Friday, April 23, 2010

Spam, Spam, Spam

I left Search Mailer and Click Addicts clear back on March 6, 2010.  I've been spammed by these two sites  intermittently for 48 days now and counting.

On April 18, I contacted Carla Birds (the owner of these two sites) and told her to fix her sites so that ex-members don't receive email.  I am not the only ex-member of her sites being spammed either.

I told her if she didn't get the sites fixed I would report her to her host, Rylee James.

I got a reply to my support ticket the very same day I submitted it which is some sort of miracle for any of Carla's sites, all her assistants walked out on her months ago, and usually it takes a week to get an answer.

I was told that my accounts had been permanently purged from the database and I should not receive any further emails. YEAH RIGHT!!

Early this morning I received another spam email from Search Mailer.  So I found my notification of the reply to my support ticket, and told her it was not fixed and that I would be reporting the sites to Rylee James immediately.

I then went to Rylee James and reported both sites for spamming me. 

Do I care if the sites or even Carla's entire network of sites (CRB PTR for those who care) get shut down for spamming?  NOT SO MUCH.

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