Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beware The PTC Spot

First off the site says you are paid for promoting the site, which you are not.

Not only does the front page state 'Paid to Promote" when you join and check out the "earnings area" it states that you earn blah blah amount per view.

You don't earn even a fraction of a cent and if you choose to promote this site, you are promoting only for referrals as you get a big fat nothing out of the ptp feature.

Supposedly you will receive 10% referral earnings, however you would need thousands of referrals to make anything at this site.

Then when I went to delete my paid to click (PTC) ad at another site (for The PTC Spot) I find that out of 351 clicks to said ptc, only 144 actually registered at The PTC Spot.  What happened to the other 207 clicks?

144 clicks registering out of 351 clicks actually made at the other site = 59% missing clicks

A 59% loss of clicks to 'cyberspace' 'bots' 'revisits' 'cheaters' 'page not loading'  'the man in the moon for all I know' is an unreasonably high loss.

I would accept 10%-15% loss due to connection problems or server hickups but a loss of over half the hits sent to the page is unacceptable especially given the fact that the paid to click (PTC) ad  I had running for this site was only clickable once every 24-25 hours and was a timed paid to click (10-12 seconds) ad.

Even if the same IP address was clicking this ad every single day, they could only click it once every 24-25 hours.

And I find it totally unbelievable that the same ip address or same bot or same (re)visitor or same cheater clicked the ad 207 times in the less than 2-3 weeks that I was a member of The PTC Spot.

I would ignore the missing hits and the dishonesty (after all the site does still state that you earn a pittance per view when you clearly do not) if the site was a decent earner.

There are 12-15 ads to click and the total I earned from 2 days of clicking was less than 5 cents--not to mention I wasted an upgraded ad on the so-called ptp function.

I could make more money going for a walk and picking up change and pop cans/bottles off the street than I can make from this site.

Heck, I could probably find more than 5 cents under the seats in my truck, or under the sofa/chair cushions in my house.

Yes, I left the site.  I can make more per month clicking at PTR sites, taking surveys, or selling through my Amazon store.

Furthermore I am not willing to promote a site that is openly deceitful about their earning opportunities while the PO whines about 'cheaters' and 'bots'.

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