Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unreasonable Suggestions

Report it to my state's attorney general

Reality check: all I have is a name, a Facebook profile, and an email address (the latter changed when I reported his first email to me as spam, and will presumably change again if this situation continues).

It's not hard to open new email accounts on a daily basis if needed (for example, I have 6 gmail accounts, one for the last few payouts on my old now closed PTR site, one for my google ad sense account, one for my PTSU offers, one for my Liberty Reserve account, and 2 just because; I also have 5 email accounts with my ISP, another 2 with Earthlink, a Yahoo email account, a Crawler email account......not to mention the two accounts linked to my domains)

However, I don't use my email accounts for nefarious purposes (unless you call protecting myself from spam and deciding to take advantage of everything my over-priced ISP offers nefarious).

The name in question is not that uncommon. I just googled for it.  There are 25 people using the same name on Linkedin alone.  There is a doctor in California using the same name, and there's an actor on IMDB.com using the same name too.

Now when I googled for myself a few days ago the results that came up were ALL me, from a play I starred in (1970) to my various PTR sites (2003-2009). If I were the one doing the stalking, I'd be very very easy to find.

A picture on a Facebook profile could be years out of date if its even a real picture of the person in question. Heck, my Facebook profile picture is MY CAT.

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