Friday, August 27, 2010

Amazon Gift Cards

There are 4 ways you can give Gift Cards:

1) E-mail a personalized gift card for immediate delivery or schedule up to a year in advance.
2) Print a personalized gift card on your home or office printer now.
3) Mail a personalized gift card with a free greeting card for delivery in 5 to 7 days (shipping is free, of course).
4) Add a gift card in preset denominations – or a box of them! – to your shopping cart and get free next-day shipping. Gift Cards never expire and are redeemable for millions of items storewide -- for everything you need (or forgot to buy) for Back to School.

Check out the available gift cards by clicking the link below

Monday, August 23, 2010

Limited Time Offer at Amazon

Send your kids back to school in style.

During Amazon's back to school sale get $10 off qualifying orders of $50 or more or $25 off qualifying orders of $100 or more when you shop kids’, juniors’, and young men’s clothing sold by Amazon at’s Clothing Store. Now through August 31, 2010.

Check it out here:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Watches at

The endless Watches store offers styles from casual to luxurious for men, women, and children from dozens of great brands including Citizen, Bulova, Seiko, Movado, Casio, and AK Anne Klein

Check them out at:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Good News!!

I had a doctors appointment today.

The little backpack oxygen tanks aren't working properly so I just went without my oxygen, thinking they would chew me out no end. But my oxygen saturation level was at 95% without using oxygen.  The doctor was pleased and so am I.

My INR (measure of how fast or slow my blood clots) is slowly coming up too, and probably next week will be where its supposed to be (2.0-3.0).

Now all I need is an energy transfusion (an energy pack like in Mafia Wars ROFLMAO!!) so that I don't feel so darn tired all the time

Backing Away From PTR

I have been on oxygen 24/7 for nearly 2 weeks now.

I was in the hospital for 3 days.

I am pre-diabetic and I have blood clots on my lungs.

I went from taking no pills at all to taking a minimum of  4 pills every single day.

If I am in pain, add another 2 pills to that total.

Add to that an injectable blood thinner that I administer to myself every day at noon.

I don't have enough energy to accomplish more than one thing outside of my home every day.

If I try to accomplish two things, I either sleep for 2 days afterward or I have a meltdown in the middle of the second thing.

I will probably be applying for social security disability next week as I am much too ill to work right now

Just like the death of my father spurred me to sell/close my PTR sites, my own health scares (continuing) are spurring me to back away from GPT sites.

I am choosing to not read/post at GPT forums (with one notable exception) because I don't need the stress. My blood pressure is high enough already without reading the deliberately provocative crap posted at most forums.

I am choosing also to leave sites as my ads, upgrades and affiliate pages expire.  The stress of will he/she pay, will he/she run my ads, will he/she be around next month is another stress I don't need.

And the sites that are closing? It doesn't break my heart that they are closing; I am hopeful that most if not all will do it the 'right way' but whatever happens happens and I realize I have no control over anything but my own life--and not even much control over that with all these health problems.

I started out 2010 belonging to over 80 PTR programs.

I am now in 52 programs
1) one program is suspended (Taters)
2) I am waiting for ads to expire at two other programs (dolcevita and puppies)
3) My upgrade at a 4th program expires tomorrow (homestead)
4) I am waiting for an affiliate page to expire in September at a fifth program (castles gold)
5) I am waiting for an affiliate page to expire in October at a sixth program (moo-over)
6) I am slowly redeeming all earnings at a seventh program ( x mails)
7) Two programs are closing in October (Deep C and Lady of the Links)

I will continue to slowly cut down as upgrades, ads, and affiliate pages expire.

My future looks like this: I will continue my blogging here, at Spark People, and at Word Press (possibly even add more blogs, as I enjoy writing and am damn good at it if I do say so myself).

I hope to write more articles for Triond and learn how to more effectively market those articles since the PTR model of marketing them earned me a whopping NINE CENTS in August.

And I will continue to push my Amazon store as I make $10.00-$20.00 per month there with little or no effort on my part.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Computer Hates Me? HA!

Hi Suellen! Here is your Daily AstroSlam for Thursday, August 12
Your computer hates you and is plotting ways to destroy your data. Stop depending on technology to guide you through life. Lift your fingers from the keyboard and your eyes from the screen -- talk to a real person instead.

I've talked to enough real people since Sunday to do me for a lifetime ROFLMAO. Since Sunday noon I've talked (face-to-face) with at least 3 doctors, at least 4 nurses, numerous nursing assistants. numerous receptionists, and numerous financial people from the hospital and clinics.

I'll take some non-face-to-face communication any day since online friends aren't going to say:

1) You have clots in your lungs and we are admitting you to the hospital
2) Your INR is not high enough yet
3) Do you need to pee?
4) You absolutely have to give up Coca-Cola, you are pre-diabetic
5) You need to lose at least 30 pounds
6) You need to use oxygen 24/7
7) Why did you wait so long to come in?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazon Triple Threat For August

1) Best books of 2010 at Amazon

I'm excited to share the Best Books of 2010…So Far—the Amazon Books editors’ picks for the best new releases this year from January through June. Browse their selections for the top 10 must-read books of the year so far, and discover the best 10 reads in fiction, nonfiction, and books for kids and teens.

Check out the best books of 2010 here:

2) Patio Lawn and Garden

Amazon has recently expanded the Patio, Lawn & Garden Store to include pools and supplies, outdoor power equipment, generators, and snow-removal products.

The Amazon Patio, Lawn & Garden Store has year-round seasonal products for your home.

From gardening in the summer to snow removal in the winter, you can find products that fit your outdoor needs.

As Amazon heads towards fall, they are promoting end-of-season markdowns on their summer products.

Customers looking for deals on products during this time will find low prices on thousands of outdoor products, including lawn mowers, gardening tools, patio furniture, pools, and grills

Check out the end of summer markdowns here:

or here:

3) Free Shipping on Grills and Smokers

Did you know that Amazon offers FREE Super Saver Shipping on eligible grills and smokers?

This means big savings for customers, in addition to their already low prices. (Note: Applies only to products sold by Does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the site.)

Check out the grill and smoker selection here:

or here:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beware The PTC Spot

First off the site says you are paid for promoting the site, which you are not.

Not only does the front page state 'Paid to Promote" when you join and check out the "earnings area" it states that you earn blah blah amount per view.

You don't earn even a fraction of a cent and if you choose to promote this site, you are promoting only for referrals as you get a big fat nothing out of the ptp feature.

Supposedly you will receive 10% referral earnings, however you would need thousands of referrals to make anything at this site.

Then when I went to delete my paid to click (PTC) ad at another site (for The PTC Spot) I find that out of 351 clicks to said ptc, only 144 actually registered at The PTC Spot.  What happened to the other 207 clicks?

144 clicks registering out of 351 clicks actually made at the other site = 59% missing clicks

A 59% loss of clicks to 'cyberspace' 'bots' 'revisits' 'cheaters' 'page not loading'  'the man in the moon for all I know' is an unreasonably high loss.

I would accept 10%-15% loss due to connection problems or server hickups but a loss of over half the hits sent to the page is unacceptable especially given the fact that the paid to click (PTC) ad  I had running for this site was only clickable once every 24-25 hours and was a timed paid to click (10-12 seconds) ad.

Even if the same IP address was clicking this ad every single day, they could only click it once every 24-25 hours.

And I find it totally unbelievable that the same ip address or same bot or same (re)visitor or same cheater clicked the ad 207 times in the less than 2-3 weeks that I was a member of The PTC Spot.

I would ignore the missing hits and the dishonesty (after all the site does still state that you earn a pittance per view when you clearly do not) if the site was a decent earner.

There are 12-15 ads to click and the total I earned from 2 days of clicking was less than 5 cents--not to mention I wasted an upgraded ad on the so-called ptp function.

I could make more money going for a walk and picking up change and pop cans/bottles off the street than I can make from this site.

Heck, I could probably find more than 5 cents under the seats in my truck, or under the sofa/chair cushions in my house.

Yes, I left the site.  I can make more per month clicking at PTR sites, taking surveys, or selling through my Amazon store.

Furthermore I am not willing to promote a site that is openly deceitful about their earning opportunities while the PO whines about 'cheaters' and 'bots'.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amazon HD and Video On Demand

Summer TV is finally here and Amazon’s got the hottest shows from Burn Notice to Dexter in HD (high-definition), commercial-free.

Just in time for the new Summer TV line-up, Amazon customers can now instantly watch their favorite shows from ABC such as Lost and Grey’s Anatomy on Amazon Video On Demand.

Starting in August, Amazon customers will be able to instantly access over 75,000 movies & TV shows on compatible connected TVs and computers (both PC and MAC).

Turn your living room, office, or family room into a digital entertainment center with Amazon HD and Amazon Video on Demand!!

Check it out at the link below:

Monday, August 2, 2010

New and Used Textbooks at Amazon

Going back to school can be expensive for parents AND students.  Amazon wants to help.

Customers who qualify for the free Amazon Student program can take advantage of FREE two-day shipping for one year on textbooks and millions of other items.

Amazon's Textbook Store features savings of up to 30% on thousands of new titles shipped from and sold by, and up to 90% on millions of used textbooks.

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