him when it comes to Facebook.

I got totally sick of Stephen's messages months ago but tolerated them, well actually deleted them unread for the most part, until a few days ago. 

I asked him politely to stop sending me messages yesterday but I failed to quit his IMO worthless group.

So I got yet another IMO worthless message after I'd asked him to stop sending me messages.  I reported that message as spam and told him again--rather rudely I will admit--to stop messaging me particularly in light of the fact that I had asked him to stop once already.

So now I receive a rude and insulting message (I guess he really doesn't get it that I do NOT want to hear from him, or being a typical male he just has to get the last word in)

Oh my heart is just broken that I've been permanently banned from his WORTHLESS group. I'll go sit in the corner and cry for hours over that.  NOT!!

My heart is also broken in little pieces that I reported him for spam, oh yeah I'll go sit in the other corner and weep over that one too

I also reported the last message as spam.  If I don't want you to contact me and you continue to do so after being told twice--one politely and once rudely--to cease and desist it is SPAM whether you think it is or not.
We are NOT friends, thank God. The problem is that you are (were) still a member of my Facebook group, so every time I send out a message to ALL group members, then you are included. Rest assured that I have PERMANENTLY banned you from my group.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting unwarranted spam when all you had to do instead was LEAVE my group

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