Thursday, August 19, 2010

Backing Away From PTR

I have been on oxygen 24/7 for nearly 2 weeks now.

I was in the hospital for 3 days.

I am pre-diabetic and I have blood clots on my lungs.

I went from taking no pills at all to taking a minimum of  4 pills every single day.

If I am in pain, add another 2 pills to that total.

Add to that an injectable blood thinner that I administer to myself every day at noon.

I don't have enough energy to accomplish more than one thing outside of my home every day.

If I try to accomplish two things, I either sleep for 2 days afterward or I have a meltdown in the middle of the second thing.

I will probably be applying for social security disability next week as I am much too ill to work right now

Just like the death of my father spurred me to sell/close my PTR sites, my own health scares (continuing) are spurring me to back away from GPT sites.

I am choosing to not read/post at GPT forums (with one notable exception) because I don't need the stress. My blood pressure is high enough already without reading the deliberately provocative crap posted at most forums.

I am choosing also to leave sites as my ads, upgrades and affiliate pages expire.  The stress of will he/she pay, will he/she run my ads, will he/she be around next month is another stress I don't need.

And the sites that are closing? It doesn't break my heart that they are closing; I am hopeful that most if not all will do it the 'right way' but whatever happens happens and I realize I have no control over anything but my own life--and not even much control over that with all these health problems.

I started out 2010 belonging to over 80 PTR programs.

I am now in 52 programs
1) one program is suspended (Taters)
2) I am waiting for ads to expire at two other programs (dolcevita and puppies)
3) My upgrade at a 4th program expires tomorrow (homestead)
4) I am waiting for an affiliate page to expire in September at a fifth program (castles gold)
5) I am waiting for an affiliate page to expire in October at a sixth program (moo-over)
6) I am slowly redeeming all earnings at a seventh program ( x mails)
7) Two programs are closing in October (Deep C and Lady of the Links)

I will continue to slowly cut down as upgrades, ads, and affiliate pages expire.

My future looks like this: I will continue my blogging here, at Spark People, and at Word Press (possibly even add more blogs, as I enjoy writing and am damn good at it if I do say so myself).

I hope to write more articles for Triond and learn how to more effectively market those articles since the PTR model of marketing them earned me a whopping NINE CENTS in August.

And I will continue to push my Amazon store as I make $10.00-$20.00 per month there with little or no effort on my part.


Carol said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. Please continue to blog and keep us updated.

Martha said...

Sorry to hear about your health. I've been purchasing on your Amazon Site from time to time to help my fellow members in the industry. I really appreciate the fact your promote your amazon site at so many PTR sites. It makes it easier for me to find when the need crops up. I've been supporting other people in the industry's amazon sites since we don't get credit for our own purchases on ours.

Hang in there!