Monday, November 28, 2011

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Where I'm Waiting For Payouts (November 2011)

Scooby's Clicks:  $2.01

No Minimum: Your request for 2.18 USD alertpay  is 2 day(s) old.

Poker PTR:  Your request for 5.12 USD AlertPay  is 54 day(s) old. 

Lady of The Links: Your request for 11.69 USD AlertPay is 569 day(s) old 

Monkey Bizs:  somehow they lost my request. I have been waiting since October 29 2011 for payout--$2.03 (now up to $2.91, not requesting again until they tell me what happened to my first request)

Raining Cash Emails: switched from AlertPay (28 days) to PayPal. Your request for 10.35 USD is 11 days old.

St Cash Unlimited: switched from Alert Pay (28 days) to PayPal.  Your request for 4.14 USD is 11 days old

Old Amsterdam Post: the site lost the payout requests and the host hasn't been very helpful in finding out what happened or fixing it

Dream Mails: switched from Alert Pay (28 days) to PayPal. Your request for 3.89 USD is 11 days old

Who's Paid Me in November 2011

Black Sheep PTC:    $2.03
Cathouse Emails:       $2.55
Clix Sense:                $8.63
Dream Mails: $3.94
Easy PTR:                 $1.50
Fast PTR:                  $1.57
Fusion Mail:               $1.90
Hot Rods PTR:          $2.90
Jills Click Corner:       $1.04
Mad Money Clickers: $1.04
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.53
Pinecone Research:     $3.00
Showcase PTR:          $3.68
St Cash Unlimited: $4.16
Sweet Clickers:          $3.10
Wallaby Mail:             $2.87

Total For November (as of  11/30/2011):  $39.38

Who Paid Me In October 2011

Clix Sense:            $13.22
Mail Earns:            $ 2.61
Matrix Mails:         $ 2.30
Our PTR:              $   .23
Pinecone:              $ 3.00
Polar Bear Clicks: $ 5.00
Sand Castle Cash: $ 2.48

Total for October:  $28.84