Friday, April 23, 2010

I think 5 days is long enough to respond.....

I think 5 days is long enough to respond to 2 contacts and a forum post .... plus the assistant at the site publicly posted that she would pass my concerns on to the owner.

The program owner is a member of the forum where I made my post too.

In addition, the owner is on my Yahoo instant messenger list but I've heard nothing there or through any other channel.

Its bad enough the page was taken down well before it was supposed to be but the apparent refusal to communicate regarding the issue is just appallingly bad customer service.

So now I'm naming names regarding the page that was taken down 3 months early (at a minimum).

The program is Emails For Ads. The program owner is Adela, aka AloraLyric aka  crystalunicorne.

I'm pleased that I contacted all the owners of the sites where I had this page running to remove it, since its obvious there won't be a timely resolution (if there is even a resolution at all)

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