Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding!!

In an effort to keep our survey clients content in todays constantly changing market, we are going to be adding a few new fields to the screener page of the daily survey offer. These fields will include *first name, last name and street address*. A third party, will be performing real-time checks to make sure the respondent is who they say they are. You will be passed into a study and will be remembered for future participation so he or she will no longer need to enter this information.

Please note, we will not market to these respondents in any way and the checks are instant, so this will not create any lag-time in the survey experience. So you only have to do this one time.
The good news about this new procedure is the potential to grow our survey opportunities for you. When our clients are happy, and we have a competitive edge over other Market Research companies, this is sure to bring even more projects to the daily survey system - which means the potential to grow your monthly earnings even more.
Hmmm, this site has just ensured that I will never ever participate in ANY of their surveys (not that I participated all that often before this change).

I realize that this is an attempt to 1) cut down on cheaters/duplicate accounts and 2)  keep their survey clients happy but as an ongoing victim of a cyberstalker/harasser/spammer I will flat out refuse to give my full name and street address to some 'unnamed third party' for any purpose.

It's the 'unnamed' part that I have a real issue with.  Just because the management of this site trusts this third party to verify information doesn't mean that I have to trust them too.

And the potential to grow the survey opportunities excuse leaves me totally unmoved.

Is the PTR site going to take responsibility if the third party verifiers turn out to be untrustworthy?  I doubt it.

Is the PTR site going to take responsibility if the third party verifiers DO market to the survey responders? I doubt it.

Until the PTR site in question names the third party verifier, I will continue to simply click the paid link and NOT do the surveys.

I may continue to simply click the paid link and NOT do the surveys even if the PTR site in question names the third party.

My privacy is worth a hell of a lot more than the relatively small incentives offered for these surveys or even the larger amounts offered once a certain number of surveys are completed

Make HUGH Money????

No that isn't a typo. Its from an ad at Clix Sense, although I see HUGH money advertised all over the place.

What is HUGH money?

Is it money brought to me by Hugh Hefner from Playboy (now that would be a cool man to meet)?

Is it money brought to me by Hugh Grant (good-looking, great actor,  but not too wise about his choice of evening entertainment)?

Is it money brought to me by Hugh Jackman (never seen one of his movies, but if he wanted to eat crackers in MY bed I wouldn't kick him out..evil grin evil grin)?

Or is it money brought to me by Hugh Laurie (I wonder if he's as snarly in real life as he is in House)?.

Alas and alack, its a real pity that none of these four men or any others that are named Hugh will be bringing HUGH money to me or anybody else.

Why not? Unfortunately HUGH money is just some idiot marketer/advertiser mispelling HUGE.  I won't suggest that they buy a spellchecker, simply because both words are going to be in the spellchecker so it wouldn't help any.

Buying a dictionary might work, but that presupposes these people can read.  As I said about the intelligence-challenged owner of Storm Surf Traffic, that just may be assuming too much.

HUGH is a mans name.

HUGE is gigantic, large, tremendous, unusually great in size, extent, or quantity.

And until some marketers get it right, I will continue to wonder what else they are mistaken about.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not Only Biased But A Hypocrite and A Copycat

As of June 1st, rather than make ptp for upgraded members only as i stated in a previous admin message. Everyone can use ptp but will be paid in points rather than cash.

Those points can be redeemed for ptc ads, rotator views or paid e-mail point ads at a rate of 1000 for 1000 even exchange.
There will be no profit margin for the site. It's just going to be a way for members to earn free advertising.
The above is snipped from the latest book length admin message at Joint Venture.

I cannot begin to express how disgusted I am -- not with the changes but with the fact that Carole Stacy recently and repeatedly slammed the owner of E-qoo for doing *nearly the same thing*, going so far as to publicly state that the owner of E-qoo was spouting hogwash.

I guess all of a sudden 'hogwash' turned into an idea that Carole Stacy loves and will be implementing in shortly over a month.

Nearly the same thing: Carole Stacy took the 'hogwash' one step further though, at E-qoo you can actually get some cash for your points (10 cents per 1000 if you are in a hurry, considerably more if you wait for the owner to buy back points based on site profit).

You can only get ads in exchange for your points at Joint Venture.

The site already has over 750 ads in rotation and it takes months for ptc ads to expire.

Rotator views at Joint Venture are a total joke; they cost 2 points per view and I set up some rotator views for Amazon links 2 weeks ago and they've received 37, 46, and 77 views respectively.

The only ads that expire in a reasonable time frame are the cash emails and I don't see those even mentioned in what you get for promoting the ptp.

And why would members of Joint Venture who are upgraded and have an affiliate page be interested in earning more advertising?

I have 32 running banner impressions ads at Joint Venture.
I have 45 running ptc ads at Joint Venture.

Each month I get 10 banner impressions ads, 2 email ads, and 5 ptc ads as part of my upgrade.

I am running out of sites to promote at Joint Venture because of the sheer number of ads I already have running and because Joint Venture was removed from the ptp approved lists of many sites I belong to.

Then there's her latest scammy affiliate program.
Dear friend,

I would like to let you know about a website that I recently found to make big money online.

It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, making you tons of cash!

$0.00 invest - earn $780.00 daily.

It's real and easy way to make income in Internet.

Go to the link below to learn more:

 best regards,

Carole Stacy
The program is hosted by a company that has been affiliated with several known scams in the past.

Ownership of the program is hidden behind the hosting company.

The program was launched less than two months ago.

The program has an excessively high payout of $300.00 which would make me question it right off the bat.

The front page has so many errors on it that its totally laughable
Turn your valuable web site traffic into money. Join our affiliate program. We offer the most pay-per-click rate to help maximize your revenue stream.
Imagine running of a something that never failed to provide you with cash-flow. A never ending income generator, a system so amazingly profitable that you never had to work for a boss ever again! 
Watch that your money grow
"We offer the most pay per click rate" The most, is that highest, lowest, what? Is that in dollars, or shekels, or rubles, or yen? What exactly do they offer?  Thats just clear as mud.

Imagine running of a something? Yeah imagine running an  site that pays you $780.00 per day without investing a penny? If it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it is too good to be true.

"Watch that your money grow" Watch your money grow is the correct phrase.

"Web site" It's normally spelled website but now I'm just being picky. LOL!!

The copy and paste of the advertising blurb (by Carole) from the site itself also shows that the owner of this program does not have a clear grasp of the English language.

While this in and of itself does not make the program a scam, when combined with unrealistic earnings promises, a hidden owner, a doctored or fake proof of income *see below* and no need to invest...........I'd run away from this program as fast as my little feet would carry me

This program shows a proof of income--a bank statement--supposedly submitted by an affiliate.

The major problem with that supposed bank statement is that all of the payments shown are dated anywhere from 7 1/2 months to 7 days  before this program was even launched.

Another problem with that supposed bank statement is that there is no proof provided that ANY of those payments came from any specific program (including this one).
In addition, Carole states in an admin message at Joint Venture that this program is affiliated with Google.

Well if that is true (and the only thing I see on the front page is a link to translate the page using Google Translate), I would not be running links to it on any incentive site as Google quite literally hates incentive sites to the point of booting people for even mentioning them much less promoting them or advertising Google Ad Sense ads on them.

I run Google Ad Sense ads on my other blog and I don't even mention incentive sites on that blog because of Google's attitudes towards them

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unreasonable Suggestions

Report it to my state's attorney general

Reality check: all I have is a name, a Facebook profile, and an email address (the latter changed when I reported his first email to me as spam, and will presumably change again if this situation continues).

It's not hard to open new email accounts on a daily basis if needed (for example, I have 6 gmail accounts, one for the last few payouts on my old now closed PTR site, one for my google ad sense account, one for my PTSU offers, one for my Liberty Reserve account, and 2 just because; I also have 5 email accounts with my ISP, another 2 with Earthlink, a Yahoo email account, a Crawler email account......not to mention the two accounts linked to my domains)

However, I don't use my email accounts for nefarious purposes (unless you call protecting myself from spam and deciding to take advantage of everything my over-priced ISP offers nefarious).

The name in question is not that uncommon. I just googled for it.  There are 25 people using the same name on Linkedin alone.  There is a doctor in California using the same name, and there's an actor on using the same name too.

Now when I googled for myself a few days ago the results that came up were ALL me, from a play I starred in (1970) to my various PTR sites (2003-2009). If I were the one doing the stalking, I'd be very very easy to find.

A picture on a Facebook profile could be years out of date if its even a real picture of the person in question. Heck, my Facebook profile picture is MY CAT.

Tip Top Traffic and Hit Silo

I am so very impressed with these traffic exchanges and their owners.

Thom from Tip Top Traffic is very nice and runs a clean site. He gave me a reasonable explanation as to why this very blog couldn't be accepted at his traffic exchange and he replied to my support ticket quite quickly.

When owners are reasonable and have clear cut 'this is not allowed because of repeated reports of viruses' or other logical reasons then most members will accept that and respect that.

Hit Silo (from Logiscape) approved my site manually (not this blog LOL) since the .info extensions are only allowed with manual approval.  It was done quickly and in a professional manner. There was no problem with the content of my site either

I'm still waiting for an answer to my support ticket at Wizard Surf 5 days later.  They could take lessons in customer service from Tip Top Traffic and Hit Silo.

Libel....Definitions, Definitions, Definitions

Libel is defined as a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person.

1) False?  If something can be proven, it is by definition not false.
    a) I can prove that I am being spammed repeatedly by a person who should not have either of the email addresses he is using to spam me.
   b) I can prove that the person who is spamming me repeatedly (2 emails per day every day for the last 3 days, and two other emails that were deleted when I thought this was going to actually stop) stated that 'we are not friends' and 'you are permanently banned from my group'
   c) I can prove that this person took one email address from Facebook, where we are not friends and where I was banned permanently from his group.
   d) I can prove that he should not have access to either email address that he's using to spam me.
   e) I can prove that after I reported one of his emails (from a certain Yahoo address) as spam to Yahoo, the next email from him came from a different Yahoo email address.  To me this shows intent to spam again and knowledge that the first email was reported as spam.
   f) the logical assumption is that he searched for the second email address he's using to spam me as if it were ever linked to my Facebook account, it has not been since long before the spamming started.
   g) why would you repeatedly send spam emails inviting someone to look at your pictures at Flixster or join your network at Linkedin when less than a month ago you said to that same person 'we are not friends' and 'you are permanently banned from my group' unless you are trying to intimidate, stalk and harass that person?

Malicious? defined as vicious, wanton, or mischievous in intention or purpose.

1) My purpose with the comments here and the 'stop stalking me' page is none of the above.

I simply want this man to stop spamming me. I want this man to stop stalking me. I want this man to stop harassing me.

I want to be able to open my mail accounts without fear of yet another spam email from someone who does NOT like me and has publicly stated that we 'are not friends.'

I want to be able to use my Linkedin account without fear that this man will somehow compromise it.

For the purpose of defaming a living person.......the only part of that statement that is true is that Stephen Hauser is a living person.

Defaming someone means that the statements made about them are false.

I have stated only what I can prove about Stephen Hauser, to wit:
1) he has been spamming me twice a day for the last 3 days (and counting) at email addresses he should not have access to
2) he has publicly stated that we are not friends (communications on Facebook are NOT private) and that he banned me permanently from his group
3) when one of his emails was reported as spam to Yahoo, the next email from him came from another Yahoo email address.

And the person who accused me of libeling Steven Hauser needs to buy a dictionary, or even do what I just did: google for the definitions of libel, defaming, and malicious.

This person should stop throwing around accusations when he clearly hasn't a clue what he's talking about.

Now this is an OPINION of my accuser: This person has seriously underestimated MY intelligence and overestimated his own.


Dear Member

We cannot accept your site for the same reason we suspended your other site.  We do not accept any sites of this kind.  We realise that you are entitled to voice your opinion, but Storm Surf Traffic is not the place to do it.

Kindest Regards
Storm Surf Traffic
being stalked is NOT an OPINION, being SPAMMED is not an OPINION, being HARASSED is not an opinion and you people are IDIOTS,  don't bother deleting my account because I will delete it myself.  If YOU were being stalked, harassed and spammed you would be spreading that all over the internet as FACT, and would be more than insulted if someone called it your opinion.
Thanks for nothing, you suck and you are probably promoting pages for the stalker harasser and spammer
I did just delete my account.

So I am going to have a little fun with this tinhorn dictator and his 2 bit (and thats giving it way too much credit) traffic exchange right here on this very blog.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser has sent me 2 unsolicited commercial emails per day for the last 3 days.  It is a FACT which can be proven.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser attacked me at Facebook, spammed me at Facebook twice, and then permanently banned me from his Facebook group. These are FACTS which can be proven.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser illegally took my information from Facebook and is now spamming me at my Facebook related email address.  It is a FACT which can be proven.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser somehow got my Yahoo email address and is now spamming me at that address too.  It is a FACT which can be proven.

Now it IS my opinion that Storm Surf Traffic is probably running multiple pages for Stephen Hauser and doesn't want to upset the poor spammer, stalker, harasser as he's a (in his mind) big shot internet marketer.  He's probably got the owner of Storm Surf Traffic convinced that he's a big shot internet marketer too.

Well, true big shot internet marketers make it their business to NOT send unsolicited emails.  They go out of their way to protect themselves from accusations of spam.  They would not pull people's email addresses from Facebook for the sole reason of spamming, stalking, and harassing those people.

Stephen Hauser appears to be taking extreme glee in spamming me at email addresses which he obtained illegally, which makes him not a big shot internet marketer but just another bullying spammer, stalker, harasser, cyberstalker........creep.

And it is MY opinion that a tinhorn dictator at a 2-bit traffic exchange (and thats an insult to other 2-bit traffic exchanges) is condoning highly illegal behavior by calling the content of my pages OPINIONS. 

When something can be proven it is by definition not an opinion. 

Perhaps the tinhorn dictator should invest some money in a good dictionary and look up the words opinion(s) and fact(s). 

Then again as I said in my first post (regarding reading the first amendment to the United States Constitution) that presupposes they can read, and at this point even that supposition is highly suspect.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Controversial? You Ain't Seen NOTHING Yet!!

Dear Member

We cannot approve your blogspot site as the content is just too controversial and expresses an opinion which could cause us problems.

You are welcome to submit another site for approval.

Kindest Regards
Storm Surf Traffic
Let me tell you what I think is 'controversial' about this knee-jerk and in my opinion intelligence challenged decision.

Lets start with the fact that this traffic exchange is deliberately denying me my first amendment right to free speech because of THEIR opinion.......I guess they think are entitled to have an opinion but I am not.

Perhaps they should read the first amendment to the United States Constitution before telling someone that their opinion is 'just too controversial'.  Then again, that presupposes that they can read in the first place.

And I guess this traffic exchange owner thinks that someone who is being repeatedly stalked and harassed should just shut up and take it.

It's just way too 'controversial' to say stop stalking me.

It's just too 'controversial' to say I reported you to Facebook for stalking me (in addition to reporting you for spamming me twice back in March).

 If someone was stalking and harassing THEM........I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that they would NOT just 'shut up and take it.'

I bet you they would report it to everyone they possibly could, have a big notice splashed across their front page, and have splash pages running at every traffic exchange they own or belong to.

And they wouldn't think that was even a tiny bit 'controversial'

At least Tip Top Traffic banned blogspot in its entirety because of virus reports, not because of the owner's idea that opinions are controversial and 'might cause them problems'.

Thom is professional and doesn't treat his members like idiots, which is why HE isn't getting blasted all to heck on this blog for banning the domain in its entirety.

Intelligence challenged traffic exchange owners give me a pain where a pill won't reach, and that's no lie!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephen Hauser Revisited

Well, I guess dear Stephen didn't get his fill of spamming me at my registered Facebook address.

This morning I received some nice tasty (NOT) spam from him at another email address, inviting me to join some other site and look at his pictures.

I've also discovered that he's spamming me at the registered Facebook address using his MartinezShopper alias.

Here's the deal.

I reported him to Facebook for spam back on March 30, 2010 after I asked him to stop sending me messages and he continued to do so (see the post "Stephen Hauser, Facebook, and Me" on this very blog)

In retaliation, he banned me from his group, and abused me one last time via Facebook.

Now he's got the stone balls to 1) contact me at another email address (Yahoo) that is NOT registerered with Facebook and 2) contact me using another Facebook alias at the registered Facebook email address

My first question is how did he even get that Yahoo email address to start with.......

Can we say stalking, boys and girls?

And if he didn't like being reported to Facebook for spam, I'll just bet he'll flat out hate being reported to Facebook for stalking.

I did report the email as spam to Yahoo, for all the good that will do.

What I find totally ludicrous is I have a block on my gmail account to treat all Facebook messages as spam solely because of this jackass's behavior 3 1/2 weeks ago, so what does he do? He sends a message via an email address that is not registered with Facebook.

ETA: 2 more emails, one to gmail and one to Yahoo, both spamming me to join Flixster. He's going to find a real nasty surprise all over the internet real soon too

Maybe if Facebook bans him and his worthless group, he will get the message that spamming, stalking, and harassment are NOT good things to do to other people.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Your Bias Is Showing

Okay, I will preface this post by stating that both I work for and am good friends with the person being slammed, so I am a bit biased too.

But if Carole Stacy was truly and honestly concerned about this so called industry she would be discussing ALL the recent program changes, not just the changes at  one site that is  owned by a person she dislikes intensely.

Tonyb and Georgieb of Clicks Mania and Anything Goes recently lowered ptp rates plus got rid of the free ptp link at Anything Goes.  Not one word was heard about these changes from the self-appointed critic of the PTR industry aka Carole Stacy.

Gail of Butterflies N Roses recently lowered the ptp rate there too.  Again, not a word from Carole Stacy about THIS change.

SusanC added points ads to both her sites (Firecracker Email and 1 Cent Mail). Her no-tier ptp link now pays in points rather than cash, and ptp rates were lowered too.  Again, not even one comment was heard from Carole Stacy about these changes.

But when E-qoo, Our PTR, and Hard Rock PTR announced changes, Carole Stacy was all over that like a duck on a june bug.

In my opinion, Carole's nasty and hateful comments have nothing to do with E-qoo, Hard Rock PTR, and Our PTR at all, but instead are her biased lashing out at a program owner she quite literally hates.

She blames the owner of E-qoo, Our PTR, and Hard Rock PTR for the banning of her site Joint Venture at numerous sites.

And while E-qoo, Our PTR, and Hard Rock PTR were the first to ban Joint Venture it happens quite often that a site will be banned at those 3 sites and not anywhere else.

This is not a case of other program owners following E-qoo's lead like a herd of sheep.

Carole's own actions in running her sites led to Joint Venture and her other sites (now sold) being banned not only at E-qoo, Hard Rock PTR, and Our PTR but at numerous other sites.

Instead of taking responsibility for her despicable actions  Carole chooses to publicly attack ONE owner out of several that banned her.

Instead of taking responsibility for her despicable actions Carole chooses to publicly attack ONE owner out of several that have restructured their programs.

And she always chooses to try to drag her members into her vendettas against other program owners and program admins.

Instead of being honest about her extreme dislike for the owner of E-qoo, Hard Rock PTR, and Our PTR she tries to cloak her nastiness as concern for the PTR industry.

Spam, Spam, Spam

I left Search Mailer and Click Addicts clear back on March 6, 2010.  I've been spammed by these two sites  intermittently for 48 days now and counting.

On April 18, I contacted Carla Birds (the owner of these two sites) and told her to fix her sites so that ex-members don't receive email.  I am not the only ex-member of her sites being spammed either.

I told her if she didn't get the sites fixed I would report her to her host, Rylee James.

I got a reply to my support ticket the very same day I submitted it which is some sort of miracle for any of Carla's sites, all her assistants walked out on her months ago, and usually it takes a week to get an answer.

I was told that my accounts had been permanently purged from the database and I should not receive any further emails. YEAH RIGHT!!

Early this morning I received another spam email from Search Mailer.  So I found my notification of the reply to my support ticket, and told her it was not fixed and that I would be reporting the sites to Rylee James immediately.

I then went to Rylee James and reported both sites for spamming me. 

Do I care if the sites or even Carla's entire network of sites (CRB PTR for those who care) get shut down for spamming?  NOT SO MUCH.

With Friends Like Him.......

Yeah well most of you already know the rest of that saying.

I'm a little frustrated with an online friend of mine because he made some snotty comment when I said I had a life.

I had said earlier in the conversation that I'd slept nearly all day. I failed to qualify that comment with the facts that I did not feel good and that it is cold here.

So his snotty comment was "a life of sleeping all day?" 

Now this man does not live with me and is NOT my significant other, my spouse, or my parent to be making any comments on what I do or don't do with my time (although using a comment I made earlier in a conversation against me is one of my mothers favorite tricks so perhaps they are related?)

I think 5 days is long enough to respond.....

I think 5 days is long enough to respond to 2 contacts and a forum post .... plus the assistant at the site publicly posted that she would pass my concerns on to the owner.

The program owner is a member of the forum where I made my post too.

In addition, the owner is on my Yahoo instant messenger list but I've heard nothing there or through any other channel.

Its bad enough the page was taken down well before it was supposed to be but the apparent refusal to communicate regarding the issue is just appallingly bad customer service.

So now I'm naming names regarding the page that was taken down 3 months early (at a minimum).

The program is Emails For Ads. The program owner is Adela, aka AloraLyric aka  crystalunicorne.

I'm pleased that I contacted all the owners of the sites where I had this page running to remove it, since its obvious there won't be a timely resolution (if there is even a resolution at all)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank God I Paid For The Page With The Business Account

Otherwise, it would be a case of she says-she says (as opposed to he says, she says).

I paid for a personal page at a site (which shall remain nameless for now, they haven't had time to fix the issue yet) on March 30, 2009.

Then on April 26, 2009 I paid for a 1 year personal page (same page as the March payment, so I assumed that the personal page would be extended) and a 1 year upgrade at the same site.  I won these items in an Ebay auction.

Back in March I was informed via email  from the program owner that the upgrade was ending on March 31, 2010. I kept said email and will post it in its entirety if needs be.

Nothing was said about the personal page at that time. Nothing has been said about the personal page at any time, for that matter.

I discovered today whilst poking around the site that my personal page was taken down at the same time as my upgrade.

And of course I trusted the program owner, she's an old I long ago deleted the private messages at GFO back and forth between us about the first payment for the page.

A 3-month personal page at this site costs $4.50 and I paid $5.00 on March 30, 2009 so between the two payments even if the program owner and I had no special agreement about the first payment my page should have remained up until at least June 30, 2010

There's a little voice in my head that is saying we did have a special agreement for my page/payment but of course my copies of the private messages at GFO are again long gone.

So the situation as of 11:30 pm on Sunday April 18, 2010 is that I paid twice for the same personal page.

And yes I understand that the program owner had health issues and a very difficult pregnancy in the last year; however when the second payment was made, my account should have been noted with the extension of an existing page.

If my account WAS noted with the extension of an existing page and the page was still taken down 3 months early (at a minimum)....then why did that happen?

Right now the only bright spot I see is that I made both payments with my PayPal business account, not the PayPal premier account that I closed last year.

I am very thankful for that since that means I can at least prove that I made the payments, if I'd made them with the premier account I'd be up that well known tributary without means of propulsion.

Still Waiting

Western Clicks: There are 158 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.54 USD AlertPay  is 80 day(s) old.

I doubt that the owner of Western Clicks will show some class and pay us what we've earned much less make the promised refunds for affiliate pages and upgrades.

Honey Mail: There are 32 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.04 USD Masspay PayPal-Business/Premier Account is 71 day(s) old. 

And of course the granddaddy of all waits at, where I requested $51.32 on July 8, 2008 (total balance owed $166.29)  

I doubt I'll ever see any of the  money owes me but I refuse to walk away and donate it to the owners of

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Harassment Sucks

The paid shill from my ISP (which shall remain nameless so that I won't have to deal with even more nastiness at THIS blog) has been harassing me at the other blog.

--(in his spare time apparently since one of  his many lame excuses for getting my gender wrong was "i was writing this before work")--at 4:57 am to boot

This went on for 3 (yes THREE) days simply because I said 'such and such company sucks'

Yeah the company I said SUCKED is his employer and he's supposedly a big wig there. SO WHAT?

Here's the deal.

It's only my opinion which I'm legally entitled to have, and also legally entitled to express without fear of harassment, arrest, or censorship.

These rights are guaranteed to me by the first amendment of the United States Constitution

Both the blogger (MOI) and the harasser live in the United States of America and even if HE didn't, I am still covered by the United States Constitution

Here's some advice to the harasser

Get over it, move on after the first comment unless you've got something to add other than more unpaid advertising on MY blog for YOUR employer.

I would have dropped the situation altogether had you not harassed me 3 separate times (getting my gender wrong really pissed me off though), so you exacerbated the situation .

You called me names and whined  about me not being willing to listen to the 'other side'

Again, its only my opinion and I don't have to listen to YOUR side particularly when it includes unpaid advertising for YOUR employer on MY blog.

In addition, since you admit that you were writing at least one of the replies BEFORE work--using your work email address to boot--does the organization you work for know how truly bad you made them look?

There are two truly hilarious things about this situation though.

1) I run Google Ad Sense contextual ads on the other blog since its totally non PTR related.

The ads that come up for the 3 posts directly about this situation are for the direct competition of my ISP (namely, Comcast, Qwest,  and Verizon)

While I have no control over the ads that Google Ad Sense runs on my blog (other than no adult content) I find it exceedingly amusing that my posts lead to advertising for the direct competition of the person/company harassing me.

He's such a tool, he probably thinks I deliberately put those ads there too.  NOT, they are contextual, check out the ads for each post and you will see they are based on the tags I chose for my post(s).

2) I've had more comments and more action on this blog (excluding his 3 comments) in the few days since this situation started then I've had since I began the blog back in October 2009.

I woke up this morning to 5 spam comments and his third harassing comment --normally I am lucky to get 5 comments in a month.

Keep yapping fool/tool/idiot, I like the action.  Although as I told you already, all your comments will be treated as spam since really you are doing nothing other than harassing me, calling me names,  and trying to shut me up

Monday, April 12, 2010

Connie Harrison aka Harrison1999

Connie continues to impress me with how she runs her sites.

1) Personalized banners that she offered for free to members of at least 5 of her sites, to make it easier for her to catch us advertising

2) I had an old account at one of her sites. When she acquired the site from the previous owner, Connie and I had both a very public battle and a very private battle (both over various issues).

Recently I decided to rejoin this site, and found that my old account was still active so I couldn't sign up for a new account.

I contacted Connie under the assumption that I still wasn't welcome at this site.  She got back to me quickly, assured me that I was welcome to rejoin, and reactivated the old account for me.

3) Connie was clicking at another site and happened to click on my paid to promote link for the site mentioned above. 

It didn't credit me and she wondered why as she hadn't clicked it before (I'd just started advertising the ptp link for the site). She researched my account and found out that my ptp was suspended; she unsuspended it and set up a personal admin message for me offering me a free ad for my inconvenience.

Most program owners wouldn't even have researched why the link didn't credit me, much less offer me a free ad.

4) I bought an affiliate page at another of Connie's sites.

I paid for this affiliate page at 12:21 pm on April 10, 2010.  Connie had my page up and running by 2:27 pm on the same day as it was purchased.

This is one of the fastest turnarounds for an affiliate page that I've seen since I started buying them--and on a weekend no less.

5) Connie pays and pays fast.  She responds to all my ad changes quickly and politely.

In short, Connie Harrison rocks!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

JJ Clix, or Continuing Adventures in Stupidity

I've not been happy at JJ Clix almost since I joined a year and a half ago.  I found it to be a slow earner and the program owner was often publicly rude to members.

But I was stuck there with an affiliate page and an upgrade, so I bit my tongue and did what I had to do.

On the site it said my affiliate page expired on April 5, 2010 and my upgrade expired on April 4, 2010.  Now I didn't understand that anyway since they were both paid for on the same day but that is not my major grumble with JJ Clix.

My upgrade was ended somewhere in the middle of the day on April 3, 2010.

This is a site where the paid to promote (ptp) feature is limited to upgraded members and she ends the access to ptp on the day your upgrade expires.

 I noticed early on April 3, 2010 that I only had 419 ptp credits and I needed 1000 to convert them to cash (80 cents), so I ran fast like a bunny to submit a few upgraded ads for the ptp link before my upgrade expired.  The last time I checked my ptp stats I had 476 credits and all was well in JJ Clix land or so I thought.

I went to check my ptp stats at 6:00 pm my time (9:00-10:00 pm server time) on April 3 and my upgrade had already ended so I no longer had access to the ptp function.

Now to my mind if the site said my upgrade expired on April 4, that meant midnight server time (9:00 pm or 10:00 pm my time) on April 4, 2010--not before 6:00 pm on April 3, 2010. 

I said to Jane Drayton, the PO of this site, that she had ended my upgrade based on Australian time (18 hours ahead of me) not on USA time or server time.

She had the nerve to say to me in one of her exceedingly rude replies to my email about this situation that  my upgrade was ended at the server time.

Explain this then Jane: I contacted a friend via Yahoo IM to complain about the upgrade ending early--and the time of this contact  was 8:30 pm my time (10:30-11:30 pm server time) on April 3, 2010.

And please also explain to me why the post at GFO in the 'moments that make me go arrgh in GPT' complaining that my upgrade had been ended 2 days early was posted at 6:00 pm my time (9:00-10:00 pm server time) on April 3, 2010.

The upgrade was indeed ended on Australian time--almost a full day and a half before it was supposed to end--and then Jane had the stone plated balls to lie about it too.  That is what I find most disgusting about the whole situation

Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Hasn't Paid Me (Updated)

 1) Honey Mail, waiting 55 days for $4.88, with 32 requests in front of me
2) Western Clicks, waiting 64 days for $5.51, with 158 requests in front of me
3) requested July 8, 2008--yes 20 months ago-- in the amount of $51.32, they owe me a total of $166.26

Who's Paid Me in April 2010?

Butterflies N Roses: $6.00
Joint Venture Emails: $6.28
Mystics Kingdom: $8.22
Cashin Clicks: $7.05
Silvester Mails: $14.00
PT Party: $4.39
Vale PTR: $17.61
White Tiger Emails: $2.07
Penny Mails: $.32
JJ Clix: $9.35
Castles Gold: $2.17
Deep C Links: $7.66
Lady of The Links: $6.00
Panda Bear Emails: $2.85
X-Mails: $12.65
Unknown: $4.95
Pinecone Research: $3.00
Matrix Mails: $9.79
Bird Crazy Mail: $3.57

Total For April 2010 (as of April 30, 2010): $127.93