Monday, April 12, 2010

Connie Harrison aka Harrison1999

Connie continues to impress me with how she runs her sites.

1) Personalized banners that she offered for free to members of at least 5 of her sites, to make it easier for her to catch us advertising

2) I had an old account at one of her sites. When she acquired the site from the previous owner, Connie and I had both a very public battle and a very private battle (both over various issues).

Recently I decided to rejoin this site, and found that my old account was still active so I couldn't sign up for a new account.

I contacted Connie under the assumption that I still wasn't welcome at this site.  She got back to me quickly, assured me that I was welcome to rejoin, and reactivated the old account for me.

3) Connie was clicking at another site and happened to click on my paid to promote link for the site mentioned above. 

It didn't credit me and she wondered why as she hadn't clicked it before (I'd just started advertising the ptp link for the site). She researched my account and found out that my ptp was suspended; she unsuspended it and set up a personal admin message for me offering me a free ad for my inconvenience.

Most program owners wouldn't even have researched why the link didn't credit me, much less offer me a free ad.

4) I bought an affiliate page at another of Connie's sites.

I paid for this affiliate page at 12:21 pm on April 10, 2010.  Connie had my page up and running by 2:27 pm on the same day as it was purchased.

This is one of the fastest turnarounds for an affiliate page that I've seen since I started buying them--and on a weekend no less.

5) Connie pays and pays fast.  She responds to all my ad changes quickly and politely.

In short, Connie Harrison rocks!!

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