Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heather C from OAP, My PTR, and Dream Mails

Heather is an excellent program owner as well as being a very nice person (the two traits don't always go together)

When my paid for upgrade at Old Amsterdam Post (OAP) expired I couldn't afford to renew it, so I asked if I could get the free upgrade that's offered at the site.  I'd not taken advantage of it under the old owner (Gabriella) because when I joined OAP there was a special, buy any upgrade and get a 3-month affiliate page for free.

Heather agreed to give me the free upgrade, and the day after my paid upgrade expired I was notified that I'd been upgraded again to the free upgrade. A lot of program owners would have said NO since I'd already been a member for almost a year.

I'm an assistant at a small site that has some design issues.  First the upgrade page went wonky, all the text was in a 2" column clear to the right of the page which made it impossible to read without scrolling and going blind in the process.  Then the page for outside advertisers stats plain didn't work at all.

After pulling my hair out I decided to send a PM to Heather at a forum we both belong to.  She got back to me very quickly and fixed both pages.  I call that going above and beyond as she didn't have to fix the pages for me.

Heather ROCKS!

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