Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carole Stacy

Those of you that are expecting praise or a puff piece, move on.  This woman has done nothing worthy of praise in the 8 years I've known her online

Carole Stacy expects public praise for simply doing her job.  By that I mean she expects public praise for processing ads and responding to ad change requests in a timely manner.

Processing and changing ads is the job definition of even a barely adequate program owner. Processing ads, changing ads, etc --that is NOT going above and beyond like the 4 women I showcased in the previous post.

This woman has made so many missteps since she opened her first PTR site back in 2002 that I barely know where to begin.  The high points would be:

1) the $50.00 signup bonus at her first program Mec-Co-Op-Paid-Mail,

2) public rudeness to members and non-members alike at the old Myecom forums where she had her support folder for Mec-Co-Op-Paid Mail and her second program Copper Coins

3) public rudeness to members at Been Paid where she had her support forum for Reliable Mail, her third program.

3) deleting members for posting negative comments in forums

4) shutting down Mec-Co-Op-Paid Mail without paying all members in full.  Program owners that don't pay everyone when shutting down their program(s) are considered to have done a runner whether they disappear from the internet or not..

5) deleting nearly all the members at her THIRD program (Reliable Email) because they didn't live in the USA, UK, or Canada

6) after giving away Reliable Email less than 3 weeks later pretending to be her own disabled 10 year old grandson to open her fourth program (Joint Venture Emails)

7) deleting nearly all the tier 3/tier 4 members at her fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth programs (Joint Venture Emails, Cathouse Mail, Galaxy Mails, St Cash Unlimited, and Howlin Mad Cash) without notice, without paying them and without allowing them to convert their ptp credits before deletion.

8) continually telling members and non-members alike at forums that she does NOT control to shut up, grow up, or saying that its none of their business and/or calling them names. 

9) using her members at all 8 programs (5 that she currently owns)  in her constant and immature vendettas against other program owners and both members and ex-members of her sites

10) repeatedly (and publicly) posting lies about other program owners, members of her sites, and ex-members of her sites

11)  attacking like a jackal when her lies and twisting of the truth is exposed.

Carole Stacy has a very bad case of 'everybody is out of step but my son John'--when you have the same reaction from people for 8 years or more it is something YOU are doing, it cannot be blamed on jealous program owners (what's to be jealous of anyway, all of her programs have less than 150 members, she can't sell ads OR keep the ptp rotators moving smoothly) or disgruntled ex-members that were deleted for cheating (Carole Stacy's memberbase at Joint Venture is FULL of country cheaters, I doubt she even KNOWS how to catch a cheater!!)

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