Saturday, April 17, 2010

Harassment Sucks

The paid shill from my ISP (which shall remain nameless so that I won't have to deal with even more nastiness at THIS blog) has been harassing me at the other blog.

--(in his spare time apparently since one of  his many lame excuses for getting my gender wrong was "i was writing this before work")--at 4:57 am to boot

This went on for 3 (yes THREE) days simply because I said 'such and such company sucks'

Yeah the company I said SUCKED is his employer and he's supposedly a big wig there. SO WHAT?

Here's the deal.

It's only my opinion which I'm legally entitled to have, and also legally entitled to express without fear of harassment, arrest, or censorship.

These rights are guaranteed to me by the first amendment of the United States Constitution

Both the blogger (MOI) and the harasser live in the United States of America and even if HE didn't, I am still covered by the United States Constitution

Here's some advice to the harasser

Get over it, move on after the first comment unless you've got something to add other than more unpaid advertising on MY blog for YOUR employer.

I would have dropped the situation altogether had you not harassed me 3 separate times (getting my gender wrong really pissed me off though), so you exacerbated the situation .

You called me names and whined  about me not being willing to listen to the 'other side'

Again, its only my opinion and I don't have to listen to YOUR side particularly when it includes unpaid advertising for YOUR employer on MY blog.

In addition, since you admit that you were writing at least one of the replies BEFORE work--using your work email address to boot--does the organization you work for know how truly bad you made them look?

There are two truly hilarious things about this situation though.

1) I run Google Ad Sense contextual ads on the other blog since its totally non PTR related.

The ads that come up for the 3 posts directly about this situation are for the direct competition of my ISP (namely, Comcast, Qwest,  and Verizon)

While I have no control over the ads that Google Ad Sense runs on my blog (other than no adult content) I find it exceedingly amusing that my posts lead to advertising for the direct competition of the person/company harassing me.

He's such a tool, he probably thinks I deliberately put those ads there too.  NOT, they are contextual, check out the ads for each post and you will see they are based on the tags I chose for my post(s).

2) I've had more comments and more action on this blog (excluding his 3 comments) in the few days since this situation started then I've had since I began the blog back in October 2009.

I woke up this morning to 5 spam comments and his third harassing comment --normally I am lucky to get 5 comments in a month.

Keep yapping fool/tool/idiot, I like the action.  Although as I told you already, all your comments will be treated as spam since really you are doing nothing other than harassing me, calling me names,  and trying to shut me up

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