Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make HUGH Money????

No that isn't a typo. Its from an ad at Clix Sense, although I see HUGH money advertised all over the place.

What is HUGH money?

Is it money brought to me by Hugh Hefner from Playboy (now that would be a cool man to meet)?

Is it money brought to me by Hugh Grant (good-looking, great actor,  but not too wise about his choice of evening entertainment)?

Is it money brought to me by Hugh Jackman (never seen one of his movies, but if he wanted to eat crackers in MY bed I wouldn't kick him out..evil grin evil grin)?

Or is it money brought to me by Hugh Laurie (I wonder if he's as snarly in real life as he is in House)?.

Alas and alack, its a real pity that none of these four men or any others that are named Hugh will be bringing HUGH money to me or anybody else.

Why not? Unfortunately HUGH money is just some idiot marketer/advertiser mispelling HUGE.  I won't suggest that they buy a spellchecker, simply because both words are going to be in the spellchecker so it wouldn't help any.

Buying a dictionary might work, but that presupposes these people can read.  As I said about the intelligence-challenged owner of Storm Surf Traffic, that just may be assuming too much.

HUGH is a mans name.

HUGE is gigantic, large, tremendous, unusually great in size, extent, or quantity.

And until some marketers get it right, I will continue to wonder what else they are mistaken about.

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