Monday, March 15, 2010

Comments--Anonymous(s) need not make any.

So I'm still not feeling good, in a rotten mood, and I have to drive to Redmond (16 miles each way) to be screened for a job.

Then at the other blog some idiot thinks saying something even if its irrelevant is better than saying nothing at all.  I do like that ability to trash irrelevant comments such as "good advice" when there was NO advice in the post being commented on.

Then I get a comment here on the post on Carole Stacy from someone who's too much of a coward to even stand behind what they say.

I'm open and upfront about who I am and where I'm coming from, and posts from ANY "anonymous" coward whoever they may be will not be approved.

I think being rejected is the opposite of being approved.

If you don't have the courage to even make yourself known  and stand behind your openly biased and obviously parroted opinions who cares what you have to say??.

I dislike total and utter cowards who hide behind 'anonymous' even more than I do spammers and those who make totally irrelevant comments

So if you can't say who you are and if you don't have the courage to even stand behind what you say -- don't bother commenting because I don't approve the posts of biased cowards hiding behind 'anonymous'.

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